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AGE - Big kid
OCCUPATION - self-employed
HEROES - Brooking
PLACE - Upminster
Ex-Pisshead,now piss taker and Ghandi\\\\\\\'s nemesis,who now posts as chutai and still sends me threats and abuse which I love!

Here is a classic WHOmail from chutai-
Respect on WHO, you dullard. Ar you joking ? By whom a few inarticulate fools who just want to prove something. But even they post more relevance than you\'ve ever done .But as if I care anyway.

The only thing of any note that you\'ve posted was a disgusting diatribe against those girls that were murdered in Ipswich- for which you received the only reaction that it deserved.

My boy. When your ever as articulate and as knowlegable as me , then I\'ll treat you more seriously. But that isn\'t going to happen is it.

My advice to you is to grow up and shop posing idiot remarks like \"oh fat one\". Surely you\'re older than anyone who would utter such immature garbage. That is about 12 years of age.

I despair, I really do

Here is another,but he did'nt turn up,silly old Mr No-show-

You pathetic wretch and imbecile of a sub-human creature. Give me your mobile number and I'll let you know when I'm about to arrive.

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