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charleyfarley 10:34 Sun Nov 22
⚽ West Ham v Man Utd - Official Match Thread

London Stadium
5th Dec 17:30

Andre Marriner: (5) - 10 0

Fabianski, Coufal, Balbuena, Ogbonna, Cresswell, Masuaku, Bowen, Soucek, Rice, Fornals, Haller. Subs: Randolph, Diop, Lanzini, Snodgrass, Benrahma, Johnson, Noble

D Henderson; Telles, Maguire, Lindelof; Wan-Bissaka; Pogba, McTominay; Martial, van de Beek, Greenwood; Cavani. Subs: Grant, Tuanzebe, Williams, B.Fernandes, Mata, Matic, Rashford

West Ham 11/4: Draw 5/2: Man Utd 1/1








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chedylan 2 10:08 Fri Dec 11
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Man Utd - Official Match Thread
Just turned on and wasted 3 chances in 5 mins


Too Much Too Young 9:22 Thu Dec 10
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Man Utd - Official Match Thread
And if we had won this, as we should, a win tomorrow would have seen us go 3rd.

They fade and die.....

normannomates 2:45 Wed Dec 9
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Man Utd - Official Match Thread
side of ham 4.53
Good post that mate

Swiss. 6:39 Mon Dec 7
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Man Utd - Official Match Thread
Bowen selfish? Yeah that's why he's our Arjen Bowen.

kylay 5:52 Mon Dec 7
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Man Utd - Official Match Thread
Jasnik 5:27 Mon Dec 7

I can handle a player losing his footing once in a blue moon, what was outrageous to me was the total lack of second effort to get to the ball once he did. He just rolled over and felt sorry for himself.

That and he also seemed to be overcomplicating everything with the 1 v 1 as well

daveyg 5:37 Mon Dec 7
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Man Utd - Official Match Thread
Me neither. But I also can't see how Coufal didn't bury his shot or that Bowen didn't put his touch into the back off the net either.

Jasnik 5:27 Mon Dec 7
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Man Utd - Official Match Thread
Thing is we play terrible at Aston villa and win, then we are all over ManU for 50 mins and lose.

so I am not ready to chuck Fornals under the bus as yet as he was part of the 60 mins where we were bossing the game.

The two subs that they made caused us all the issues. We should have put them to the sword when we had a chance .

I still can't see how Haller fell over.

daveyg 5:04 Mon Dec 7
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Man Utd - Official Match Thread
Good points. but I main weakness is Masuaku. He only put one cross in all game and that was straight at 2 Utd players. Very poor and when he losses the ball unlike Coufal on the other side doesn't chase back enough. He has pace but is lazier than Haller.
Benrahma looked good but playing in a central role close to Haller it seemed.
I still think Johnson is a better player than Masuaku and as a wing back would be less exposed and he has a fine shot on him.

Side of Ham 4:53 Mon Dec 7
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Man Utd - Official Match Thread
Bishopsfinger 9:21 Sun Dec 6

My thing on Fornals is I was as fucked off as the next supporter when he missed that header should at least be on target, but all I know is we are now complaining about youngish players not making the right decisions whilst in GOOD positions when playing quick attacks. I think the difference between us and the top clubs is composure, Man U's goals all seemed to relate to them being played in and keeping it whereas our chances were about getting on the ends of chances and snapping at them albeit Hallers crumble was a nightmare but I reckon a confident Haller makes that look piss easy (being positive).

I will have more patience and appreciation for our players abilities considering we still shop in the lower end of the top market for players. They WILL take much much longer to click if they ever do but that is where we shop but for one signing every summer that is a squad player price at the likes of Man U but we make out that amount of money guarantees something it don't especially for a striker.

You are right it is all about opinions and I am not saying yours is wrong at all it's just the jump from could be good to... he's utter shit, get rid. We are not this club they seem to think we can just disregard players for better ones and that is the ignorance of some of our support.

Support them encourage them and let rivals think they are shit, we don't because we need them to improve not lose confidence on the bit of ability they still have to get to this level.

Full Claret Jacket 4:52 Mon Dec 7
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Man Utd - Official Match Thread
Bishopsfinger 8:36 Sun Dec 6
Agree Bowen is too greedy at times. I remember there being an article somewhere where he said his dad has been telling him to shoot more. His dad is wrong. What he needs to do is build a relationship with his team mates so he can feed them, they can provide space for him and he for them.

Often see him and Fornals look for each other but not involve Haller enough or get the ball in early to him. Haller makes good runs in the box. Someone like Benrahma might do better in that respect as he does see the game well and it technically adept.

I do like Bowen though. Made a difference to the team and getting us on the front foot. Just needs to make better decisions with the lack of space afforded to you at the top level.

Sir Alf 4:23 Mon Dec 7
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Man Utd - Official Match Thread
I have been defending Fornals recently due to his pressing and off the ball work which goes unnoticed. He also, even a few times on Saturday, is involved in a lot of our decent attacking play but his lack of strength on the ball was the standout thing. Lost every tackle or fell over too easily and he just wasn't involved enough.

In his defence, he is being asked to work out wide most of the time and that is not really his position but nonetheless he needs to be involved far more. Its the same old problem of the squad though IMO. Lanzini, Snodgrass, Noble, Fornals all want or now need ( Noble and Snoddy no pace like Fornals) to play centrally in the space behind the forward(s). We have 4 players for that role ( albeit Nobes and Snoddy are in their last season as regular first 11 players now you would think). But we have no left back, no back up for central midfield and defensive midfield generally and no real backup for Bowen unless you count Yarmalenko who yet again has little pace and relies more on a good range of passing, ability to dribble past players and a lethal left foot. For the Premiership he is another that just does not do enough or cannot play a full 90 mins. And we have no effective back up striker(s) for Antonio.

As I mentioned yesterday, the squad is really 14, maybe 15 at best in size ( people who can be started in the first 11 without weakening us considerably) and can really now only be effective with this wing back formation and one striker. 4-4-2 is playing with fire as teams target our left back which ends up as Cresswell who is too slow now for the role, Arfur is a liability there and not as effective in a 4-4-2 wide left role either. I suppose you could move Johnson to left back to "do a job" but its all a sticking plaster really?

Benrahma while looking lively will could weaken us defensively too and especially in a 4-4-2. He does some good things but I get the feeling based on his cameo appearances that he will give the ball away too leaving us open to the counter. It happened a couple of times Saturday when he got dispossessed. Arfur used to be guilty of it a lot but since Moyes has returned and in the formation we now use, he has cut that out. I am guessing the coaching team worked on that?

Fvcking GSB have hamstrung Moyes's options with their past investment in a "razzle dazzle" player or two and a bunch of bargain bucket support players and moreover a lack of planning and joined up thinking. I mean Coufal is the first right or left back we have actually bought for a fee in years ( Fredericks was a freebie) and it took the threat of relegation and Moyes doing the scouting to get Soucek for the central defensive birth that we had all been seeing as a "hole" in the squad for quite a few seasons.

Strangely and to our benefit for much of Saturday, Manchester Utd really did not press us that hard. It was one reason why the likes of Bowen and our midfield were causing them so many problems. Its also IMO is why we played so much better at times. Where we really struggle is when teams outnumber us in the middle ( match 3 or 4 centrally against Rice and Soucek) or press like Villa did causing us to struggle to keep and get the ball.

Leeds are the masters of it. For 70 odd minutes they are relentless all over the park. I can see us having a real hard time with that. Fornals is not ideal in teh role we play him but will do that "headless chicken" running which does at least put the opposition under some pressure. Benrahma ? Will he do that when we lose the ball? Lets hope so. He will hopefully give them something more to think about but will he do enough when Leeds are in possession? As someone else suggested, perhaps give him the central role instead of Haller but it means slide rule passes through the channel not ale house balls to a big lump up front.

But like I say the squad and lack of depth is proving to be a real limitation and now we are hearing there is no money again for the next window. What happened to the supposed 12 million+ we got upfront for Diangana? If you look at in terms of cash flow we have paid a loan fee for Benrahma ( 4 million ) , an installment for Coufal? They are the additional payments but we supposedly sold 25million of players and GSB said it would all be spent on the squad. Just like the Obiang, Oxford and other late sales like Hernandez the previous windows. If you look at the activity in isolation and the wage savings, we have been on a paltry budget well before COVID struck. So make the most of the last 2 weeks as I expect this has been the high point of the season :-(

Apologies once again for the diatribe. For those that managed to read the above I assume you were on strong coffee or class A drugs?

Razzle 3:04 Mon Dec 7
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Man Utd - Official Match Thread
When you had Rashford and Greenwood with their pace they kept getting in behind. We should have sat deep to counter it. The only issue there is that you invite pressure on but Man U are poor at breaking teams down. Its all ifs and buts now but Bananarama looks like a start now - had Fornals knocked one in then that keeps him out. Haller is working harder but as I have said before lacks pace and the football intelligence at this level. I have noticed he has started to leave a little bit on the opposition now, but that's just careless although i do like a bit of dirt.

Rossal 11:20 Mon Dec 7
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Man Utd - Official Match Thread
my 2 pennies....

First half should of been 2-0 up minimum....3-0 if we were lethal. Then Bowen's chance start of 2nd half....not sure how he has missed that. Game would of been out of sight you'd imagine. It was always going to change when Rashford and Fernandes came on. Rashford was far more direct and getting in behind more and our defence was too slow to cope. Their finishing is what ours should have been

For their first goal its mad that theres no VAR to look down the line, even common sense should see that the balls curved from where he has kicked it to where its ended up.

Other bits of note was surely Benrahma starts over Fornals now. Benhrahma far more lively going forward and Fornals cant finish to save his life. Presses well but when we actually have the ball is pretty average. Thought Bowen played very well. Haller better but still nowhere near Antonio

Any Old Iron 10:46 Sun Dec 6
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Man Utd - Official Match Thread
Peckham 7:55 Sun Dec 6
Could not see the game, yet saw a highlight of Hallers miss and tripping over. So gutting.

Overall what is the consensus on Hallers performance yesterday?

You're on the fucking internet, look for yourself you lazy fucker.

Bishopsfinger 9:31 Sun Dec 6
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Man Utd - Official Match Thread

I agree with us needing a goals scorer. If we get one we will be so much better.

Capitol Man 9:24 Sun Dec 6
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Man Utd - Official Match Thread
Few steps forward, one step back.

We do need to get lucky with a decent goalscorer coming into form. Either that’s Antonio or we need someone else.

Don’t think haller is as bad as some say, but I’m not sure he’s ever going to bag a hatful.

Bishopsfinger 9:21 Sun Dec 6
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Man Utd - Official Match Thread

It’s not ignorant, how many times has Fornals given the ball away and we’ve been punished. How many blocked shots Has Bowen had? How many times has Bowen not passed to players for a tap in ?

Fornals adds nothing in my opinion and it’s about opinions. You’re right about getting on players backs and when I’m there I don’t. Haller is awful or at least has been for us.

Bishopsfinger 9:18 Sun Dec 6
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Man Utd - Official Match Thread
He’s what we can expect, he plays to a level but is very wasteful and gives the ball away far too much. If he was that good at everything he wouldn’t be playing for us and that goes for Bowen. Bowen is about our standard if he had the ability to make the right choice when in good positions and every shot he takes wasn’t blocked every time then he wouldn’t be playing for us.

british is best 9:14 Sun Dec 6
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Man Utd - Official Match Thread
Fornals .

british is best 9:14 Sun Dec 6
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Man Utd - Official Match Thread
Formals is a good player. but isn't clinical enough in front of goal . If he could finish he would be a world beater.

Side of Ham 9:03 Sun Dec 6
Re: ⚽ West Ham v Man Utd - Official Match Thread
This mentality of some of our support to not except players can have a better influence on certain games to others and vice versa is unbelievable. It is about time we had two contrasting young players vying for a position...but no...one has to be gash, shit, dross for the one they like to play.....

...it's a squad game and ours is never quite well backed up but it's beginning to be and we should look to encourage this not back stab our own players with ignorant comments.

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