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Sniper 1:57 Wed Nov 4
How was mane not offside??
We have the ‘look how stupid the handball rulings are now’ thread. But offside is pissing me off now.

I don’t want to go back to the 90s arsenal offside trap days, but when Shapiro plays the ball through to jota for the winner against us, three of their players are ‘offside’, mane is between the ball and the keeper and steps back to let it past before jota gets it to score. I can see the argument for the other two who are on the other side of the area but how can there be three players offside, one on the penalty spot with the defence pushed up and the attacking team not be punished?

Might as well do away with offside altogether

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DukeofDevo 2:26 Mon Nov 9
Re: How was mane not offside??
Villa had one chalked off looked very similar to the Mane incident! Barkley blocking the keepers view!

Sniper 2:10 Mon Nov 9
Re: How was mane not offside??

Exactly. See 17 seconds or so into this:


I was at that game and was fuming that sort of goal was allowed. Kane is offside when the balm is played out wide, the defenders can never catch him and so he’s able to get on the end of the cross to score. At the very least he should be called offside as soon as he touches it and play brought back, but really it should be offside as soon as they played it.

The principle of him being deemed ‘onside’ would be the same if he’d been stood on the penalty spot the whole time, which is ludicrous.

Stupid interpretation that makes things really tough for defenders as well

Northern Sold 10:29 Sun Nov 8
Re: How was mane not offside??
Its a pile of shit... look I can see the arguments for our goal last night for and against... yup it went our way but can see why if it was bleeped then fair enough... but that Leeds goal yesterday... I mean come on... what the fucking hell is going on???

Pedro 10:23 Sun Nov 8
Re: How was mane not offside??
Ha Ornchurch Hammer just said what I was saying. Didn’t read that.

Pedro 10:22 Sun Nov 8
Re: How was mane not offside??
A simple example why the current offside rule I doesn’t work - it’s been like it for a few years and needs to change.

Seen this a lot.
A striker is standing offside in opposition half. Rest of play is on half way line. Ball goes wide to winter . The striker is deemed not interfering.

The winger runs down line and balls back to striker to score.

Striker is unmarked as he has a head start on defenders ( having stood offside)

Some players have made a career out of doing this.

ornchurch ammer 12:26 Sun Nov 8
Re: How was mane not offside??
What is worse is when a player is clearly offside in the middle of the box, the ball is played wide and then pulled back to the previously offside player, now onside, to have a tap in.

Loads of goals have been allowed like that but how are defenders meant to get back and mark the middle man once he has X number of yards start on them?

goose 12:14 Sun Nov 8
Re: How was mane not offside??
What do you watch then? Re-runs of The Big Match Live!?

BigLump 12:06 Sun Nov 8
Re: How was mane not offside??
CHL - agreed, spot on and its for that reason I cant watch hat shit anymore.

The game is so corrupt now, its actually taken for granted, and VAR is used as a lifeline to protect bigger clubs when things don't go their way.

, 11:49 Sun Nov 8
Re: How was mane not offside??
I thought that Jenus etc contradicted themselves on motd last night saying that Bamfords off side arm should not have disallowed his goal but that Haller, in an offside position distracted the Fulham defenders allowing Soucek to score.

The whole object is to interfere with play in terms of fooling the defence and barring such as directly impeding a goalkeeper, for example, there should be no argument.

Iron Duke 11:47 Sun Nov 8
Re: How was mane not offside??
Cool Hand Luke - spot on.

COOL HAND LUKE 11:43 Sun Nov 8
Re: How was mane not offside??
There is a cosy cartel at the top in football (as there is in most walks of life now), and the 'rules' are introduced to allow the few top sides to take advantage, in the majority of cases, for their own benefit. So last week, Mané blocked Fab's view, prevented a challenge on the scorer, and MOTD decided that was fine, them's the rules, blah blah. This week, Haller is in a far less fortuitous position, was not involved either directly OR indirectly in the goal at all, and Wanker's Crisps and his cohorts decide the goal should not have stood as 'Haller was offside'..?

Next up? Five subs. And of course, if you have a nice fat squad bang full of top quality internationals, then you'll get another huge, undeserved leg up from those who are determined to ensure that those few sides get every opportunity to win and win and fucking win. Farcical.

Far Cough 11:39 Sun Nov 8
Re: How was mane not offside??
Things were much simpler back in the old offside rule days, every cunt knew where they stood on the matter, that is with the exception of that uber cunt Clive Fucking Thomas

Far Cough 11:37 Sun Nov 8
Re: How was mane not offside??
It was what it SHOULD be, but you're too fucking thick to not realise that

RichyP 11:37 Sun Nov 8
Re: How was mane not offside??
Far Cough, agreed but only if the ball is in the box. For example I don’t think a player who is in an offside position in the box should be given offside if the ball is being played forward over by the corner flag.

As soon as the ball is played forward into the box I think that all players in the box should become ‘active’ and any players in an offside position should be given as offside

Vexed 11:34 Sun Nov 8
Re: How was mane not offside??
Well it obviously isn't you old cunt.

They need to clarify the rule though, so dickheads like Scott Parker can shut the fuck up. Scabby little cunt he is.

Far Cough 11:27 Sun Nov 8
Re: How was mane not offside??
Have said before, if you're in the box then it's offside interfering or not

Vexed 11:26 Sun Nov 8
Re: How was mane not offside??
The difference between the two is that there was a whole phase of play after the Haller 'offside' rather than the Liverpool robbery which was absolute bollocks.

RichyP 11:19 Sun Nov 8
Re: How was mane not offside??
The offside rule is crap. For me both Haller this week and Mane last week should be offside but apparently they weren’t because they didn’t challenge for the ball. I get the argument that a player in an offside position by the corner flag isn’t interfering with play if the ball is in the box but how the fuck can a player not be interfering with play when they are in the box in front of goal with the play going on around them

Vexed 11:10 Sun Nov 8
Re: How was mane not offside??
Clearly wasn't interfering as he was nowhere near the ball. Defender could see him so Parker's rant is invalid. The defender HAD to clear the ball because he didn't know if anyone was behind him which has no bearing ont he offside decision. He just made a shit job of it.

This isn't even close to the fucking robbery that was the micks offside goal which was passed directly to Mane who obstructed the view of the keeper by sheilding the ball. The dirty fucking cheat cunt.

ironsofcanada 11:07 Sun Nov 8
Re: How was mane not offside??
I said this would happen with VAR. Get down to silly minutiae because they can.

Like the toe in the crease - no goal - in hockey when they first brought in video replay.

They will relax and find some compromise or scrap it.

I think both this week and last week should have been offside but cases can be made that they were not, bases on the rules.

What I honestly don't understand is they say they want to get rid of diving and yet do nothing about it in terms of enforcing the rules they have.

We obviously see that in the case of offside, enforcement directives change and it is evident on the pitch. Why don't they want to do the same with diving. Even to the point of giving penalties if there was contact but still booking or sending off the diver if they embellish.

goose 11:00 Sun Nov 8
Re: How was mane not offside??
You can be, or stand wherever you want.
He doesn’t challenge for the header so he’s not offside.

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