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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

13 Brentford Rd 12:09 Sat Jun 25
Glastonbury 22
No thread yet? Site dogs...

First one for 3 years, lots of hype about the extra special post Covid atmosphere. Many *GLASTONBURY MOMENTS* coming up on the Beeb.
Should be good as ever though.
McCartney, Sleaford Mods, Elbow, Primal Scream, Fleetwood Mac, Jesus & Mary Chain, Metronomy, Little Dragon, Groove Armada, Undertones, Marshall Jefferson, First Aid Kid & The Waterboys the Standouts in the line up for me.


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Northern Sold 8:26 Sat Jul 2
Re: Glastonbury 22
Yes mate had the old lp with Rob Lee on his GS on the front...

MaryMillingtonsGhost 2:31 Sat Jul 2
Re: Glastonbury 22
NS, If you haven't already heard it, Mods Mayday '79 is a decent listen. Recorded at the Bridge House.

Auntie Thermite 2:30 Sat Jul 2
Re: Glastonbury 22
yngwies Cat

I was NEVER a Mod

yngwies Cat 2:29 Sat Jul 2
Re: Glastonbury 22
Auntie, stop being such a blouse.

Northern Sold 2:16 Sat Jul 2
Re: Glastonbury 22
Sidey... the revivalist 78---> gets bad press... yes you had every jack and jill sticking a fred Perry for a year or 2 but for me it was as exciting as the 2 tone movement.... secret affair... purple hearts... the chords... along with the jam were talking for us... meant the world and still does... it helped they was blessed the same us.. and was also into the 60s stuff we loved... Garry bushell wrote a brilliant book about the time... dont forget west ham was massively into that time... grant flemming and co... half the glory boys (secret affair) were all east london... and too be fair was not too many that went toe to toe with lot... it was and still is a great time to be a teen...

*sticks on time for action*

Auntie Thermite 1:47 Sat Jul 2
Re: Glastonbury 22
yngwies's cat

Bagged what?

The CND sponsored Glastonbury event now being opened by a globalist comedy actor imploring of us to send more money we don't have (just as the banks are hitting the reset button), for a war that only Ukrainians will suffer from and banks will profit from, relates to what exact mindless defamatory insult you aim at me, precisely how?

yngwies Cat 1:42 Sat Jul 2
Re: Glastonbury 22
Supply issues, seems like Putin's bagged it all.

Auntie Thermite 1:34 Sat Jul 2
Re: Glastonbury 22
You think?

From your response, quite evidently, you don't.

collyrob 1:34 Sat Jul 2
Re: Glastonbury 22
Mod = Hipster

yngwies Cat 1:22 Sat Jul 2
Re: Glastonbury 22
Think you been sniffing too much Thermite.

Auntie Thermite 1:20 Sat Jul 2
Re: Glastonbury 22
I remember when Glastonbury used to have a huge CND "Ban The Bomb" emblem atop the stage and it being a theme for all the events.

For this one we had an all seeing eye and an impassioned appeal from the gay isreali actor Zelensky, calling for us all "To give war a chance".

Seemed more like an irresponsible gay monkey bumps SUPERSPREADER* event to me, I put three masks on and injected my veins with random experimental toxins and aborted foetuses to just make myself psychologically feel that little more safer.

*Are fun everyday activities still being frowned upon by the Branch Covidians these days or has enough TV war distraction made us forget to cry at the thought of catching a nasty flu?

eusebiovic 1:06 Sat Jul 2
Re: Glastonbury 22
A Mod is indefinable in a conventional sense

It's a feeling of curiosity and to be open minded about things that have a timeless quality. Art, Architecture, Books, Cinems Fashion, Music etc. Not to read the papers and be a grateful, willing shiteater.

That's my take on it anyway

zebthecat 12:50 Sat Jul 2
Re: Glastonbury 22
Iron Duke 11:44 Sat Jul 2

Modumentary if you will.

Side of Ham 12:29 Sat Jul 2
Re: Glastonbury 22
Soldy, I’d just like to add I’ve done an injustice on The Jam as they were OF the time meaning for me they sung exactly what needed to be sung at the shitty establishment if you were an angry frustrated person at the time which a lot of us were. They were so fucking good at it, it still resonates today…..

Mr Anon 11:51 Sat Jul 2
Re: Glastonbury 22

It's you that can't read, I mentioned the music too Mr Thickie

Side of Ham 11:50 Sat Jul 2
Re: Glastonbury 22
See Soldy this is where you’ve had a massive whoosh moment about the Mods and the fact it’s main aim was to be a movement. This means it had the potential to move with the times……it didn’t it stopped. The idea would have been for it to evolve and the clue is in the word MOD as this links to modern & being a modernist. You ridicule Violator for his liking of Depeche MODe when in fact they were the modernists of their day you lot in your Parker’s doing a revival whilst fawning over a bloke from SURREY doing a mockney accent was not at all being modern for the time but instead a copycat look, looking backwards. Neither is bad and both were good things to happen but for you to try and take the high ground on what was the best thing to like at the time is a bit rich…..they were the ones trying to be modern not you and your mates…..apologies if that offends but that is the fact of it.

Iron Duke 11:44 Sat Jul 2
Re: Glastonbury 22
Sting was a mod. I saw it on a documentary called Quadrophenia.

Bungo 10:48 Sat Jul 2
Re: Glastonbury 22
Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Roy Orbison, Pink Floyd, The Monkees, Vanilla Fudge and The Shadows.

All secret mods too.

Who knew?

Northern Sold 3:34 Sat Jul 2
Re: Glastonbury 22
Yup a mod for a few years .... then done a song about a laughing gnome... then started wearing lipstick and high heels.... and next was dancing in the street with Jagger.... look he is just not the first name that rolls off the tongue when thinking about the 60s mod movement... my old man was a 60s mod and i have had loads of chats about la discoteque ...flamingo and all the other mod clubs... mentioned plenty of famous names at the time... mr space oddity was not one of them

MaryMillingtonsGhost 11:48 Fri Jul 1
Re: Glastonbury 22
Side of Ham 6:41

Bowie was a Mod, what he wasn't is one of the stars at the time....but he was a Mod....he was into the clothes and the music just not musically prominent....that was later for him when he came into his own......and he stayed a MODernist throughout his life.

Yep, pretty much my take on it.
Not neccesarily a 'face', but influenced by the movement/genre.
Not being a face doesn't make you not a mod.

Side of Ham 7:27 Fri Jul 1
Re: Glastonbury 22
Pony....... off you trot

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