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The Stoat 1:08 Tue Dec 7
Please Fuck Off


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scott_d 3:29 Thu Dec 9
Re: Rio
He's not wrong about it but the problem is because of the heat from his previous comments, journo's love to ask him about Rice.

However, he doesn't even know his own transfer history: "I wanted to do things at West Ham, they weren’t happening. Man Utd came, West Ham accepted a bid"

Lato 11:41 Thu Dec 9
Re: Rio
Twas funny the prawn munchers giving him stick and he responded by giving them the finger

meat curtains 11:07 Thu Dec 9
Re: Rio
Rio Ferdinand is half white🤫

Moncurs Putting Iron 10:51 Thu Dec 9
Re: Rio

Jose+ 1:40 Tue Dec 7

Silly cunt doesnt remember going to Leeds first and them being RUINED by their spending policy for over a decade then?

Ho hum.

chim chim cha boo 1:54 Wed Dec 8
Re: Rio
Stevethehammer 11:06 Tue Declancember.

Almost exactly what I think only you've said it better than I could.

Love Anton, remember him doing that silly caterpillar dance after he scored at Watford, meaning we made the playoffs?

The game restarted while he celebrated with us in the away end and Watford nearly scored. Pardue went fucking bonkers about it!

I love shit like that, the stuff you'd probably miss if you watched it on TV.

Me and my brother walked past that fucking big lump Patrick Vieira yesterday on the walk trying to get some of my fitness back and my brother said 'hi Patrick'. It says something that neither of us would say that to Rio.

RBshorty 6:39 Tue Dec 7
Re: Rio
The guy is a Ex pro who has turned into an attention seeking twat. The more oxygen you give him. The more he carries on.

Far Cough 6:28 Tue Dec 7
Re: Rio
Rio is a red Manc cunt

Alwaysaniron 6:26 Tue Dec 7
Re: Rio
Rio; marginally less thick than his brother Anton. Combined I doubt their IQ = my fucking shoe size so anything either of them say I take with less than a pinch of salt.

⚒️ 11:25 Tue Dec 7
Re: Rio
The best thing about Anton is that we got £8.5m for him from the Mackems.

Razzle 11:13 Tue Dec 7
Re: Rio
"listen..." no Rio you talk bollocks.

Stevethehammer 11:06 Tue Dec 7
Re: Rio
The bloke is a complete cock really
Amazing how different he is to Anton
I would welcome Anton back any day of the week and personally if I met both of them at the same time I would make more of an effort with Anton. Rio has forgotten his roots and wouldn't surprise me if he started speaking in a fake manc accent soon.
Rio was a top class player don't get me wrong, but Anton living in the shadow of Rio had a great west ham career and deserves all the praise he gets from us.

Lee Trundle 10:48 Tue Dec 7
Re: Rio
The bloke is a certified idiot.

"Ole's at the wheel. He's doing it, he's doing his thing. Man Utd are back!"

Mike Oxsaw 10:44 Tue Dec 7
Re: Rio
Wasn't he also 110% behind the previous car crash attempt of a take-over?

Maybe even he could see that it would have put an end to West Ham's recent change of fortunes and HIS mighty Reds would have got their hands on a player theirs by right...

tr3bor 10:10 Tue Dec 7
Re: Rio
His brother is a top bloke (Anton)

On The Ball 9:56 Tue Dec 7
Re: Rio
Against my better judgement, I skipped to it and watched - he didn't really say it. 27:22 onwards.

⚒️ 9:47 Tue Dec 7
Re: Rio
Looks like Rio Verminand MERKED himself in forgetting that he played for Leeds.

Tomshardware 9:15 Tue Dec 7
Re: Rio
How can he have forgotten that he left us to go to Leeds?

Psycho4Spuds0 8:28 Tue Dec 7
Re: Rio
Big Frank

Chelsea did

ak37 4:52 Tue Dec 7
Re: Rio
What happened to his boxing career.
I’d love to see him get bashed up

bigfrank 3:53 Tue Dec 7
Re: Rio
Surprised nobody booed the cunt on saturday

Pub Bigot 2:35 Tue Dec 7
Re: Rio
Dandy Lyon 1:53 Tue Dec 7


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