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White Pony 2:10 Mon Aug 29
Had this for years. Yeah I get it, there’s nothing you can do, can’t cure it etc. Also, I brought it on myself so not expecting any sympathy.

But it’s got a fuck of a lot worse recently.

Any other sufferers out there who can suggest anything to help live with it? It’s doing my fucking nut in.

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Toe Rag 9:48 Thu Sep 8
Re: Tinnitus
Yeah, I got this. Suddenly turned up one day during lock down a couple of years ago.

Just sat there doing duck all in the sun and whoosh. Copped the Pulsitile version.

Constant rushing in the ears in time with my heartbeat.


Luckily it doesn’t stop me sleeping.

COOL HAND LUKE 8:30 Thu Sep 8
Re: Tinnitus
10 years DJ'ing did for me, and time spent in industry / airside as a Business Manager too. As some have said, it's never quiet. I have to accept that there will never be another truly quiet moment in my life, which I try hard not to think about. Worst is if you wake in the night and become 'aware' of it... or stand at the back door at 4am trying to listen to the Dawn Chorus...
I have several different 'sounds' going on, and one alarming thing is when it can sometimes 'switch' from one sound/pitch to another with no warning (a bit like the way the whistling used to cut in on the old tv's if the National Anthem finished and you failed to switch the set off pronto).
joe royal has it right, you have to put your safety plugs in, do it from the start, and keep on doing it. I wish I'd known better, but then, I had one hell of a fantastic time during the DJ years, so I guess it's a trade-off.

Far Cough 2:52 Thu Sep 8
Re: Tinnitus
Uncle Leo on Seinfeld gets ringing in the ears:


Iron Duke 2:26 Thu Sep 8
Re: Tinnitus
I tried to call an emergency hotline for tinnitus, but just kept on ringing

Far Cough 2:08 Thu Sep 8
Re: Tinnitus
Mutt and Jeff Stelling

Tomshardware 2:08 Thu Sep 8
Re: Tinnitus
Colin Bell.

Tomshardware 1:50 Thu Sep 8
Re: Tinnitus
Earling Haaland.

Tomshardware 1:49 Thu Sep 8
Re: Tinnitus
Tinnitus Bramble.

yngwies Cat 4:57 Mon Aug 29
Re: Tinnitus
oe royal 11:10 Mon Aug 29

Ed louder then Metallica!

Wow Joe, is that wake everybody up.

Swiss. 4:45 Mon Aug 29
Re: Tinnitus

sand iron 2:46 Mon Aug 29
Re: Tinnitus
Had tinnitus for 13 years, very bad as well. Iv had absolutely no let up from it from the moment it started. I can hear it above everything most days so I’d say it’s a severe case, absolute life changing and very draining.

Iv been following an Aussie fella for a couple of years called Liam Boehm. He cured himself of it and now has an online course that mainly revolves around a carnivore diet, fasting, cutting out sugar amongst a lot of other foods, having cold showers, taking certain vitamins on top of other things.

You can join his Facebook group but obviously it’s not a freebie. A lot on the group that have taken the course seriously have had great results, but it’s long, drawn out & gruelling.

I tried it myself but didn’t take it seriously, I only lasted 3 weeks but aim to give it another go at the end of the summer.


lowlife 2:44 Mon Aug 29
Re: Tinnitus

lowlife 2:44 Mon Aug 29
Re: Tinnitus
Mike - didn't know that about Craig Gill. Just read a few reports about it, horrible stuff.

Morpheus 2:28 Mon Aug 29
Re: Tinnitus
caffeine and alcohol def make it worse

lowlife 2:25 Mon Aug 29
Re: Tinnitus
I've had tinnitus in my right ear for years, was quite quiet until about 3 years ago when a railway worker blew his whistle right next to me - it's been much worse/louder since then. It's manageable and I can tune it out/get used to it, but every now and then it's a distraction.

zebthecat 2:21 Mon Aug 29
Re: Tinnitus
Same here as a results of spending far too much time in small rehearsal rooms surrounded by large amps and various loud drummers. Completely my fault.
I can zone it out mostly but when it gets really bad (usually in just one ear) I have to have some background noise, Radio 4 on the most part, to mititgate it.
I find drinking too much makes it worse for some reason and falling asleep when it is in full high pitched ring and roar mode is a bastard.

ray winstone 12:45 Mon Aug 29
Re: Tinnitus
Had it for about 5 years, constant sound like a gun has gone off near my head.
After 20 years of being in bands and DJing I guess it was always going to happen.

Like Branded says, any noise distracts it but that means I can never actually sit in silence, which is a cunt.

zico 12:40 Mon Aug 29
Re: Tinnitus
A hissing noise in my right ear (my totally deaf one) appeared after a flight back from the US back in 2012 and has stuck around since. Didn't notice it this morning until I opened this thread!! Goes up and down but I generally cope with it now. Not a great music fan so don't go to many concerts so it was unlikely to be that with me.

Got checked out but the NHS don't have any answers. I had read a book by William Shatner where he mentioned something called "Habituation". I think he wore a small white noise device behind his ear or something and it helped, but when I mentioned this to the NHS they just looked at me like I was mad!!

joe royal 11:10 Mon Aug 29
Re: Tinnitus
Wear earplugs,

Couple of years ago I did a Metallica tour that ran at 85 decibels and peaked at 95. Ed Sheeran runs at 96 and peaks at 108.

Because the sound system is so much better you don't actually notice it untill your ears start to ring.

Takashi Miike 11:01 Mon Aug 29
Re: Tinnitus
had it a few times after concerts. the hearing in one of my ears is impaired probably from those same concerts. luckily it's never hung around long term. the saddest story of a long term sufferer was drummer craig gill, of the inspiral carpets

BRANDED 10:55 Mon Aug 29
Re: Tinnitus
I got this after attending a stupidly loud rave a few years back. Any noise masks it. Any distraction masks it. I tested mine in my recording studio and its at about 5000 htz. Funny how a body works.

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