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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

w4hammer 11:15 Fri May 7
WSL..is it all that?!
Womens Soccer- the media- in particular the BBc are pumping this form as the next big thing - a 7M contract ( wooo hooh) annually has been signed ( thats for the whole league) and the bint from Chelsea is all over the media chirruping about the chances of winning a " historic quadruple'

What am i missing ? I think its pretty awfull football, which isnt getting alot better or progressing - has a few decent players at the top clubs who win as they attract the best ) same as mens in other words...alot of clubs half heartedly have teams involved ( like west ham ) to nod towards what an inclusive and progressive club they are, when infact its a wastes of money and resources as the tickets are basically given away.....dont get me wrong, its a great game for all ages and sexes to play, but trying to make out the pro game is anything other than my summary..not having it

Maybe they are aiming at disaffected PL spectators however most i talk to to will go lower leagues or stop attending games altogther

or am I incorreect!?!?

-- ejucate me...

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Sven Roeder 12:46 Mon May 10
Re: WSL..is it all that?!
Indifferent .... 3 wins in 22 games?
That used to be known as utterly abysmal

ParadiseLost 12:37 Mon May 10
Re: WSL..is it all that?!
There is future in it although the intended audience isn’t the posters on here. Good to see that West Ham stayed in the WSL after an at best indifferent season. Its better to be at the front of this rather than at the back.

Sydney_Iron 12:26 Mon May 10
Re: WSL..is it all that?!
They big it up here as well, but very little interest, a few games they bused in loads of school kids on freebies, then tried to make a big deal about the “crowd”

Sven Roeder 12:23 Mon May 10
Re: WSL..is it all that?!
Chelsea winning the Womens league the lead story ahead of todays Premier league matches.
Highlights reveal some extraordinarily hilarious goal keeping.
Stuff you wouldn't see from 10yo's

boleynkid 9:37 Sun May 9
Re: WSL..is it all that?!
I don't mind watching it, after all it's a game of football. For me it should be judged on what it is. However, what I absolutely can't stand is when they come up with stats making comparisons with the men's game.

w4hammer 12:23 Sun May 9
Re: WSL..is it all that?!
Mex Martillo 1:47 Sat May 8
Re: WSL..is it all that?!

Covid has proven that a busy match and playing schedule can be managed without crowds attending - maybe thats the model they want to explore - given the costs of putting a match on - staff/ticketing etc its cheaper just to stream it

I dont doubt the world cup was a nice experience and I dont doubt it will continue to be a success, at least broadcaster=led/advertising commercially....just dont see any way that unless the product changes ( shorter sorts/exchanging shirts/ camera in the dressing room/smaller goals etc )it will ever be any more than what it is which at the pro level is is a woke, rich clubs plaything..

I imagine pretty soon a couple of male players will don wigs and claim they like the smell of lavender and fuck it up for the rest of the squad, as they are doing in rugby -

Keep dreaming 8:49 Sat May 8
Re: WSL..is it all that?!
I dont like women's football, and women aren't as fast and strong as male footballers. And I hate i being in the telly buhuuuuu

Cry more you fat old grumpy sods

Mad Dog 2:00 Sat May 8
Re: WSL..is it all that?!
Didn't the women's world champion team (usa) get thrashed by a college under 15s boys team?

Mad Dog 1:50 Sat May 8
Re: WSL..is it all that?!
Women's football is fucking shit and I'm sick of the media trying to ram it down our throats.

Mex Martillo 1:47 Sat May 8
Re: WSL..is it all that?!
I think you’ve got it wrong W4. For sure the people putting money into this have thought it through a lot better than you have. Covid will not be helping, but for sure the prediction is that women's football will on a lower scale mirror the finances of mens football. The sale of the TV rights are steps in that direction.

Also I find it okay to watch. I went the women's world cup and enjoyed it. Nice article on a player / manger and women’s football history today in the BBC.


LeroysBoots 9:13 Sat May 8
Re: WSL..is it all that?!
Goalkeepers are hilarious

Surely when training women footballers you should tell them to shoot on sight and try to get the ball on target = a goal !!!

Hallerinthemorning 8:54 Sat May 8
Re: WSL..is it all that?!
Womens boxing is good entertainment on the whole. The football is fucking dire.

Charoo 8:49 Sat May 8
Re: WSL..is it all that?!
A watered down product is pointless.

If you have daughters I imagine having positive female role models who aren’t vacuous social media cunts is important - I also think it’s great to promote sport, health and wellness to everyone.

However the product is just not very good. They’ll pump it up and continue to do so because it is inclusive and politically correct, if enough girls in schools start and continue to play football the interest will grow but I personally for one won’t be tuning in.

ChesterRd 2:51 Sat May 8
Re: WSL..is it all that?!
If you don't want to watch the WSL on TV, learn how to use the remote control.


Hello Mrs. Jones 8:44 Fri May 7
Re: WSL..is it all that?!
It's a harsh reality that women's sports is universally dreadful. As a father of a daughter who excelled at her sport and went on to represent GB. It was only watchable if she was playing.

the coming of gary 6:41 Fri May 7
Re: WSL..is it all that?!
scores from the recent 4th round of the Womens FA Cup ;

Man City 8, Aston Villa 0
Burnley 0, Man Utd 6
Middlesbrough 0, Sheff Utd 9
Arsenal 10, Gillingham 0
West Ham 11, Chichester 0

Crassus 6:30 Fri May 7
Re: WSL..is it all that?!
Vexed 3:09 Fri May 7

It's awful to watch, other than for comedic value, tried it once as well

No issue with them playing, just object to having the men's game compelled to underwrite it and MSM giving it the large one as if anyone gives a shit - they don't and never will

Lee Trundle 5:47 Fri May 7
Re: WSL..is it all that?!
That Megan Rapinoe only plays about 30 games max a season as well, that's for her club and internationally combined.

Sven Roeder 5:46 Fri May 7
Re: WSL..is it all that?!
I suspected as much

Probably a bit like when we are told that 50,000 have watched a womens international or FA Cup final
Gate takings are never mentioned and seems most get tickets through clubs , schools or pay £10 for a family or SOMESUCH

kylay 5:40 Fri May 7
Re: WSL..is it all that?!
Sven Roeder 2:33 Fri May 7

The US Women's team does not bring in more money then the Men's. that is pure fiction. The judge threw out their equal pay case before it made it to a jury because the argument was specious. FIFA gives money to the federations based on what is collected in total. While the US Women's team is popular in the US, no one gives a fuck about them elsewhere. The overwhelming amount of money for TV contracts for FIFA events comes from the Men's game, not the women's for obvious reasons.

As someone else mentioned, it's a different sport. Fine if they want their own leagues but the whinging about needing to support it and to watch it is tedious. I can play for 90 minutes too, but it doesn't entitle me to a paycheck and an audience.

nerd 5:36 Fri May 7
Re: WSL..is it all that?!

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