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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Bishopsfinger 1:55 Mon Jul 12
Attitude to England players
Has your attitude changed towards any of them now the tournament is over?

Have any surprised you? Any now you think more or less of?

Pickford for me , erratic sometimes yes but was there when it mattered ( mainly)

Kane for me continued diving for England the same as he does at club level. Slightly more palatable when he wears an England shirt on that front but still...

Sterling deserves some respect now for me more so. I also rate Maguire more than I did.

Mount I thought was better than he played but international is allegedly a higher standard.

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factory seconds 3:29 Sat Jul 17
Re: Attitude to England players

Endless media coverage, candlelit vigils and a police investigation because someone sprayed a cock and balls on the mural of a player who took a shit pen.

Charoo 3:01 Thu Jul 15
Re: Attitude to England players
I’m so pleased to see Marcus and Jason seem to be doing so well. On their private jet from Manchester to the Turks and Caicos they look like they really are over the worse.

They have expensive fish dishes and Dom P for light refreshments, they have smiles on their little faces and excitement in their eyes, taking pictures for instabook and facegram to show their supporters how well they are coping.

After some naughty words were daubed on the drawing of Rashford and some rogues said some nasty things online, it appears our outpouring of love for them is seeing them through.

I for one am thrilled to see them looking so

Can’t wait to applaud them both over West Ham next season.


goose 8:55 Thu Jul 15
Re: Attitude to England players
Remember it’s all coming from abroad, none of this racist abuse is from English ppl.



factory seconds 12:47 Thu Jul 15
Re: Attitude to England players
wils i think that particular narrative is more the work of rocnation, who have turned their client, who on the face of it had absolutely fuck all to do with the euros except for fucking up his one job, into the hero of the tournament and a messianic martyr who now dominates the headlines.

but they've been playing the british public like a fiddle for 18 months now.

gph 12:32 Thu Jul 15
Re: Attitude to England players
Rice is the pick of the bunch.

I'm going to be gutted when he leaves.

Even if the porn barons pulled out all the stops (they won't), we still wouldn't arrive as contenders for stuff that matters in time to satisfy his thirst for trophies. (I'll be disappointed in him if he hasn't got this thirst - just wish we could satify it).

Unless we're very lucky.

Wils 10:12 Wed Jul 14
Re: Attitude to England players

White Pony wrote...

"I’d be interested to know if there is an actual photo of the Rashford abuse before it got covered up and before the obligatory and inevitable racism narrative was allowed to develop unchallenged."

Yes there is, but it takes some finding. And yes, it wasn't racist at all.


I agree it is very worrying and very sinister. The racism narrative is being manufactured and mainly by middle-class whites.

This mural now resembles a religious shrine, people are even kneeling in front of it. As many commentators have pointed out this movement is akin to a reformation or some other religious upheaval. You have probably noticed people that have bought into are so invested you can't reason with them. It's all heading to a very dark place.

angryprumphs 7:46 Wed Jul 14
Re: Attitude to England players
Going to be honest, I am tired of the coverage now. Loads of happy clappy full kit wankers, who dont watch football for 80% of the time, now going off on one because a few people kicked off when we lost.

I am really proud of the team and the players actually, people like Phillips, Pickford, Maguire, Sterling, Walker etc all stood up, I am just jaded by the bullshit afterwards. Italians fans lecturing others on racism and football violence..... reallly?

Texas Iron 5:48 Wed Jul 14
Re: Attitude to England players
I still can't believe Southgate made such basic errors in the final...
...going so defensively so early...
...relying on young immature untested players in key penalty positions...
Millions saw these mistakes as they happened...but he didn't...

Not impressed by his game management at all...

JonWHUFC 5:17 Wed Jul 14
Re: Attitude to England players
Before the game i had a chat with my best mate and said i didn't think i would hold the current players in the same regard as the 1966 players if they won it. I just don't feel the same love for them. I can't reason why but that's how i feel. I was immensely proud of Declan Rice and to be fair most of the interviews i have seen with most of the players they come across o.k. I just feel detached from them though. As for Southgate I feel he has installed a great cultural ethic and does all the right things but most of the tournament I felt he was a bit negative in his team selections and that goes for the final. I don't think we played well offensively other than 20 mins against Germany and pretty much the whole Ukraine game. I just want to see us play well and my view is we didn't in most games.

Razzle 4:00 Wed Jul 14
Re: Attitude to England players
Alfs 4:42 Wed Jul 14
Re: Attitude to England players

Technically BFS is the best England manager of all time as he has a 100% winning record.

goose 9:27 Wed Jul 14
Re: Attitude to England players
I’d say England are holding their own when it comes to ‘winning’ free-kicks & pens.

chim chim cha boo 9:02 Wed Jul 14
Re: Attitude to England players
Alf's 4:42 Wed

If Italy had a player massively (but frustratingly) called Grealisho who cheated his way to untold free kicks in dangerous places just outside the box, how long would it have taken Mancini to put him on?

I'm all for our stiff upper lip Englisheness but I would like to fucking win something.

The entire world is cheating and it's time we got more cynical. I actually hate myself for saying that being bought up by my parents saying cheats never prosper.

It's very clear that they do.

icwhs 4:55 Wed Jul 14
Re: Attitude to England players

What did he learn losing the WC semi?

Fuck all

Alfs 4:44 Wed Jul 14
Re: Attitude to England players
Also, I reckon that Antonio would have done a great job as an alternative to Kane.

Alfs 4:42 Wed Jul 14
Re: Attitude to England players
I can't believe that some of you are moaning about Southgate. WC semi-final followed by a Euros final. Making him, Ramsey aside, the best manager in England's history.

Yes, his tactics in the final were utter shit, but he got a lot spot on in the earlier rounds.

He'll have learnt loads from this and hopefully, in Qatar, you'll see a more attacking England..

icwhs 2:17 Wed Jul 14
Re: Attitude to England players

We were unbeaten in the 82 WC as well?

How did that help since?

It didn’t.


icwhs 2:13 Wed Jul 14
Re: Attitude to England players
I didn’t say there was alternatives, but ultimately leaving it in the hands of a loser, well you lose.

I’d rather shipped a bucket load of goals, and won it in all honesty.

The Italians are winners, and always have been, they KNEW it would end up in Rome.

Southgate got NOTHING right on Sunday, nothing right in a major International tournament final gets you the sack.

Not having a shot on target for 2 hours after 2 minutes when the whole footballing world KNOWS another England goal wins it.

Watching as we sat back under pressure 2nd half? Done nothing, Kane defended more that attacked, and when we did have the ball Kane was a #10.

Pulling Rice off for Henderson.. oh do fuck off.

Chilleini and Bonucci on yellows, didn’t attack them with pace after, criminal

Watched as there front attacking 3 ran out of steam ,leaving italy replacing Insigne with Belotti! Did we still need so many defenders?

Keeping Sterling on when his own mother could see he wasn’t getting past the CB (or ref having any of his diving bolox)

Pre picking penalty takers and order without consulting the pre penalty huddle,

Sackable and he should be.

Thats fucking terrible, he’s not a rookie is he?

3rd Semi Final including the Nations League

, 2:07 Wed Jul 14
Re: Attitude to England players
Pony, lest we forget we come out of the tournament unbeaten. We failed to beat Italy like they failed to beat us so it went to penalties to determine who got the trophy.

Overall Southgate’s most glaring mistake was his choice of penalty takers.

White Pony 1:59 Wed Jul 14
Re: Attitude to England players
*on goal
*within a game

Ffs spell check cunt

White Pony 1:56 Wed Jul 14
Re: Attitude to England players
I’ve been thinking about this a bit since Sunday as I’ve been very critical of Southgate’s over cautious nature, BUT it has got us to the semi and final of the last two major tournaments. So, you have to admit he has brought us greater success than more recent mangers had, even with our “golden generation”

Looking at us and Italy, we top the charts for the whole tournament in terms of goals conceded, which is fantastic, but our attacking stats are very poor - we had half the amount of attempts of goal as Italy.

Southgate comes across as an intelligent bloke so you’d like think he would learn from what has happened here. We simply need to llearn how and when to press our advantage home without a game and not cower back.

As much as I hate the term “game management”, we are still very naive.

Also, who are the alternatives? Howe? Dyche? LAMPSY? Gerrard? No thanks.

icwhs 1:31 Wed Jul 14
Re: Attitude to England players
Wouldn’t mind but I’m driving it

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