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147man 1:10 Thu Mar 31
Meter Reading Day
Have you all done your meter readings today?

Obviously no need if you're on a fixed price deal (also no need for COYI as you're on an eighteen figure salary)

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Mike Oxsaw 3:58 Fri Apr 1
Re: Meter Reading Day
Russ of the BML 3:37 Fri Apr 1

I hear you and understand as well as anyone on here. You claiming I don't won't change reality or to whom I'm accountable.

Just who IS responsible for the living costs of these people?

Do they understand the difference, for instance, between a luxury and a necessity?

Is steak on Friday night an absolute must-do because, well, "We've always done that"?

Must they have the broadest of broadband available?

Ten quid for a packet of fags every two day's gotta hurt, but needs must, and all that.

If it's the authorities' responsibility, then who pays and who makes sure that only those who need assistance get assistance?

Is there any way of getting that money back once they no longer need help (to then help the next most needy group)?

Fifth Column 3:57 Fri Apr 1
Re: Meter Reading Day

Genuinely I feel like you don't have an understanding of the fact that a lot of people who work long hours are on shit wages and struggle to pay the bills without being feckless and pissing their wages up the wall - especially those with kids.

Also, energy companies are using the actual rise in wholesale gas prices to take the piss. Mine wanted to increase my bills by 130%. Turns out that as well as the 54% increase in unit cost they had also forecasted an enormous increase in my usage of gas for the next 12 months - but with absolutely no basis to make that estimation. I said I was only going to pay 54%. They agreed immediately because they knew they were taking the piss.

ted fenton 3:54 Fri Apr 1
Re: Meter Reading Day
Fortunately I have a private pension but have to feel for those on just the state pension as just my utilities and council tax wipe out my state pension.
Crime is bound to increase as people will get needed cash anyway they can.

Pagey 3:52 Fri Apr 1
Re: Meter Reading Day
Mike, you come across awful on here. Completely oblivious to the issues that some families will naturally have and offering nothing of substance at all. Sometimes it’s better to just say nothing.

Russ of the BML 3:37 Fri Apr 1
Re: Meter Reading Day
Mike Oxsaw 2:31 Fri Apr 1

All very well.

But what about families that do what you suggest and put money aside for shopping? When they get their monthly incomings they separate it out into bills and pay those and then basically have around £50 a week for shopping for a family.

Now there energy bill has gone up by £150 a month.

So what does that leave? £50 a month for shopping. Or £12.50 a week. Or about £1.75 a day.

Your solution works for people that can afford to put money aside. Millions don't have that luxury and are on the poverty line already. But, by your suggestion, they are fine, they just need to have one night out a month less. I bet these people would like even to have enough to have one night a month out!

Get in the real world.

Ritchie9 3:36 Fri Apr 1
Re: Meter Reading Day
Mike Oxsaw 2:31 Fri Apr 1
Re: Meter Reading Day

yeah me too, but its 2022 not the 80's or 90's, you have seen the cost of fuel rise, food rise, gas rise yet wages not, a lot of people wont have rainy day money at the moment, especially youngsters, some peoples gas bills are more than my monthly mortgage, and feel very sorry for them which is why I put the link up to help people. if people are worrying best to ring your utillity company, find out the kwh you used the last year and get them to set up a direct debit according to that, that may get your bill down and at least it spreads the cost over the year and you know exactly whats going out each month if your usage don't change that much. At least people can then budget what they'll have left at the end of the month once all bills are paid. But if your ok with a possible £400-£500 monthly bill at xmas then good for you. everyones different. But having rainy day money is unfortunately not an option for a lot of people anymore.

Mike Oxsaw 2:31 Fri Apr 1
Re: Meter Reading Day
..." other unforeseen expensive fixes "...

That used to be called "A Rainy day" when I was a teenager/in my early twenties - you put additional money aside for that as well - not instead of - payments you know will need to be made.

If that means one less night out a month then one less night out a month it is.

If it's not needed then you either roll it over to next year or piss it up the wall at that point - but not before.

Ritchie9 2:22 Fri Apr 1
Re: Meter Reading Day
Thats great Mike, If that works for you great stuff, I'm more passing on some genuine information to maybe some impressionable late teens early twenties reading this, probably on low paid jobs, as if they are gonna be able to put money aside and then come winter their car breaks down or other unforseen expensive fixes that they have to dip into your said energy fund, and then not have enough to pay the gas bill. But you crack on, I'm sure there are plenty of other threads to find to tell people how you do things and if they font do it your way they are fucking selfish. Brilliant.

only1billybonds 11:39 Fri Apr 1
Re: Meter Reading Day
Thats my take on it as well Ox.

The Mrs and me pay a certain amount weekly for our gas,water and electric,takes the sting out when the bills hit the carpet. We pay the same amount all year round so we have a nice reserve built up for winter when we spend more time indoors.

Mike Oxsaw 3:29 Fri Apr 1
Re: Meter Reading Day
Ritchie9 7:41 Thu Mar 31

If you put money aside for your energy use each month then it won't matter how "eye watering" the bill is as you'll have the cash sitting there to pay for it.

Of course, if you're not mature enough to discipline yourself in that way it's a bit fucking selfish expecting others to cover the cost of your stupidity.

zico 11:00 Thu Mar 31
Re: Meter Reading Day
Wilko Johnson 7:15 Thu Mar 31

Yeah noticed that when I got in., Trust me to listen to Martin Lewis! If I hadn't listened to Martin Lewis I would have been on a £120 pm fix until October with Octopus rather than an £80 pm one with Avro who went bust! I'll send another reading on Saturday, when I swapped over readings were all over the place and they refund one charge and then charge you again so should be an issue.

It's probably obvious to most but I've had the gas up high for years swanning round in a T shirt and shorts all winter and wondered why my bills were so high! Over the winter I tried one hour a day gas but it's too damp and far too much condensation. I find two hours in the morning and two hours in evening limited at 18.5 degrees coupled with a dressing gown, throw and fleece bed spread is just about acceptable and my bill for this month is £90. Obviously that will go up 50% but it's certainly possible tio cut back to an extent.

Steady 8:47 Thu Mar 31
Re: Meter Reading Day
EON website says you can submit readings with a date on them of 31st March anytime up to 9th April

Ritchie9 7:41 Thu Mar 31
Re: Meter Reading Day

Hope this gives some genuine advice to those that really need it. Don't listen to Internet idiots that say cancel your direct debit. It may work for them but for the vast majority of people Its obviously better to spread the costs over a year rather than eye wateringly huge bills next winter. And if your worried about your bills dont do nothing, talk to the companies, they may help more than you'll think.

Wilko Johnson 7:15 Thu Mar 31
Re: Meter Reading Day
zico 3:30 Thu Mar 31

I'm on Octopus and noticed on their site it says their prices will increase straight after midnight this Saturday so they recommended sending the readings in this Saturday.

billywhitehorse 6:55 Thu Mar 31
Re: Meter Reading Day
Stupid question time.

Just checked my meter readings which were both lower than what OVO had listed in my account for my last 'readings' a month ago.

I assume the last few readings were all estimates as I never send readings in.

So am I better off not sending the real readings in as they are lower than their estimates?

cup of tea 6:30 Thu Mar 31
Re: Meter Reading Day
"Probably need someone on a six-figure salary to explain the details, but ditch the DD NOW would be my recommendation - it ain't going to save you any money from this point on."


Never have and never will have a DD with a utility company

Mike Oxsaw 6:00 Thu Mar 31
Re: Meter Reading Day
Syd Puddefoot 5:56 Thu Mar 31

I rummage down the back of the sofa and drop whatever I find into the local bank. Seems to cover whatever they demand.

YOU are not allowed to do that?

Gosh! I am surprised.

Mike Oxsaw 5:57 Thu Mar 31
Re: Meter Reading Day
Fresh 5:53 Thu Mar 31

Not really followed this that closely, but did he say "today" or "by today"?

In the scheme of things, probably irrelevant, but hardly his fault that everybody left it till the last minute - and, in any case, it's unlikely that the energy suppliers were/would have been unaware of this potential, so they could have made contingencies to cope.

Syd Puddefoot 5:56 Thu Mar 31
Re: Meter Reading Day
So what do you do Mike, send them a cheque every month?

Fresh 5:53 Thu Mar 31
Re: Meter Reading Day
Martin Lewis really screwed the companies websites up
Hes the one been recommending giving readings today

Mike Oxsaw 5:03 Thu Mar 31
Re: Meter Reading Day
Admin costs are minimal and mainly automated.

With a DD, customers are effectively saying that they will pay whatever price is asked for the shit they are buying.

This means the company knows it can sell whatever it buys and such costs can be taken completely off the balance sheet. 100% no risk for them in that respect.

But it remains on the cash flow, so insofar as day-to-day operating costs are concerned it's all loverly-jubbly.

With a guaranteed cash flow, borrowing money against that asset becomes easier. Everybody on DD is effectively underwriting their supplier's borrowing.

Probably need someone on a six-figure salary to explain the details, but ditch the DD NOW would be my recommendation - it ain't going to save you any money from this point on.

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