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SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:28 Mon Jan 17
Visa 1 - Amazon - Nil
Looks like Amazon have been first to blink.

It's hard to imagine two more distasteful organisations. Maybe Apple.

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BRANDED 1:56 Wed Jan 19
Re: Visa 1 - Amazon - Nil
Amazon is a superb company

Fuck off visa

deanfergi 1:53 Wed Jan 19
Re: Visa 1 - Amazon - Nil
Visa being edged out across the board… early steps in the GR.?

bigst 11:32 Tue Jan 18
Re: Visa 1 - Amazon - Nil
2-0 to Amazon I would f thought...Thousands probably switched to the Amazon Mastercard and Visa will reduce their fees too.

zebthecat 4:15 Mon Jan 17
Re: Visa 1 - Amazon - Nil
It is a weird one.
Did Visa credit have special high charges just for Amazon or Mastercard reduced their handling fees?
The place I work for get charged to same for both and Amex charge a much higher percentage (as does Apple pay).

Mike Oxsaw 3:30 Mon Jan 17
Re: Visa 1 - Amazon - Nil
Are Amazon not in bed with the only other viable card provider - Mastercard - with their "Bonus" or "Reward" scheme?

Sounds more like a case of sending business your mate's way to me...you know...just like the government did when awarding PPE supply contracts.

southbankbornnbred 3:18 Mon Jan 17
Re: Visa 1 - Amazon - Nil
Not sure how you'd score that, because 1-1 sounds too generous to both sides - neither of whom have covered themselves in glory.

Maybe just perform the result through some shit medium, like mime.

southbankbornnbred 3:15 Mon Jan 17
Re: Visa 1 - Amazon - Nil
A journo mate of mine has been following this one closely.

Sounds like it was six of one, half a dozen of the other.

Visa is talking to Amazon about reducing its charge.

Amazon were a bit taken aback by how many Brits didn't automatically switch their card/details with them - and worried at the last minute that they would genuinely lose a lot of customers.

Sounds like they both blinked, then pretended to go back to staring.

Talks still ongoing.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 3:09 Mon Jan 17
Re: Visa 1 - Amazon - Nil
Yep. It could well be Visa that have caved first. Mods feel free to change topic to Amazon 1 - Visa Nil.

They are both cunts anyone, although if Amazon have won it probably diverts even more tax away from the UK Treasury. Visa pays some tax on its profits and Amazon STILL doesn't.

They are both cunts anyway and you can be sure the UK consumer will be the one that suffers.

Kaiser Zoso 2:46 Mon Jan 17
Re: Visa 1 - Amazon - Nil
Yeah, I read the headline elsewhere and concluded Visa had caved, not the other way round.

Maybe there won't be a publicly declared winner, but it's difficult to imagine Amazon couldn't have merely seen it through and elbowed Visa, having got as far as they have.

On The Ball 1:44 Mon Jan 17
Re: Visa 1 - Amazon - Nil
Charoo 12:44 Mon Jan 17

Definitely this. Too much money goes through Amazon for Visa to ignore.

ray winstone 1:08 Mon Jan 17
Re: Visa 1 - Amazon - Nil
Lee Trundle 12:39 Mon Jan 17

It appears that you are 'utterly obsessed' with me also, very creepy....

WHUDeano 1:06 Mon Jan 17
Re: Visa 1 - Amazon - Nil
Had my first ever credit card cloning incident a few days ago. TSB contacted me about a £94 Morrisons purchase at 11pm on a Thursday, obviously wasn't me so they declined the transaction so was no real issue.

Was completely miffed over how someone could have got the details. The card has been tucked away on the top shelf of a cupboard for over a year. The only thing it is used for is my Amazon Prime subscription.

The fraud bloke from the bank said it probably was a data leak from Amazon, but obviously impossible to say or prove. Definitely gave me a bit of a shock though.

zico 12:45 Mon Jan 17
Re: Visa 1 - Amazon - Nil
I suspect all that £20 credit Amazon offered to customers to change their cards is a drop in the ocean for them.

Charoo 12:44 Mon Jan 17
Re: Visa 1 - Amazon - Nil
Or Visa have dropped their fees to Amazon after seeing a massive drop in revenue.

More likely Visa 0 - Amazon 1

RBshorty 12:39 Mon Jan 17
Re: Visa 1 - Amazon - Nil
You pay your money. You make your choice. No one forcing you to go with them Surf.

Lee Trundle 12:39 Mon Jan 17
Re: Visa 1 - Amazon - Nil
You're utterly obsessed with the Tories, aren't you ray?

It can't be heathy for you.

ray winstone 12:36 Mon Jan 17
Re: Visa 1 - Amazon - Nil
Being a rank Tory, I'm surprised you didn't lump the BBC in there as well.....

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