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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

one iron 8:27 Wed Aug 10
The wall
GSB, taking the piss again.this wall not on i say,untill its gone dont buy from the club shop ,this was planed to wind up the fans,this mob dont want peace.We want a football ground not the berlin wall.whats your views boys and girls.

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one iron 7:48 Sat Aug 13
Re: The wall
Thanks pagey.

Jasnik 11:28 Fri Aug 12
Re: The wall
Maybe someone should scribble Pink Floyd on it .

Pagey 11:28 Fri Aug 12
Re: The wall
one iron

You may have seen it already but there’s a video of Declan Rice below and I think you’ll like the piece from around 6:05


Mace66 11:07 Fri Aug 12
Re: The wall
This is ridiculous to the point of being surreal

WTF possessed them to do this !?

El Scorchio 4:53 Fri Aug 12
Re: The wall
They will 100% try and deflect any blame to the LLDC or even the fans.

Hermit Road 4:40 Fri Aug 12
Re: The wall
WHU(Exeter) 1:23 Fri Aug 12

That’s a good point, they have form for this going way back to when they had full control of the stadium

Huffers 4:07 Fri Aug 12
Re: The wall
There's a lot of strange men in cell block ten
But the strangest of them all
Was a friend of mine who spent his time
Staring at the wall
Staring at the wall

As he looked at the wall
So strong and tall
You could hear him softly curse
Nobody at all ever climbed that wall
But I'm gonna be the first
I'm gonna be the first

Well, the warden walked by and said son don't try
I'd hate to see you fall
For there is no doubt they'll carry you out
If you ever touch that wall
If you ever touch that wall

Well, a years went by since, that's the truth
Well, a years gone (them mean bastards ain't they?)
Well, a years gone by since he made his try
But I can still recall
How hard he tried and the way he died
But he never made that wall
Never made that wall

Well, there's never been a man ever shook this can
But I knew a man who tried
The newspapers called it a jailbreak plan
But I know it was suicide
I know it was suicide

Stepney.Ammer 4:05 Fri Aug 12
Re: The wall
Nice one HU / Bubbles...let's hope the club do the right thing

Woodford Green 3:55 Fri Aug 12
Re: The wall
HU are taking the club on over this.


Lee Trundle 3:40 Fri Aug 12
Re: The wall

WHU(Exeter) 2:28 Fri Aug 12
Re: The wall
The Southampton cage.

BillyJenningsBoots 1:46 Fri Aug 12
Re: The wall
I recall a screen that Cov City had in the 80s made of perspex and when the sun was out you could not se through and couldn't see the play at one end!!!

WHU(Exeter) 1:23 Fri Aug 12
Re: The wall
This goes right back to when they first took over and stopped selling tickets for certain seats in the East Stand next to the away end. They don't seem to *get* that the chanting etc between home and away is a big part of what's always made for a good overall atmosphere.

In short they are dogmatic idiots when it comes to this sort of stuff.

Most owners would be either encouraging things to create and atmosphere or at worst neutral with it. This lot appear to do all they can to make it worse as a mission statement.

arsegrapes 12:41 Fri Aug 12
Re: The wall
From SE5 a wall school mate took me in CBL was some Div 2 game I thought the atmosphere was crap and that was the Old Den, the New Den must be shit...those in glass houses

El Scorchio 12:14 Fri Aug 12
Re: The wall
Where exactly is it? I sit almost as far away from the away fans as it's possible to. Is it between the away fans and the West side, or the away fans and the rest of the STB? Guessing West side.

Benfleet Pete 12:04 Fri Aug 12
Re: The wall
Chinky Weasel - Bang on mate. Never missed a game at the Boleyn Ground for years and years. Only ever been to the bowl where I have used someone else's ticket, never given the thieving trio the satisfaction of taking my money. Such a shame people's loyalty is allowed to be exploited.

one iron 4:19 Wed Aug 10
Re: The wall
cor, the whole crowd needs to do that,but i dont fill that its a happy place. alot of the older fans now go like a habit you cant kick.

Cor Blimey 3:08 Wed Aug 10
Re: The wall
maybe the home fans near that corner can now use their energy getting behind our team instead of spending all game chanting at the away fans. surely thats why we go, yeah?

simon.s 12:52 Wed Aug 10
Re: The wall
Fo - I said this to somebody the other day, there could be another Burnley scenario coming.

arsegrapes 12:36 Wed Aug 10
Re: The wall
I gave up on the shithole a couple of season's back so not seen the changes squaring off corners and this wall, searched photos of it and someone commented that it was probably done to bring in more income from previously unused empty segregated seats dividing home and away support. Sounds about right, it's always been about the money.

Fo the Communist 12:27 Wed Aug 10
Re: The wall
There's still an awful lot of simmering resentment about the move and stadium that has been masked by two great seasons. But it's bubbling under the surface and, make no mistake, a poor run of form and the discontent will find its way to the surface again.

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