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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

toadinthehole 6:00 Sun Dec 27
How negative does Moyes want to be
Moyes: Benrahma get ready to come on, we're losing this match.

West Ham: scores equaliser to make it 2-2

Moyes: Benrahma, get back on the fucking bench you tit! We've got the fucking draw in the bag.

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Tomshardware 9:40 Mon Jan 4
Re: How negative does Moyes want to be
Agree Jack.

, 9:13 Mon Jan 4
Re: How negative does Moyes want to be
JF 8.11, if you look at the Everton behind the scenes clips on the official site you’ll see how Moyes relates to the players. Look at the end of the match section.

jack flash 8:11 Mon Jan 4
Re: How negative does Moyes want to be
His man management has also been superb and I can't remember seeing such a great team spirit ever
I hold my hand up to saying that Cresswell was finished with us but he's been rejuvenated under Moyes
I've always rated Ogbonna though many didn't, but what a player he's become!
I think he needed to prove a point to Noble which he has done in a nice way
Hopefully Noble will be offered a job with the backroom staff when he finally has to hang up his boots
This season through I don't see him being played much more than a bit time player
I totally disagree about all the talk of negativity and don't blame him one bit for expecting everyone to work hard and not give the ball away too cheaply as we have always done in the past

, 7:48 Mon Jan 4
Re: How negative does Moyes want to be
Sir Alf/Westside, regarding stats in the record breaking a Bilic season we had 29 points after 19 games and then got another 33 points in the second half.

We stand at 26 points from 17 games so in theory Moyes could set a half way record.

Willtell 7:13 Mon Jan 4
Re: How negative does Moyes want to be
About these negative selections. I managed 2 county league teams and it doesn’t compare except in the clubhouse bar there was always one of our regulars that wanted to ask why I selected someone. Usually because their son was a better player of course...

However, Noble has been a fixture in 1st team for a very long time and to let him demonstrate why he is no longer an automatic 1st choice to all the fans, saves any ill feelings building up in the squad or fans due to unfair casting aside...

Moyes let Nobes demonstrate why he’s a back-up and will move or join coaching staff next year...

fraser 4:16 Mon Jan 4
Re: How negative does Moyes want to be
Has done a good job so far this season.

We had a great start, but annoying that he didn't capitalise on that with some negative team selections recently.

Be interesting to see how it unfolds from here tactically.

Westside 4:02 Mon Jan 4
Re: How negative does Moyes want to be
From the results perspective, its allegedly our best start in 22 years?


In BFS's last season (2014/15) we had 31 points after 17 games. I think, that's within the last 22 years.

Block 3:57 Mon Jan 4
Re: How negative does Moyes want to be
We seem to pick up points when we don't actually play that well, See Fulham, Sheff Utd, Villa, Brighton and even Everton.

We play well against Chelsea and Utd and we get beaten.

Sir Alf 3:47 Mon Jan 4
Re: How negative does Moyes want to be
From the results perspective, its allegedly our best start in 22 years? He must be doing something right. But lets take another check at the end of the season.

Any further progression now though is at the hands of the owners. Will they back him? Will they fvck :-(

Johnson 1:03 Mon Jan 4
Re: How negative does Moyes want to be
Moyes was winning me over up until about 5 games ago when he seems to have regressed.

I know he's had injuries and Masuaku probably more of a loss than anyone would have thought.

The change of formation and just dropping Noble in was very strange.

If he can get another forward in the Antonio mould, maybe a left sided player and a CM in January then he might stick to his more confident forward thinking tactics which were seeing us do well.

But Sullivan won't help him get these players so I suspect we've found our level for now.

angryprumphs 12:55 Mon Jan 4
Re: How negative does Moyes want to be
Think he has been a bloody excellent, his delivery from both set pieces and open play is excellent. 4 assists, been involved in many of our goals. Not been too bad defensively either. He is no Coufal defensively, you can see that in the stats, but he brings a lot to the team.

Block 12:51 Mon Jan 4
Re: How negative does Moyes want to be
Totally agree, Angry.

Before Xmas I was having a debate on here abobut Cresswell, which I was slaughtered for defending how good he's been.

angryprumphs 12:50 Mon Jan 4
Re: How negative does Moyes want to be
Block 11:51 Mon Jan 4

It is because a lot of people have already made their mind up, so they only pick up on the negatives. Tough for some people to admit they might have made a mistake. You see it with players all the time. Cresswell for example, he has been our main creative source in many games this season, alongside being part of one of our most solid defensive unit. Yet many fans will never seen him as a player.

Block 11:51 Mon Jan 4
Re: How negative does Moyes want to be
Don't understand the need for people to literally find any single fault to have a pop at Moyes, instead of holding your hands up and admitting he's won you over.

Yes, he's made mistakes as many managers do, the fact we're on the same points tally as Chelsea who've spend over £200m should show how well Moyes has done.

Also, I like the fact he admitted mistakes in the Brighton Game, Moyes comments about Benrahma were spot on, he's been wasteful with the ball at times looking to take shots on when there's better options available, which Benrahma needs to adapt as we're not in the Championship nor are we Brentford.

Razzle 11:47 Mon Jan 4
Re: How negative does Moyes want to be
Whatever you want to say the positives far outway the negatives so far this season.
Its the most organised and disciplined I have seen a West Ham side.
We are light on personnel and quality on the bench. So any rotation over the xmas period has been limited.
The formation has allowed players like Soucek and Rice to really shine and no doubt they will be courted by other clubs.
Just for once can we build on this platform, keep our best players to continue this upward trajectory

jack flash 2:59 Sun Jan 3
daveyg 1.00 ~
I agree with what you're saying but although Moyes said just that it didn't work out, I assumed that he was implying that he'd made a mistake playing Noble (which he did twice!)
You wouldn't expect him to start publicly slagging off his own players, especially the club captain. It certainly wouldn't have helped morale if he had and would certainly have upset Declan Rice
Perhaps he was expecting Noble to be able to give more but it seems clear to one and all now that Noble's playing days are pretty much done
Everything else you say, I'm in full agreement with

Manuel 11:57 Sun Jan 3
*I mean Coufal.

Manuel 11:56 Sun Jan 3
Soucek is a good signing and we are looking fairly strong at CB now. Which leaves the LB slot, is Moyes looking to buy a LB that will be first choice, or plough on with Cresswell/Arthur for the forseeable? Not forgetting Johnson.

goose 11:50 Sun Jan 3
I completely understand that Moyes is trying to manage the squad.

I just find his team selection baffling at times. His most attacking line-ups were away from home at Leeds & Everton (2 wins).
But then we are more negative v Palace/Brighton/Southampton (3 draws).

Overall you have to say we are doing better than expected.

daveyg 1:00 Sun Jan 3
jack flash
I haven't heard that Moyes admitted it was a mistake playing Noble, just that it didn't work out.
Playing Noble definetly didn't take the workload of Rice and Soucek . I'm almost certain Moyes didn't think that Noble would be more productive than Fornals thus giving them a rest but only a different option. It was a ludicrous option and he's done it before.
The team has been held together by Rice,Coufal,Soucek and Coufal playing very well for virtually every game. Backed up by Cresswell,Fornals,Bowen and Balbuena being more consistant than they were.
Our weak link has been upfront and left wing/back full back. Antonio has addressed this to a certain extent but his injury problems don't help us.When fit we know how better we are.
If we play 4-2-3-1 then a solution could be Antonio behind Haller with 2 from four of Bowen,Benrahma,Lanzini or Fornals out wide.

Romfordboy 12:28 Sat Jan 2
I also don’t think it’s massively unbalanced we just have players that need replaced...

You replace Yarmo/haller/Diop with Moyes players and we have a good squad.

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