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Irons10 10:19 Tue Nov 9
Kyle Rittenhouse trial
Self-defence? or Guilty?

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bigfrank 3:43 Sun Dec 26
Re: Kyle Rittenhouse trial
Two vital mistakes with that Daunte Wright cunt.

1. The copper pulling out a gun instead of her taser. Accident or not, surely she should no what side her taser is on.

2. Why on earth would that cunt try and flee a arrest

Hermit Road 2:10 Sun Dec 26
Re: Kyle Rittenhouse trial
Merry Christmas all.

Fifth, the reason I’m going on about it being an accident was because I thought you agreed with me that, if it was an accident she shouldn’t be prosecuted criminally. As opposed to Mashed’d view that regardless it should be prosecuted because the outcome was so severe.

Did I get that right?

mashed in maryland 12:52 Sat Dec 25
Re: Kyle Rittenhouse trial
I'm with Hermit on this one detail.

It *WAS* an accident.

She didn't mean to pull her gun out.

However its an accident that cost a life, could have cost more, and one that absolutely fucking no one in her job should ever make. Fuck her.

Merry Christmas 🎅

Fifth Column 11:51 Sat Dec 25
Re: Kyle Rittenhouse trial
Hermit you're clutching at straws now.

It was unfortunate in sense that it was sad and unlucky.

It was not unfortunate in the sense it was random chance that she fired the gun. She deliberately discharged a weapon. She did not show sufficient care and attention in the course of her actions whilst in possession of weapons that can kill. I feel really sorry for her. But she is guilty. To my knowledge the defence aren't planning an appeal based on misapplication of the law ie they recognise that you can be found guilty for recklessly causing a death.

And the word I saw her brief use in court was "mistake".

Even the legal person on Fox News was saying that in advance she thought the defendant would be found not guilty but having watched the trial she was not surprised at the outcome as their equivalent of the legal points to prove had been met.

I get no pleasure in seeing a good person sent to jail but a good person who makes such a huge mistake is responsible for her actions. I just hope she doesn't get a long sentence but I suspect she will.

, 12:29 Sat Dec 25
Re: Kyle Rittenhouse trial
An error or fault resulting from defective judgment, deficient knowledge, or carelessness.

In essence she made a mistake and pulled the wrong weapon.

Hermit Road 11:18 Fri Dec 24
Re: Kyle Rittenhouse trial
“ Unfortunately it was the wrong weapon. ”

Which means it was an accident. She either intentionally shot him with her gun or didn’t.

The prosecution didn’t even try and say she intentionally shot him with the gun.

As for the jury, we probably agree on how infallible we think they are except that in this case, their decision fits with what you wanted it to be.

Her intent was shown because she intentionally pulled a taser. The accident occurred because she pulled a gun instead.

master 10:37 Fri Dec 24
Re: Kyle Rittenhouse trial


Fifth Column 10:06 Fri Dec 24
Re: Kyle Rittenhouse trial
Hermit she intentionally pulled a weapon, intentionally pointed it and intentionally pulled the trigger. None of that was accidental.

Unfortunately it was the wrong weapon.

The jury found her guilty having heard all the evidence and legal argument.

Hermit Road 9:32 Fri Dec 24
Re: Kyle Rittenhouse trial

Learn to pronounce
noun: accident; plural noun: accidents
an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.”

It was an accident. Not one person has suggested she shot him intentionally.

mashed in maryland 8:41 Fri Dec 24
Re: Kyle Rittenhouse trial

He said he cocked the hammer back. That's not the same as pulling the trigger but fucking around with the mechanism on an antique firearm that is pointed at someone and you're *NOT SURE ISN'T LOADED* is fucking stupid, negligent, and by all accounts goes against all the safety basics of handling a gun.

Far Cough 8:34 Fri Dec 24
Re: Kyle Rittenhouse trial
Oh dear another one:

Police stray bullet kills teen in LA store's dressing room

Los Angeles police have killed two people, including a 14-year-old girl trying on new outfits, after opening fire inside a clothing store.

A stray bullet hit the teen as she was in a changing room with her mother trying on dresses for a birthday party.

Police say the shooting came after reports of shots being fired by a man inside the store. The suspect was shot dead, but no gun was found.


Fifth Column 8:27 Fri Dec 24
Re: Kyle Rittenhouse trial
Hermit, that's no Baldwin's story. He says he did not pull the trigger and that he hadn't pointed it at anyone but rather him and the woman who got shot were standing next to each other and he accidentally shot her when they were right next to each other. Now of course that may not be true. But that's what he's saying and I haven't seen anyone claim that's untrue. It was literally an accident in that case.

In the case of the cop, it was not an "accident". She pulled out her gun, pointed it and pulled the trigger. It was a mistake ie she thought it was a taser not a gun. It was certainly not an accident that she pulled the weapon and fired.

Police are given very specific training. In court if you are asked why you did certain things in use of Force then the prosecution/defence have access to the records of training you've undertaken which says how you should behave, where you should keep your weapons on your body etc. If you followed that training to the letter it is very good for you. If you, for example, had your gun/taser on the 'wrong' side then you're fucked legally. I am very very sorry for her. Having looked at the US legal definitions, I'm surprised she got first degree manslaughter but not surprised she got second degree manslaughter. It's a tragedy for her but she deserves to be in jail.

Far Cough 7:58 Fri Dec 24
Re: Kyle Rittenhouse trial
The only protocols that I know for deploying a taser, is firstly wear it on your non dominant side and if you do deploy it, you're supposed to shout taser taser taser to warn other officers to back off. Are there any other protocols I have missed?

Far Cough 7:54 Fri Dec 24
Re: Kyle Rittenhouse trial
Police are actually compelled to stop violent criminals and that is why she had a taser and a gun.

I don't know what the fuck you're saying there?

You don't have to be violent criminal to be stopped by the police, who nearly all wear a taser and a gun, you could be stopped for speeding and they will still carry both

, 7:44 Fri Dec 24
Re: Kyle Rittenhouse trial
Police are actually compelled to stop violent criminals and that is why she had a taser and a gun.

Clearly she went for the gun instead of the taser but most assuredly Police are trained into a modus operandi that is to be followed strictly to prevent mistakes.

mashed in maryland 7:01 Fri Dec 24
Re: Kyle Rittenhouse trial
I think (not sure) that the gun Baldwin was holding was about 150 years old. Probably wouldn't take much for it to go off, especially if the hammer rests on the back of the bullet.

Also last I heard his defence was that he didn't pull the trigger. This would be consistent, but its still his fault.

Hermit Road 6:56 Fri Dec 24
Re: Kyle Rittenhouse trial
On Baldwin the gun didn't accidentally go off. He pointed it at someone and pulled the trigger. Also, it wasn't part of a scene, he was joking around with the crew.

I don't think he should be guilty I'm merely pointing out that killing someone accidentally is not in itself a criminal act.

With this woman it was clearly an accident, I won't say tragic because I think the world is a better place for it. Tragic for her though as a law-abiding, good woman who made a positive contribution to society will go to prison because the police aren't allowed to try and stop violent criminals in some parts of the US any more.

mashed in maryland 6:44 Fri Dec 24
Re: Kyle Rittenhouse trial
Fifth, in answer to your question... if all that happened, then from a "gun" point of view, then the answer is yes, its your fault.

Legally, its a different question. We'll see I suppose.

I know a couple of gun enthusiasts in the UK (into shooting/hunting etc) and there's a few basic rules which they borrow from American gun culture. These include absolutes like, its ALWAYS your responsibility to check if a gun is loaded, to ALWAYS treat one like it is anyway, and to NEVER point it at anyone.

These seem designed specifically to stop incidents like the Baldwin thing cos it pins all responsibility onto whoever is holding it.

Mike Oxsaw 6:44 Fri Dec 24
Re: Kyle Rittenhouse trial
The woman responsible for the weapons on set is quite photogenic and media friendly/savvy, is she not?

It shouldn't have a bearing but it's not only high-end luxury cars that sex sells.

Fifth Column 6:33 Fri Dec 24
Re: Kyle Rittenhouse trial

On the Baldwin thing, are you saying that if someone hands you a gun on a film set, tells you it's not loaded using the recognised terminology to indicate it's not loaded, and it then accidentally goes off in your hand, that it should be your fault legally?

I don't think that I agree with that. If you know it's loaded and you manage to shoot someone then I can see that's neligent.

However, I'm more sympathetic to the idea that the whole safeguarding process to keep people safe with guns around didn't work and therefore the person "in charge" should be held legally responsible. And maybe that is Baldwin. I'd have thought the woman responsible for the weapons on set it more likely to carry the can.

Takashi Miike 6:28 Fri Dec 24
Re: Kyle Rittenhouse trial
they (the media) protect their own, he's already done the obligatory crying interview with the abc government asset. he'll be lined up for an oscar by 2025

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