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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Coffee 6:45 Sat Jan 14
Saturday football
Defeat at Villa Park last night leaves Leeds well in the same mix and mire as us. That’s good. Four of today’s games have a direct bearing on that bottom zone, while all the weekend’s other fixtures will directly affect the top.

A juicy one to start the day. City will be licking their wounds after losing their cup game to bottom of the table Southampton. That’s rarely a good time to be playing them, the more so given their battle for top spot with Arsenal. But Man U have home advantage and if they win this, they’ll be just one point behind their noisy neighbours. Plenty to play for and hard to call. Draw.

The Seagulls are two places and two points ahead of their former manager’s present team. Who’d have thought it? Liverpool remain curiously inconsistent, to which wins over Leicester and Villa and defeat at Brentford in their last three bear ample testimony. The Amex is a tough place to go and win. The fence is all-ticket today. Draw.

Two teams in the drop zone meet for a genuine six-pointer. It’s still very close in that nether region, with just five points separating the bottom eight sides. The Saints will be well buoyed by their win over Man City in midweek, but can they translate that buzz into a league point or more at Goodison? NFI. Draw.

Another six-pointer, even though neither side sits below the dotted line. But that can change soon enough. Plenty of local pride at stake as well. Draw.

Hmm. The six-pointers just go on and on. There’s something unappealing about this fixture and, in particular, with the prospect of looking at the table if we lose. We at last brought our losing streak to an end at Elland Road last time, which – with the Cup win at Brentford – should boost morale. Wolves have scored just three goals in the second half this season, so perhaps this game is made for Antonio to come on and net the winner. We absolutely have to avoid defeat here today. A win would make the weekend, but a share of the points will be acceptable and probably looks the most likely outcome. Draw.

Having allowed Brentford to claim a point last week, we’ll be fully justified in wishing them the very best as they take on relegation favourites Bournemouth. The Cherries will do well to come away with anything but a resounding defeat. Home win.


Lucky for Chelsea that they meet Palace with the visitors on a run of poor form. Still, an early away goal would really get stomachs rumbling and mouths frothing at the Bridge. Home win.

Third play sixth. What a season both sides are having. It’s hard to see anything other than the Barcodes triumphing and returning to winning ways Home win.

How much will form influence the outcome of this? And what of home advantage? More with hope than expectation: Away win.


Burnley and Sheffield Utd are making all the running at the top, with a nine point gap having opened up over Blackburn in third. Watford, Boro and Millwall occupy the other play-off places, with the two Ms meeting in the northeast this afternoon. But as ever it’s as tight as the proverbial duck’s posterior in this division, with Swansea in 15th just four points from the play-offs. Blackpool, Huddersfield and Wigan fill the bottom three places. Not so long ago, Coventry were rock bottom. They’re now 14th and a lot closer to promotion places than to the drop zone. They visit Burnley today. Possible upset?

Man U v Man C
BHA v Liv
Eve v Soton
Forest v Leic
Wol v WHU
Brent v B’mouth

Chel v Pal
New v Ful
*** v Arse

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ted fenton 11:21 Fri Jan 20
Re: Saturday football
2-0 and you fecked it up
2-0 and you fecked it up

happygilmore 10:33 Fri Jan 20
Re: Saturday football
Don't see any issue with what Pep said about fans.
He mentioned how their away supporters turn up and cheer and applaud the team for 90 min. But sometimes they sit silent at home games and only react to a goal. He was looking for a reaction good or bad to how the team are playing from them at home games.

Sounds like a point made on here by many about our fans, the genuine ones travel the country and support vocally but at home, sometimes it's the plastic tourists and no atmosphere.

Manuel 9:43 Fri Jan 20
Re: Saturday football
fraser - Yea, a lot of people in bad places right now, they don't need a multi millionaire football manager who is set for life telling them how to behave. Not right for me. Cunt needs a reality check.

fraser 9:35 Fri Jan 20
Re: Saturday football
Yeah that's a bit poor from Pep, no need at all.

Nice to see those cunts implode, always puts a smile on my face.

Manuel 9:30 Fri Jan 20
Re: Saturday football
Chicken fella - That wasn't his complaint, he was booing them off at HT too. His grip was they were 'quiet' in the first half.

I've never liked it when a manager at this level turns on the fans, he's on 15 mil a year, most of the the fans are probably skint and worried about paying their bills, he should be grateful that they still turn up. Not a good road to go down for me and leaves a bad taste. Feel free to disagree though, Chicken.

Feed Me Chicken 9:04 Fri Jan 20
Re: Saturday football
Got booed off at half time apparently, fair play to him, they have dominated english football the last few years and the fans are turning on the team just because they aren’t top of the league. Fuck ‘em.

Manuel 4:52 Fri Jan 20
Re: Saturday football
Guardiola happy a pop at the City fans for being quiet in the first half, never really liked that. Not the first time he's done it either.

Sydney_Iron 11:59 Thu Jan 19
Re: Saturday football
LOL, A hoof forward that the Spurs defender brought down beautifully for Mahrez!

enjoy your winnings, Hermit..........

happygilmore 11:54 Thu Jan 19
Re: Saturday football

more comedy defending

Hermit Road 11:30 Thu Jan 19
Re: Saturday football
Nice. Only a fiver Syders.

Took the pooches for a half time walk and it was 2-2 when I got back. I'd already had a fiver on City -3 before the game started. Still time

threesixty 11:29 Thu Jan 19
Re: Saturday football
left footed player that plays on the right but can actually beat a player and use his right foot... who'd have thought it possible...

lowlife 11:29 Thu Jan 19
Re: Saturday football
3-2. Pretty good game now after a boring first 35 minutes.

happygilmore 11:28 Thu Jan 19
Re: Saturday football
3-2 Mahrez

Can see a red card coming for Sours in frustration

Sydney_Iron 11:22 Thu Jan 19
Re: Saturday football
Im "rooting" for Hermit! hope you have more than a Sheqel on this mate?

Oh, and for the good laugh at Spurs (and those other north London gits)

lowlife 11:19 Thu Jan 19
Re: Saturday football
2-2. Two goals in a minute from Man City.

happygilmore 11:18 Thu Jan 19
Re: Saturday football

that was quick

threesixty 11:17 Thu Jan 19
Re: Saturday football
Imagine if Bowen could beat a player like Mahrez can... the world would be wonderful!

happygilmore 11:15 Thu Jan 19
Re: Saturday football
Hermit Road 11:10 Thu Jan 19
Re: Saturday football
Just got 7/1 on Betfair for city to win


Hermit Road 11:10 Thu Jan 19
Re: Saturday football
Just got 7/1 on Betfair for city to win

Kaiser Zoso 11:08 Thu Jan 19
Re: Saturday football
Ederson, Adrian and Roberto

Clown show stuff

Sydney_Iron 11:00 Thu Jan 19
Re: Saturday football
Edersons ‘supreme ball distribution’ on display once more.

Pep wont be happy..........

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