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An observation by a WHO Poster:

KUMB: is like a quiet country pub where everyone wears Val Doonegan rollneck jumpers, sup on pints of Old Badgers Arse as they sit round a log fire.

ITBS: Pall Mall Gentleman\\\'s drinking club, where they sit around in silk smoking jackets, swirling fine brandy

WESTHAMONLINE: Yates on a Friday night in summer. Checked shirts standard dresscode. Lots of bans handed out by the bouncers, 10 blokes crowd around one girl who happens to walk in. Lots of fighting, puking up and trying to get back in again

From The Mutt\\\'s Nutz

WHO is just like any other predominantly male locker room. There\\\'s in-crowds, cliques, loners, braggarts, cockstrutters, chestbeaters, crawlers, sneaks & weasels, keyboard knob-wipers, tarts with hearts, tarts wiv no hearts, muchos preening, braggadocio, jockeying for position (esp at others expense), gamesmanship etc.

Hostility & bullshit are both in there somewhere too, but there\\\'s always a smile or a laugh to be had on site when I log in and often something informative too from some folk who know a lot more about WHUFC & footie than I do. That\\\'s what has kept me coming back for 5 years now.

A \\\'mature & sensible manner?\\\' No thanks, that\\\'s for real life. If you can\\\'t understand the heat, get outta the Locker Room, Floss, and join a book club

Pseudonym 11:47 Wed Mar 6
Re: I need a recruiter

It won\\\'t be MPI I don\\\'t think.

He\\\'s not up the club\\\'s arse like other mods

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