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Hammer and Pickle 10:48 Fri Nov 18
Wot's your Poison?
1oz mezcal
1 oz Grand Marinier
Squeeze of lime
1 ice cube
Shake it in a shaker

Bloody hell this is good.

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Hammer and Pickle 10:50 Sun Nov 20
Re: Wot's your Poison?
Yes, I like the trial-and error part. Maybe will do two different 10-litre batches in the first year, take notes and tray again the year after.

Going for a proper local scrumpy.

BeauLarkyBuff 10:37 Sun Nov 20
Re: Wot's your Poison?
You're welcome. BTW Cortland apples would be very good due to the high sugar content and vit C. Loads of articles on the Web, trial and error most of it but even errors would be drinkable.

Hammer and Pickle 10:27 Sun Nov 20
Re: Wot's your Poison?
Cheers - I'll have to process the apples myself so I'm glad I've got the option of adding store-bought juice. Plenty of time to read up before the season. Thanks again.

BeauLarkyBuff 10:10 Sun Nov 20
Re: Wot's your Poison?
You can get cider yeast. I've heard Champagne yeast is good. Do not use bread/baking yeast.
I've used ordinary white sugar and latest batch is demerara soft brown sugar but yet to taste it! 1lb per 20 litres, about a half cup full per 5 litres/gallon but it'll get drier the longer you leave it. All about personal taste I suppose.
I've used a mix of apples from neighbours orchard; cookers, russets etc, don't think it matters too much as again add sugar if it's too tart! We have farms around here that will press your apples for 50p a litre, take your own containers.
You can also use store bought juice and just add appropriate measures of sugar and yeast to the containers it comes in.

BRANDED 10:07 Sun Nov 20
Re: Wot's your Poison?
Home brewing is no where near an “ exact science”. Exact science is Budweiser or Carlsberg. That involves deconstructing nature and rebuilding it in a way where every pint tastes the same.
Home brew can do that but rarely. Homebrew is generally embracing what nature can do and enjoying it. In fact any home fermentation is both exciting and curious as the results can vary so much.
Thing is avoiding bad bacteria. Thsts all

Hammer and Pickle 8:59 Sun Nov 20
Re: Wot's your Poison?
Sorry Cortland apple

Hammer and Pickle 8:56 Sun Nov 20
Re: Wot's your Poison?
Thank you! It’s an exact science, that much I know and the practical techniques is exactly what I need, especially the bit about the cider hygiene and the extra sugar and yeast. Do you recommend any particular yeast or source? Also, we tend to get a lot of Cartland type apples here in Poland - will they do?

BeauLarkyBuff 8:43 Sun Nov 20
Re: Wot's your Poison?
Yep, all posts are true, it's really simple but... hygiene is important. Everything that the cider touches must be sterile. I use baby bottle sterilisation fluids or tablets and rinse everything. You can leave the juice to ferment naturally but I give it a bit of oomph by adding sugar and cider yeast. It's naturally cloudy and has a slight fizz but you can clear it with gelatine and fizz with a bit of sugar when it's bottled. It will continue to ferment until either the sugar or the yeast is exhausted ( unless you stop it chemically or by pasturising by heating it). I dont bother. Use a hydrometer to measure sugar levels and therefore alcohol abv. Lovely.
Loads of advice on tinternet.

BRANDED 5:46 Sun Nov 20
Re: Wot's your Poison?
you could just make cider?

The best ciders or scrumpy ferment with both naturally occurring yeast and bacteria creating quite complex flavours.

riosleftsock 5:39 Sun Nov 20
Re: Wot's your Poison?
Scrumpy is the same as cider, but its made from scrumped apples (fruit fall). The cider is usually a bit more cloudy and more alcoholic (should suit you) as the apples start fermenting after they fall.

Leave the apples heaped up for a few days to start with, in a wooden box or just covered with a cloth

Chop them up with a sharp spade or put them in a crusher.

Leave the skins on and in the mix as they start the fermenting process. Crush them and drain the liquid into a container - it takes two to 4 weeks to complete. If the apples are not fermenting fast enough, just add a couple of teaspoons of brewer's yeast to the apples (not the liquid).

You need to strain the liquid and some people use finings to remove small particles, but that's not really proper scrumpy.

Hammer and Pickle 5:11 Sun Nov 20
Re: Wot's your Poison?

I’ve got a mind to trying my hand at scrumpy. You don’t happen to have a link to a recipe and any tips? Think you kind Sir!

Hello Mrs. Jones 5:10 Sun Nov 20
Re: Wot's your Poison?
Dark rum, fever tree tonic and a squeeze of fresh lime...nectar of tge Gods

Gary Strodders shank 4:59 Sun Nov 20
Re: Wot's your Poison?
Timothy Taylor Landlord on draught or bottled.
Youngs special
Shepherd Neame IPA

Lato 4:42 Sun Nov 20
Re: Wot's your Poison?
Used to be Guinness until I turned 60 but now I have started drinking Cider. Still like a drop of Red Wine or the odd bottle of Bud!

BeauLarkyBuff 3:48 Sun Nov 20
Re: Wot's your Poison?
Cider. Henry Westons Old English at 8.2% a current favourite. Stowford Press if I'm out. Got 40+ litres of my own Scrumpy bubbling away in my garage. Should work out at about 6.5%.

riosleftsock 1:27 Sun Nov 20
Re: Wot's your Poison?
Swiss. 12:58 Sun Nov 20
Re: Wot's your Poison?
Mount Gay

Yes, I believe he is. Rum and coke is ok.

Swiss. 12:58 Sun Nov 20
Re: Wot's your Poison?
Mount Gay Rum and Coke

Coffee 12:37 Sun Nov 20
Re: Wot's your Poison?
Doha Sling

Side of Ham 12:36 Sun Nov 20
Re: Wot's your Poison?
Kaspas Coconut & Pistachio milkshake….

mr so & so 12:13 Sun Nov 20
Re: Wot's your Poison?
Gin and Tonic.
Tall glass
Plymouth Gin healthy shot
Squeezed lemon
A very good tonic, no shit ones
Stir and done.

Lemon IS the accompaniment, no lime
or cucumber or other fucking marketing bullshit.

Then another one...

MaryMillingtonsGhost 11:16 Sat Nov 19
Re: Wot's your Poison?
Fucking hell. the turpsed-up Polish cuckold can't even comment on an innocent thread, that's all about opinions, without getting confrontational.

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