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e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

daveyg 1:14 Sat Aug 20
Job threat
All the doom and gloom around folks losing there jobs .
Anyone or their immediate family fear they will lose theirs ?

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mashed in maryland 9:08 Tue Aug 23
Re: Job threat

What you're saying might be true in your age bracket, at your level of experience, and with your connections, but its not true across the board.

HR departments and recruiters who do the filtering are often very removed from the coalface.

You'd be surprised at how often the answer to your question about archeology and power stations, in the mind of whoevers making the decisions, is "yes".

Mike Oxsaw 2:55 Mon Aug 22
Re: Job threat
I don't see anything on here (this thread) as an argument - whether just the 5 minutes or the full half hour.

People approach solve problems/issues in their own way, some that others may not even have considered, possibly simply down to the fact that they lack the "relevant qualifications" to do the task in hand.

Conveyancing was the task I chose to use as an example traditionally done by solicitors, when the actual process is no more than a low level administrative one, which, in all probability is handled by an office junior.

You can even take out insurance to cover the cost of correcting any errors in the transaction if they're down to you.

Jim C 10:44 Sun Aug 21
Re: Job threat

If you have no interest in getting into an argument why bother responding?

I agree you can't delegate everything and it appears you did lots yourself and good forbyou.

I will still be visiting my GP next time I have a medical issue, continue with my twice yearly dental appointments, take our family pets to a vet if they are ill and leave engineering to those who have the relevant qualifications.

Mike Oxsaw 10:33 Sun Aug 21
Re: Job threat
Jim C 10:00 Sun Aug 21

No interest in getting into an argument - I did need a solicitor for my divorce (only becayse I didn't have the time to research the law extensively enough). I sold my first house and bought my second without a solicitor, despite pressure from virtually every other party involved. Conveyancing turned out to only be an administrative excersise and all the forms were available at WH Smiths.

As an aside, the "degreed" parties involved tried to scupper the whole issue as there was a parcel of land associated with the house I was buying that hadn't been formally transferred/registered; a quick phone call to the Land Registry and a very helpful chap sorted it out and added 50,000 to the value of the place I was buying - all for free.

We exchanged contracts before the notification came through (it was all by post back then), the vendor accepted the situation (as he had not followed the correct procedure), but there were some very angry bunnies elsewhere.

It's all about putting yourself out and learning the ropes. You can't delegate everything.

Side of Ham 10:02 Sun Aug 21
Re: Job threat
So Brenty you want to discuss those with no worries of losing their jobs as they don’t want one on this Job Threat thread…..think you’ve gone a bit off topic to rant about a section of society you don’t like….

Jim C 10:00 Sun Aug 21
Re: Job threat

Totally get that, and I agree that some people have a lot of academic snobbery. I also totally acknowledge some people are way out of touch with reality, who come out of university and expect to walk straight into a top job without putting in the hard graft that comes with it.

However, I am very confident that at some point in your life you have needed medical assistance. Not all careers in the NHS require a degree, however your GP does, as would the person carrying out any big procedure.

I don't know if you have ever needed a lawyer/solicitor before. I have, but only to move home (twice) but they quite rightly need the relevant degree.

There are plenty of other examples but I'm sure you get the point.

Westside 9:49 Sun Aug 21
Re: Job threat
Degrees are just short-cuts for lazy Karens.

British Army officers, is virtually graduate only entry.

Wouldn't call them lazy.

13 Brentford Rd 9:49 Sun Aug 21
Re: Job threat
You actually compared the two when they are not comparable.
You're also putting words into my mouth and moving the goalposts. I slagged off those choosing to sit on benefits with no skills or experience (not the few YouTube stars or techie social media types) who think these sort of jobs are beneath them, as deluded, lazy and a burden on finances & resources. It's proven that work is actually good for your mental and physical health and being in work provides better opportunities to get better jobs. All of that stands, and yes work is character building, it gives you a sense of achievement, experiences, opportunities, skills, confidence and discipline, you won't get that sitting on your arse everyday watching daytime TV or ranting on twitter & FB whilst on a poor diet.

Mike Oxsaw 9:45 Sun Aug 21
Re: Job threat
Jim C 9:23 Sun Aug 21

Degrees are just short-cuts for lazy Karens.

I had no need for a degree in my profession - my GPO apprenticeship was widely regarded as the equivalent of a Second Class Honours degree, but when I moved into management, it was suggested that I "get letters after my name", to progress.

It was out-and-out academic snobbery at management level.

I ended up with a couple of degrees - one a first class honours with the OU, paid for by BT, and probably have gotten a doctorate out of it (had the mother of my children actually understood stuff like that) but they gave me nothing I found of any use in my everyday job.

I can't speak for other people.

Side of Ham 9:34 Sun Aug 21
Re: Job threat
…I over look it Brenty because the fact remains people who do bar work and waiting on tables need to have better incentive or pay to do the work and as the whining tells us it’s quite an important cog…this is why there are loads of jobs within that sector….you however think everyone should just do anything….well it seems only newly arrived people who were desperate to make a go of it over here saw it that way and since a pandemic they’ve decided to fuck it off completely…..you need to research more for instance into youngsters who are tech savvy enough to have a passive income rather than slog it out serving old twats who always think they are lazy….they just don’t suffer being mugged off in order to get some old gits respect….you’ll be rolling out the ‘it’s character building’ line next….you’re stuck in the 90’s if you do…

Jim C 9:23 Sun Aug 21
Re: Job threat

No of course not and in no way did I suggest that.

I merely pointed out that in some jobs, you DO need a degree.

Mike Oxsaw 9:16 Sun Aug 21
Re: Job threat
So, somebody with a degree in Anglo-Saxon archaeology is deemed suitable to manage a nuclear power station just because he/she has "a degree".


Jim C 9:09 Sun Aug 21
Re: Job threat

Nobody NEEDS a degree.

What about teachers, doctors, lawyers and quite a few more I have missed?

13 Brentford Rd 8:57 Sun Aug 21
Re: Job threat
I never said Hairdressers get paid more, I said it's a skill that they have to train 2 or 3 years to learn and be certified, and that they are self employed and paid on a commission or per client basis, you keep overlooking that little inconvenient truth when comparing their pay to bar persons & waiters, it's not even comparable.
I never even mentioned Hairdressing until you brought it up and told you I haven't even been a Hairdresser for 10 years.

Side of Ham 8:22 Sun Aug 21
Re: Job threat
Mike, look at Brentys earlier post about hairdressers get paid more because they are skilled…and stop being a dick….

Side of Ham 8:19 Sun Aug 21
Re: Job threat
No I’m not, I’ve been forced to show you the hospitality industry is more skilled than the one dimensional hairdressing they probably make more out of selling ‘product’ than skilfully cutting hair.

It’s clear in this country with numpties like you that you don’t see service as a job you should get paid well for yet think people should just take any job….. what a knob…and I’m glad that folk are fucking it off…..it’s the most sensible thing to do….

Mike Oxsaw 8:15 Sun Aug 21
Re: Job threat
"Brenty, to run a hotel you need a degree"

What were you talking about, then? Nobody NEEDS a degree, it's just a short-cut for lazy Karens.

13 Brentford Rd 8:06 Sun Aug 21
Re: Job threat
We weren't talking about those who run hotels or restaurants and chefs though Side. You just moved the goalposts.

Side of Ham 8:06 Sun Aug 21
Re: Job threat
Guess what Mike…..you need to take that point up with Brenty as hairdressing is super doopily skilled….. it’s why they deserve to get better money….

Mike Oxsaw 7:52 Sun Aug 21
Re: Job threat
You don't NEED tickets to run a business - I've known plenty of "unqualified" people over my life who have done very well for themselves and the company that employed them.

Needing a degree to "get on" is very Blairite.

Side of Ham 7:39 Sun Aug 21
Re: Job threat
Brenty, to run a hotel you need a degree, in restaurants you need a highly skilled team of chefs to run a decent one…..makes hairdressing look a bit silly….shame they don’t have the nouse to realise waiting on tables or serving the drinks is a key area to the whole experience working out well and getting regular customers….you however think people should just do these jobs….in other countries it is seen as an important part of the industry and are paid accordingly….no need to be the sharpest tool to see this….

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