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e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Sniper 12:10 Tue Mar 23
Getting a puppy
I’ve wanted a dog all my life, but wasn’t allowed one when I was a child and because of work commitments it’s never been the right time as a supposed grown up - until now!

We’re getting a Cockapoo (I know, it’s not a lab or a hard man dog, but we need something with minimal shedding and my children love them).

Any hints/tips etc about a first timer with a dog from all you experts gratefully received!


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Sniper 1:40 Mon Sep 20
Re: Getting a puppy
Cheers guys, it’s good to at least hear some supportive words - it kinda gets me upset just thinking about it to be honest and most people we know don’t really get it, but genuinely think things would have become unbearable if we hadn’t acted when we did, and she’s so happy now when we visit her it makes you realise just what an effect he’d had

Northern Sold 12:35 Mon Sep 20
Re: Getting a puppy
Should have napalmed his garden sniper... and then dressed up in a vietnam general wearing a US 7th Cav' hat...

"I love the smell of burning tossers in the morning"

Crassus 11:04 Mon Sep 20
Re: Getting a puppy
One more thing
Dogs around a year are adolescents, and get a stroppy head on for a while
So just as your puppy gets sorted they can relapse
No drama, bear with it and they return to normality - it’s not down to you

That’s grim, that bloke needs straightening out, sounds a right wrongun

Heath Hammer 9:28 Mon Sep 20
Re: Getting a puppy
Gutted for you mate.
Some people are just utter cunts.

Joe C 9:00 Mon Sep 20
Re: Getting a puppy
That’s awful to read sniper. Very few things worse at home than a nightmare neighbour

Sniper 11:53 Sun Sep 19
Re: Getting a puppy
Heath hammer

We have a bike next door neighbour. puppy he’s doing ok but then started acting really weird when I took her for walks - kept lying down and refusing to move or trying to bolt. Couldn’t work out why

Then the missus caught our next door neighbour hurling abuse at the dog in the garden - sometimes we had to let her out on her own if we were both on calls etc. She’s bark, he’d shout and swear at her she’s bark back etc. Turned her into a nervous wreck, and the way she was behaving out and about was happening if there was a man in front/behind us. She was terrified. Started barking at any noise outside the house when she hadn’t done before

I spoke to dog trainers etc and they basically said they could take my money and try to help but if you can’t solve the root cause (ie the prick next door) any work will quickly undo.
We spoke to him about it (and about him shouting at our children out his bedroom window) and his response was ‘what are you going to do to stop me’

Which may all sound quite pathetic but the anxiety on top of my wife being unwell made things unmanageable. We were fortunate that the owners of one of the puppy’s siblings from another litter were looking for another dog and live quite nearby, so she’s gone to live with them and we can visit

But I’m still totally heartbroken, and my daughter is beyond that. It’s the right thing for the dog (who is really happy in a lovely new home) but it’s been horrible for us

Joe C 11:03 Sun Sep 19
Re: Getting a puppy
I’ve got a working cocker who’s 14 months old now. Still a complete and utter bell-end, but also fantastic in equal measure.

You have to be so, so persistent with the training. I’m broadly very happy with where we’ve got her, but she still won’t drop something on command the majority of the time, and while she clearly understand “no”, she doesn’t always comply… But it definitely gets easier as they get older, so long as you have the basics in place.

Part of the training is rewarding good behaviour, usually giving them a small treat so make sure you keep some on you - I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve gone to meet friends recently and found that I still have a pocket full of dog treats!

Hard works, but totally worth it - seeing how excited she is to see me when I get home from work is one of my favourite parts of the day

Alfs 1:04 Sun Sep 19
Re: Getting a puppy
I echo what Crassus said. Though this is my second springer it's a shock to the system of how demanding they are as puppies. It's not too different to a new baby but they move a fuck lot more quicker.

It also takes you hours to walk anywhere as EVERYONE stops you so they can coo at and pet the little bugger.

Crassus 12:41 Sun Sep 19
Re: Getting a puppy
Mate, first do plenty of research around breeds
They have their needs and quirks, there are, as I found out, sites online that correspond lifestyles, expectation and breeds
I found our perfect breed that route
Then go from there, either way, dogs are engineered to function within a pack or a function, they take commitment
If you are willing to commit to your breeds need, then you will have the most loyal friend for life
We bought a pup, she is a delight and a princess, then re-homed a male who is magnificent and almost upon a daily mission to show his gratitude

the best advice I can give, is that these beasts are wonderful but they have needs, over years, so think before you jump and then do so upon sound research of a mut fitting your lifestyle

PwoperNaughtyButNot 9:03 Sat Sep 18
Re: Getting a puppy
Should I get a puppy or a rescue dog?

Best place to get either?

Too Much Too Young 7:24 Sat Sep 18
Re: Getting a puppy
I have a Lulu dog as well Alfs.
Its her 8th birthday today.

Mines Labradoodle cross.

Dad Poodle
Mum Collie/Lab cross.

Best dog in the world and no doubt kept me alive.

Alfs 4:05 Sat Sep 18
Re: Getting a puppy
Lulu did her first bark today - at a tin. I felt so proud.

She's slooooowly getting the shitting and pissing thing, and understanding the word 'no'. Getting her to obey the word 'no', is another matter.

Loving and annoying as fuck in equal measures. Making me exercise more too, and that will increase as she gets older.

Heath Hammer 5:06 Wed Sep 15
Re: Getting a puppy
Sniper - What happened?

Sniper 2:13 Wed Sep 15
Re: Getting a puppy
I thought opening my this post would bring me nothing but sadness after we had to give our dog away, but it’s genuinely lovely to read about how you lot are all getting on with yours

Crassus 10:02 Wed Sep 15
Re: Getting a puppy
I need to qualify that vaccine post, I've fucked that up
Both had the puppy jabs, but not the regular annual cocktails that the vets encourage thereafter
It is a contentious subject and I spoke on the QT with the head of practice at our vets and she broadly agreed but as Sold said, that parvo is a bastard and she urged that
There is no conclusive answer, plenty of evidence to give them a swerve and naturally, known diseases that can kill - your call
One thing worth considering, I understand that a number of these ailments are contagious, so if you walk them with others, in a public place or where others go, think hard

Agree with Soldo on the bollox, depends upon the dog but it definitely does not calm all dogs, some become aggressive after, so remove as needed and if you do, not too early

Northern Sold 2:58 Wed Sep 15
Re: Getting a puppy
Each to their own but we have always vaccinated our dogs... seen 2 mates lose their dogs (one yorkie and a goldie) to parvo... myself.... would not take the chance.

Regarding neutering... just like race horses all depends on the animal... some are quite sane and relaxed with their alberts... others... like our lab... would be off like a shot when off lead... he could not be trusted... nuts off... safe and happy dog.

Alfs 2:18 Wed Sep 15
Re: Getting a puppy
Interesting what you say about the vaccines. I'm about to pay £80 for my pup's. I'd rather not, obviously, but I wouldn't want to make her vulnerable to disease.

Crassus 9:39 Tue Sep 14
Re: Getting a puppy
Good call on that vaccine scam
The Duchess conducted major research on that and we don’t jab our two
Oh and be careful if you have a male and want to remove his Bollox - not universally wise

DocMarten 9:29 Tue Sep 14
Re: Getting a puppy
Depending upon the age, pup(?), do plenty of research on vaccines and their impacts on dogs, in particular, young dogs.

Vets are compromised now by big pharma and dog owners are a meal ticket.

We dont vaccinate. And, don’t over walk a young dog. You will be storing issues fir later in life.

And..no tennis balls. Wet, they are like sand paper and will erode the dogs teeth.


Crassus 9:13 Tue Sep 14
Re: Getting a puppy
When we got our little bitch it’s fair to say we bonded
Few months later the Duchess said in front of the kids
‘sometimes I think you love that dog more than me’

Kids and dog looked at me - I said nothing

Daughter said with perfect timing
‘only sometimes?’

Kids and I roared with laughter and the dog barked excitedly

Duchess was not impressed

nychammer 8:29 Tue Sep 14
Re: Getting a puppy
My sister got a cockapoo and its adorable.

Comes with a warning tho - apparently they are very sought after by dog thieves, especially un-neutered dogs. They feel like they have to be on guard the whole time when walking it.

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