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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Any Old Iron 8:49 Sat Sep 3
VAR - What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing.

Say it again, yeah.

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Gaffer58 3:21 Thu Oct 27
Re: VAR - What is it good for?
Hope Mike Dean does our game on Sunday, thought he was perfect the other night.

Grumpster 2:17 Thu Oct 27
Re: VAR - What is it good for?
VAR is the worst thing to happen to any sport ever (other than some women being allowed to not wear bikinis at volleyball now) and any sane fan knew it was going to be an atmosphere thing cunt before it was brought in.

Without it though I wouldn’t have received all the videos of mong spurs fans last night though.

What sort of cunt thinks it’s normal to video yourself in a ground watching a game?

Sven Roeder 12:38 Thu Oct 27
Re: VAR - What is it good for?
I'd do it ..... but Spurs would never finish a game.
I'd have two off in the warm up (Kane ... food in unruly beard, Son .... squinting at me funny) & two more in 10mins

Northern Sold 12:30 Thu Oct 27
Re: VAR - What is it good for?
You'd make a BRILLIANT Ref Sven...

Sven Roeder 12:25 Thu Oct 27
Re: VAR - What is it good for?
I'd say v Bournemouth the decisions were right according to the guidance in interpreting the laws .... apart from that Lemur (that his name?) should have got a straight red.

I think Kehrer should have been penalised for his arm moving and bunting the ball but the call as accidental (plus the ref not seeing it) meant the VAR deciding the ball was 'cleared' before being put back in was in accordance with the expected interpretation.
The Bournemouth player slid in with his hands above his head as if he was surrendering. If they were slightly raised as he slid you could argue that was a natural movement.

The other ones ...
Dawsons pen v Fulham ... blatant holding and throwing. Should also be a red as it wasnt a valid attempt to tackle
Soucek v Southampton ... worse than Dawsons. penalty and red
Scamacca v Fulham .... not an obvious error. Impossible to say it hit his hand
Antonio v Fulham .... handball , not seen and they used this second phase thing. Maybe technically right but wrong from a football point of view like the Kehrer one
Cornet at Chelsea for Bowen's 'foul' ... just nonsense
Van Dijk scuffing the pen spot .... VAR should have been paying attention. Red card for ungentlemanly conduct

Iron Duke 12:10 Thu Oct 27
Re: VAR - What is it good for?
I don’t understand the argument that our first goal against Bournemouth must have been handball, but the penalty couldn’t have been handball. Surely you have to pick a side? And Lerner was lucky to be on the pitch after his horror tackle on Scamacca. If Scamacca had made more of it, he would have walked. Another problem of today’s game, where you are penalised for trying to stay on your feet.

Northern Sold 12:10 Thu Oct 27
Re: VAR - What is it good for?
One of the so called top class refs in our area had 2 of our players off last Sunday... one for shouting out For Fucks sake for a 2nd yellow... and our second red card (our bloke was already on a yellow for shouting out For Fucks sake when he misplaced a pass.).. went through on goal... ref blew up for Full Time... our player shot way over the bar ... had another yellow for kicking the ball away... when we argued that the whistle had gone for teh end of teh game he said he would have it for kicking the ball angrily... Oh 3 years time he had 3 of our players off ... we had 5 sending off's in those 3 years... all by him... and he's the head of Refs in the area.... FA straight backed tosser

ray winstone 12:00 Thu Oct 27
Re: VAR - What is it good for?
It's as if the remit is to find a way to disallow rather than to give the goals, extremely wonky IMHO.

Northern Sold 11:53 Thu Oct 27
Re: VAR - What is it good for?
Duke... we had three decisions that went for us that other times could have gone against us in the B'mouth game alone... agree with the Cornet goal v CFC.. absolute joke... as far as I am concerned they have not got FOOTBALL people viewing and making the decisions... all these old pros scrapping a living doing painting jobs and scrap metal etc... get them on board rather than these chinless FA straight back know nothing cunts

bell 11:45 Thu Oct 27
Re: VAR - What is it good for?
Kanes dribble was offside

Iron Duke 11:35 Thu Oct 27
Re: VAR - What is it good for?
I disagree that we have had more questionable decisions go our way. We had two good goals chalked off against Forest and Chelsea. We benefited from Scamacca’s goal v Fulham and Zouma’s goal v Bournemouth.

Pedro 11:27 Thu Oct 27
Re: VAR - What is it good for?
VAR and the way we use it doesn’t help and the referees don’t do themselves stay favours.

If the spurs goal was given there would have been no arguments.

VAR should only be used for the clear and obvious 2 yard offsides etc.

The trouble is and as I have said loads of times the camera is never in line. We should use an althletics style camera that tracks last defender and runs along a rail (like 100 m camera)

The marginal foul decisions haven’t been helped as it has become opinion of the ref and also now the person in the studio

Northern Sold 11:25 Thu Oct 27
Re: VAR - What is it good for?
Duke… we’ve deffo had more go for us this season than not… yup swings and roundabouts and all that and maybe in previous seasons we’ve been on the other side of the decision but so far it’s deffo been our season for the 50/50 calls… been a lot of head scratching for sure and for me VAR is not getting better… been how many years now?? Any other sport not a problem … Rugby… Cricket.. American Football etc …technology helps… and yet with football the biggest game in the world… it’s a laughable shitshow..

Iron Duke 11:20 Thu Oct 27
Re: VAR - What is it good for?
As funny as it was, that was a ridiculous decision. Drawing lines and pausing and rewinding for 5 minutes is not what the game needs.

We’ve had a couple of decisions go our way recently. I wouldn’t call that loads.

Northern Sold 11:14 Thu Oct 27
Re: VAR - What is it good for?
All I know is if that went against us we’d be on absolute meltdown on here… something is not right about football at the moment and just because a. we’ve had a load go for us recently and b. It stuffed the bagels out does not plaster over the cracks that football I think is completely fucked…

ray winstone 10:56 Thu Oct 27
Re: VAR - What is it good for?
I've never enjoyed watching Champions League highlights as much as I did this morning, VAR rules!

Sven Roeder 9:25 Thu Oct 27
Re: VAR - What is it good for?
Disappointed I didnt watch this last night as love it when Jenas has a cry when things go against them.

Had a look at an analysis ...
Kane ahead of the ball ... CHECK
Deflection wasnt a deliberate play of the ball so didnt reset Kane's offside status .... CHECK
Correct call, end of story

Cunte's reaction is way over the top and this abuse of referees is unacceptable.
Should be a major fine and a season long stadium ban which requires him to report to a police station in Sunderland an hour before every Tottenham game before being released two hours after the game finishes.

Ron Eff 8:47 Thu Oct 27
Re: VAR - What is it good for?
It doesn’t matter which direction the ball is played. He isn’t behind the ball, albeit marginal. You’d be annoyed if it went against you but we’ve all had close calls go against us.

IIf used correctly, its one of the few VAR calls that is black or white. So their wiggy manager made a bit of an idiot of himself just because his pride was hurt after his wild over-celebration.

As for Jenas, hilarious. Thought he was going to cry. If thats up the other end, he’s demanding it gets disallowed. Worst co-commentator in this business alongside Hinchcliffe.

Stubbo 8:13 Thu Oct 27
Re: VAR - What is it good for?
Isn't the rule that if the ball is played from beyond the last man (essentially meaning the offside trap has already been beaten) then the player receiving it can't be offside.

If the ball is played and there is still a defender nearer the goal than the place from where the ball is played then the standard offside stipulations apply.

Nothing to do with it being played backwards or not.

Manuel 5:42 Thu Oct 27
Re: VAR - What is it good for?
Well that was funny since it was that lot, but fuck me what a load of shit VAR is. Was it offside? Wouldn't have a clue, and I highly doubt anyone does, same as the handball rule. Load of old shit.

Brucies_Star_Prize 2:12 Thu Oct 27
Re: VAR - What is it good for?
I also thought a player couldn't be offside if the ball was played backwards, however nowhere in the laws of the game is this stipulated: https://www.thefa.com/football-rules-governance/lawsandrules/laws/football-11-11/law-11---offside

99% of the time a ball played backwards will be to someone who is behind the ball, but not in this case. As far as I can see the decision was correct, albeit an extremely tight call.

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