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COOL HAND LUKE 7:59 Sun Sep 25
Education / Employment
Being realistic now... if you had to start all over again, would you have made the same education / employment decisions?

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grasshopper 10:30 Sat Oct 1
Re: Education / Employment
Education is expensive but in the long run it should pay off. Starting over again, I probably would have gone for a scholarship - best of both worlds.

Important you choose a career path that is resilient and will be in demand for many years.

COOL HAND LUKE 10:10 Sat Oct 1
Re: Education / Employment
zebthecat 1:39 Tue Sep 27

I had a similar situation, in that by 17 I was already DJ'ing - I was making more in a couple of nights most weeks than my father was making for a week's work. I never dared tell him, he would've been gutted.
I had a day job with GEC, who were paying for all the electronics / electrical training etc, and for six months I also worked in the evenings with a friend I knew from college who got a contract to upgrade / replace dozens of PLC units in the washers / driers etc in laundries around East Anglia. We would travel out and start around 9 or 10 at night, and work into the early hours. Fantastic money, but it played havoc with the day job a few times. I was permanently tired - the blues were not just for leisure...
My mother was desperate for me to go to Uni, but I had too much to lose. I have never regretted it.

zebthecat 1:39 Tue Sep 27
Re: Education / Employment
It has worked out OK so I wouldn't change much.
Might have been an idea to do a degree I enjoyed but the pull of being in bands would still have won would have dropped out anyway. Not a productive period of my life but I did a load of odd jobs temping (from data entry clerk to building site labourer and all points in between), played bass and had an absolute blast..
The only thing I'd change is discovering I was good at coding earlier. Only started properly when I was in my very twenties and feel lucky that I found a job that I still enjoy thirty years on. It has been kind financially too (not six figures) which has been a nice surprise.

BRANDED 10:18 Mon Sep 26
Re: Education / Employment
Most people learn while on the job. Even brain surgeons.

Britannia Pub 10:01 Mon Sep 26
Re: Education / Employment
If I had my time again I would probably have worked harder at school. I’m not sure I would have ended up better off as jobs were easy to get when I was leaving school so in the 5 years I could have spent in higher education I actually got 5 years of work experience which, I believe, was more beneficial to my career progression.

BRANDED 9:35 Mon Sep 26
Re: Education / Employment
I agree it used to be excellent.

COOL HAND LUKE 8:59 Mon Sep 26
Re: Education / Employment
Bliley, that all escalated very quickly, fellas...

The NHS had a long history of Ward Sisters overseeing and training student nurses on the job, it was certainly more successful than the current mess. They learned from the Sister, and from their colleagues, plus ongoing tutorials etc. We are not talking about training somebody to TAKE your job, the idea is to get more hands on deck and help dilute the workload..?

ironsofcanada 7:36 Mon Sep 26
Re: Education / Employment


I said I probably don't, I know enough to do ours and mom's taxes and get hopefully decent deals on things and lots of theorectical economics stuff from my political days (people talking about oil or agriculture economics on here does make me chuckle sometimes) but I haven't gone out my way to learn much about "the meaning of money" (ha!) for years.

Again, I'm happy and can leave it at that while this topic seems to winds you up because I am not like you.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 7:28 Mon Sep 26
Re: Education / Employment
Far Cough 4:53 Mon Sep 26

'I could have been the ticket man at Fulham Broadway station'

Do NOT go to sea on a bogey!

BRANDED 7:25 Mon Sep 26
Re: Education / Employment
Like I've said. You clearly do not understand the meaning of money more or less than your ceiling that clearly has some guarantees around it.

ironsofcanada 7:17 Mon Sep 26
Re: Education / Employment
BRANDED 6:52 Mon Sep 26

I'm not sure what living in a squat has to do with anything. I did as well, when volunteering and working during uni when younger. I needed to worked when was at uni, except the last two degrees, when I was on scholarships. You sacrifice time and energy and creature comforts to make yourself what you want to be.

Again not sure what any of the rest has do with anything other than proving you only had those "needs" because you wanted to make more money.

I have huge respect for entrepreneurs, my dad one from when I was born, almost until he died. Just like I respect my mom and a whole lot of my family for being teachers. Both much needed by society, but not for me.

Why would it bother me I have little experience in whatever you are talking about; I am not bothered I have less experience in ballet dancing. Again people are different. If you are happy, it should not bother you that they are. Unless I am threatening your ability to get money somehow, I guess.

BRANDED 6:52 Mon Sep 26
Re: Education / Employment
Feelings have nothing to do with it.

I have lived on nothing in a squat and made a lot of money merely doing what I enjoy doing. I've had a broad mix of experience and living not knowing when or where the money is coming from is tough.

The need for money is also relative. I was lucky to find a squat when I was young that allowed me to plough every penny into my business. Some people need a lot some dont. You dont. You've said it many times. Some do. Like when employing people and paying for promotion and marketing etc. You need lots of money to pay all the bills and wages. Sometimes you make lots. Sometime you lose lots. You get used to the function of money in others minds. How important it is to them.

You clearly have zero experience of this.

ironsofcanada 5:34 Mon Sep 26
Re: Education / Employment
BRANDED 5:06 Mon Sep 26

I never said working at what ever you do and earning money wasn't important. I was not disadvantaged but I did not inherit anything monetary, just a desire to learn and a knowledge I needed to work.

It is important to eat, to heat your house in -30. I did find it important to have enough money for gas to drive my mom an hour to dialysis and now visit her in the hospital regularly, that same hour away. I also need gas to visit my brother who is 11 hours away. Or to go a 1/2 hour or 15 minutes to hunt, fish or hike for me. I need to buy stuff for my garden, from a purely money perspective it probably quite inefficient.

It is not important to feel like you constantly need to make more money or feel trapped by any kind of "ceiling" if you aren't.

As you say, we have had this conversation before and it has upset you. People don't need to have the same values as you but they should be happy if they are trying to live them. You don't seem happy when this subject has come up.

BRANDED 5:06 Mon Sep 26
Re: Education / Employment
Have you got enough money to buy food and heat your home and pay your rent and other bills? Are you able to cover all your costs ?

If yes then you have enough money and much more than most.

So money earns is extremely important unless you have inherited a fuck load.

ironsofcanada 4:55 Mon Sep 26
Re: Education / Employment

"Re making money. I know we have had this conversation before but if you feel you have enough that is your ceiling and probably your comfort zone but everybody is different"

It is your "celling" and "comfort zone" if you need to define your world solely in terms of money. I am constantly learning new things and doing new things or discovering old ones without any huge desire to make more money than I do.

I had a tough year, family health-wise and being uprooted, but as much as I miss some things, I am way closer to my family than ever before. Worth more than any money to me.

To be fair it might be different if I had kids and wanted to pass something down.

Far Cough 4:53 Mon Sep 26
Re: Education / Employment
I could have been the ticket man at Fulham Broadway station

BRANDED 4:40 Mon Sep 26
Re: Education / Employment
In my experience very few employees want to educate other employees on how to do their jobs. In fact most people think most other people are complete fuckwits. Which means everybody is a fuckwit.

I've only ever either employed people or had partnerships so in every case sharing knowledge and educating other people was always essential.IN my experience some people really want to learn and others are less bothered or capable. Its the willingness and capability bit that makes you move forward, if moving forward is your thing.

Re making money. I know we have had this conversation before but if you feel you have enough that is your ceiling and probably your comfort zone but everybody is different.

ironsofcanada 4:15 Mon Sep 26
Re: Education / Employment

I think that when the baby boomers got got into power there was a Western world push to say everyone needed a degree. (Maybe for political reasons and maybe because they had such a groovy time at school.) Colleges reformed themselves as universities etc.

I just think the UK resisted that change a little bit better than a lot of places.


I guess that was part of the people I was talking about but also you can just get a job or set of jobs/experiences you like that provides for your basic needs and some wants but also doesn't drive you to make more money than that.

COOL HAND LUKE 3:59 Mon Sep 26
Re: Education / Employment
The way the UK is heading, kids will really need a decent STEM degree to guarantee any tangible benefit from all the time and effort expended..

Let's be honest, the stuff some of them are going to Uni to 'study' is beyond pointless - we all know the real reason Blair wanted them en-masse in tertiary education was for the opportunity to brainwash and indoctrinate them into the ways of the Left.

As with many 'practical' trades like plumbing, electrician etc, it is often best to be trained as you work. It's a shame we cannot return to that procedure in, for example, the NHS, where many folk have lost the will to live long before they plow through all the nonsense now required to get onto a ward and do something useful.

Northern Sold 3:56 Mon Sep 26
Re: Education / Employment
Canada ... Oh I agree.... I know people that just literally stick in some sort of educational universe... always seem to be doing some bachelors or whatever... oh they havent got a pot to piss in but they seem happy just making their brains larger...

ironsofcanada 3:41 Mon Sep 26
Re: Education / Employment
I certainly still believe the UK system is better than North American ones when it comes to teenage career paths.

Maybe the decisions are a little early for some but there is a clear non- academic path to good-paying jobs that are very much needed and suit lots of people.

North American systems have abandoned a lot of those.

Also the UK does reward any degree and experience more. You often need a degree very close to the specified field here.

Northern Sold 12:43 Mon Sep 26

It's not about lots of money for some people. I made a decision about 10 years ago that made me a whole lot less money but gave me some amazing (in my mind) experiences. Some of them involved West Ham.

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