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twoleftfeet 1:09 Thu Mar 24
Defoe retires.
Pretty decent record and played a hell of a lot of games.

How will he be remembered by us?

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Tomshardware 12:21 Sat Mar 26
Re: Defoe retires.
Read that Man Utd signed Louis Saha instead of Defoe back in 2004.

147man 8:51 Fri Mar 25
Re: Defoe retires.
Leeshere wrote...

Re: Defoe retires.
Still remember that volley he scored away to Charlton around 2000, might have been his first West Ham goal, time flies.

Walsall League Cup almost a year earlier mate

Pedro 3:47 Fri Mar 25
Re: Defoe retires.
He will regret his years spent at Spurs. Should have gone to a big club.

nychammer 1:20 Fri Mar 25
Re: Defoe retires.
Makes me feel OLD. Remember when we nabbed him off Charlton and he then went and scored what we thought was the winner in that 4-4 draw at their place. Also his effort at Old Trafford when we nicked it 1-0.
Shame he left and worse went to Spurs but we asked for it with that Relegation that should never have happened.

simon.s 12:34 Fri Mar 25
Re: Defoe retires.
Think it was the Leeds game he was over the LS pitch side, chatting to fans and signing autographs. What happened was a long time ago. Shame he played for them, then again so did Carrick. Hopefully we’ll never do business with the cunts ever again.

Eerie Descent 11:41 Thu Mar 24
Re: Defoe retires.
On The Ball 7:42 Thu Mar 24

Someone called him a club legend. He handed in a transfer request the day we were relegated, and the following season done his best to get sent off every game when we were desperate to get back up. He left for those filthy cunts, and calls them we. Apologies for not joining in with the love in.

I also think you're a cunt, fwiw.

zico 11:27 Thu Mar 24
Re: Defoe retires.
Saw a good long interview with him last year and it seems he really regrets the way he left West Ham. He was young and ill advised, a bit like Ince. I've got more time for them both over Lampard to be honest as I can't remember Defoe or Ince slagging the Club off, although Incey probably waited too long to apologise!

Defoe should have played more for England and should have played at a top Club. Brilliant striker, fabulous lengthy career and seems a nice fella, the way he was with young Bradley was truly wonderful.

connolly8 9:57 Thu Mar 24
Re: Defoe retires.
One of the best finishers the game has seen. Just a shame so many of them goals came for Spurs.

Norman 9:44 Thu Mar 24
Re: Defoe retires.
Played against him in the Essex School Cup Final at U14. He was playing for St Bonns. He was the difference unfortunately for us scoring 2 in a 3-2

Rio or Anton or Les 9:15 Thu Mar 24
Re: Defoe retires.
Great bloke great striker and should have been at West Ham a lot longer but that's the Roeder legacy.

Should have played for a top club as I believe he would have been the next Ian Wright.

Met him twice and he is genuine, and always welcome back "home"

Good luck Jermain.

On The Ball 7:42 Thu Mar 24
Re: Defoe retires.
Eerie Descent 4:41 Thu Mar 24

But why? He's never been seen as a WH fan, has he?

Alex G 7:38 Thu Mar 24
Re: Defoe retires.
Seems like I only yesterday I went to watch us play Walsall in what turned out to be his debut. As always seemed to be the way we were down to the bare bones with only kids on the bench. With fifteen minutes to go I told my mate we should bring on Defoe for Keller (I think it was Keller anyway...). Two minutes later Harry did exactly that. Five minutes later we won a corner, Rio headed it against the bar and Defoe lashed in the winner. Yep, I'm still smug about that call today!

With Ferdinand, Lampard, Cole and Carrick established already in the first team the future looked exceedingly bright... it must have been about a month later we sold Rio and the downward spiral began.

So I guess this is the end for West Ham's 'golden generation'. Adding in Johnson they won eighteen Premier league titles, three champions leagues, eight FA cups and nine league cups.

Just a shame absolutely none of them were for us.

Texas Iron 6:29 Thu Mar 24
Re: Defoe retires.
41 West Ham goals…


Lato 6:27 Thu Mar 24
Re: Defoe retires.
Averaged just under a goal every 3 games which isn't bad but, I did think it was better than that.

He was very young, naive and was badly advised when he left us so I forgive him for that.

His compassion to young Bradley was immense.

Sarge 5:01 Thu Mar 24
Re: Defoe retires.
Was at Sandals St Lucia (Halcyon) the week before we were there for our honeymoon. (2002)

Think he was there with Beckham's sister

We were also at a place nr Cadiz where Ivan Rakatic stayed in 2019 - missing him by a few days.

Eerie Descent 4:41 Thu Mar 24
Re: Defoe retires.
On The Ball 4:34 Thu Mar 24

Yes, that's why bollocks to him.

eswing hammer 4:40 Thu Mar 24
Re: Defoe retires.
Sven Roeder 3:19 Thu Mar 24
Re: Defoe retires.
He was sent off 3 times in his last 14 games for us having never been sent off previously
One was Gillingham away which I dont recall
Another was Walsall where I think someone ran into him and it was a ludicrous decision.
The other was a 3-0 up lose 4-3 game v WBA where he slid in to block a clearance and caught the defender .... not usually a red in those day

Yeah but look who the ref was , yeah it was him !

On The Ball 4:34 Thu Mar 24
Re: Defoe retires.
Eerie Descent 3:58 Thu Mar 24

Players often do say that kind of thing about where they played longest/most notably.

threesixty 4:32 Thu Mar 24
Re: Defoe retires.
Didnt he go St Bons? West Ham should be in your blood if your from east. I suppose you could say that for Ince as well. I dont even understand how Lampard lives with it either. Its like disowning your people... (Well I suppose we did sack his dad an uncle so I get it).

Irish Hammer 4:26 Thu Mar 24
Re: Defoe retires.
I remember when he was playing against us after he left

He was serenaded with the Different Stokes theme tune. That and a "Shit Jimmy Floyd, your just a shit Jimmy Floyd"

It was mildly amusing at the time.

The Stoat 4:18 Thu Mar 24
Re: Defoe retires.
I was collecting autographs with my young son after one game and he was surrounded by loads of youngsters all eager to get him to sign stuff. He was wearing a rather expensive looking light tan/brown suit and when he emerged from the hysterical mob of young hammers his suit was a rather dashing light tan/brown with red, blue, black & green felt tip pen flecks 😂😂⚒⚒

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