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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Keep dreaming 6:18 Sun Sep 18
Moyes Out
Posted the same last year. Nothing has changed, except win don't win matches anymore.
I'm fed up, we can do much better

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Gaffer58 11:59 Wed Feb 28
Re: Moyes Out
Once again the commentator in the Liverpool v Southampton game has said about Klopp’s farewell tour, got me thinking, can we have a Moyes farewell tour?

Fauxstralian 7:39 Wed Feb 28
Re: Moyes Out
I heard Moyes ran him over in the car park
And then reversed over him
6 times

Stubbo 5:55 Wed Feb 28
Re: Moyes Out
Cornet was injured in training

Willtell 2:48 Wed Feb 28
Re: Moyes Out
I suppose it's possible that Cornet doesn't turn up on time for training and whinges when he is there? Perhaps he's just too disruptive?

Obviously that may well have been the case with Scamacca too but Vlassic, Kral, Downes, Fornals, Benrahma, Kehrer and Ben Johnson?

ludo21 2:48 Wed Feb 28
Re: Moyes Out
Sir Alf - totally agree, you are either a Moyes player or you're not, in which case you don't stand a chance. Unfortunately it would appear the youth at the club also fall into this category which is ridiculous!

It is also the main reason why it would be absolutely crazy to even give Moyes the option of becoming 'first team coach' reporting to Steidten... can you imagine it, Moyes would rather play with eight players than select players forced on him by the recruitment team!

Sir Alf 2:23 Wed Feb 28
Re: Moyes Out
Just saw a report that Cornet wasnt even on the bench again on Monday? Hadnt noticed which perhaps tells us how odd his transfer has been?

His last full game or start was Sheff Utd I think? He scored. Then dropped again.

This is the thing about Moyes that pundits etc dont see or understand but fans perhaps do.

His treatment of players like Benrahma ( esp’first 2 seasons) , Downes, Johnson, Fornals, Kehrer, Mavropanos and Cornet. Now they aint necessarily world beaters but no worse performances than players he regularly plays when they are struggling ( Zouma, Aguerd, Coufal, Soucek, JWP all struggled at times) but he continues to play them for 90 mins every game.

Reports say once Moyes doesnt “fancy” a player they are essentially ostracised? Thats just rank awful management regardless of the industry you are in.

It must have something to do with who recruited them Im thinking? Such is Moyes weakness as a man that he has to make a point and leave out anyone who is not a “Moyes pick” unless the evidence becomes overwhelming to play them ? ( Kudus, Alvarez and Paqueta).

This one thing alone, in any sphere of management thinking or technique is outright negligence, incompetence or whatever we want to call it? Unprofessional sums it up where you place you’re interests and feelings before whats best for the team, club, company.

Moyes could be confused as being a borderline megalomaniac?

violator 1:26 Wed Feb 28
Re: Moyes Out
Nutsin 7:16 Tue Feb 27
Re: Moyes Out
Not sure anyone is saying keep Moyes because of yesterday’s win,

Jeff Stelling (who its fair to say is one of the better broadcasters) was on his TS show telling Hammers fans to put away the Moyes Out banners after the win.

Lee Trundle 1:04 Wed Feb 28
Re: Moyes Out
"I can see Mondays result being a bit of a catalyst like the 4-0 v Forest was last season."

In the game after that, we got knocked out of the FA Cup 3-1 by Man Utd, then lost the next game in the league to Britghton 4-0?

cholo 1:01 Wed Feb 28
Re: Moyes Out
I can see Mondays result being a bit of a catalyst like the 4-0 v Forest was last season. Of course Moyes will eventually revert to type and the cycle will begin again but points wise we are in a much healthier position this season than last.

If we start out on the front foot again we should have too much for Everton. They'll be hoping we sit back.

goose 12:02 Wed Feb 28
Re: Moyes Out
Agreed Boots - Everton away is a good test of where we are.

BRANDED 11:59 Wed Feb 28
Re: Moyes Out
Who are the IN managers now?

LeroysBoots 10:50 Wed Feb 28
Re: Moyes Out
Everton will be the barometer for if we are better now

I went to the Brighton game last Saturday

Everton are a nasty team well drilled in the dark arts of tactical fouls and shithousery

Win there and we could go on a decent run of results

daveyg 9:36 Wed Feb 28
Re: Moyes Out
Typical you.
There are folks saying keep Moyes.
What progress ?
Not in the youth?
Not in subs
Not in tactics
Not in his selection
Not in the defence
Not in selecting his captain.
If Hertinga was in charge with that team we would have won.
Noble would have won.

You're so frigging deluded. By winning we have taken a step backwards.

Manuel 6:57 Wed Feb 28
Re: Moyes Out
It will def be his main priority, and yes you never know. With us getting 3 points and Liverpool winning the cup at the weekend Europe via the league is very much on still, albeit likely just the Conference.

Sydney_Iron 6:45 Wed Feb 28
Re: Moyes Out
fraser and Manuel, agree with both your comments.


Just think if he is staying or even knows he's going he wants this Trophy big time, he even maybe threw the other Cups because of it, granted we need some luck with the draw, injuries and someone knocking Liverpool out.

All things being equal we should get past Freburg and be in the last 8, Can see this becoming our only focus, no relegation scrap so no need to worry too much about the league, and getting a European spot maybe a tough ask anyway so we may well see it an all or nothing approach to these EL games

Manuel 6:32 Wed Feb 28
Re: Moyes Out
Yea it's possible Liverpool could slip up to someone else, but Moyes doesn't have it in him to win a major comp like the EL, esp this season with some big clubs in it.

fraser 6:12 Wed Feb 28
Re: Moyes Out
Sydney - there are 14 other teams.. We have a squad with no replacements for key players and a manager who likes to flog them into the ground, we didn't win it last time in a much weaker competition because of those reasons.

fraser 6:09 Wed Feb 28
Re: Moyes Out
Obviously option one, but not a chance in hell as the reason most want him home is because he's a bit shit and a fucking massive bottle job.. We were 4-1 up and when other teams would have been cruising we were facing an onslaught when we should have been controlling the game.

Sydney_Iron 6:06 Wed Feb 28
Re: Moyes Out
Manuel, although i agree we wont beat Liverpool, Moyes will show them far too much respect, we all kniow that! BUT hopefully we can avoid them assuming we get to the later stages, they have some big injuries and a big schedule with trying to win the PL which will be Klopp's priority, they also haven't had a slip up yet, surely at some point they are going to turn in a few shit performances, hopefully on Thursday nights in Europe.....

*Crosses fingers

Manuel 5:50 Wed Feb 28
Re: Moyes Out
Sydney - Would take one as winning the EL would be fucking huge, but I don't think we will win it, we ain't beating Liverpool, you can take that to the bank, but maybe someone else will.

Regardless, he and the club both need to move on from each other. In the modern game 4 years is long enough at one club anyway.

Sydney_Iron 5:43 Wed Feb 28
Re: Moyes Out
Hypothetical! Or TBH may not be too far from what may happen.............

which option would you take?.

1)West Ham win the Europa, Moyes gets a 12 month contract extension.


2) We crash out of the Europa and finish mid table, Moyes gets his P45

Option 1 for me all day long, as much as i want Moyes replaced, winning the Europa would take precedence by a country mile.

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