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gph 2:47 Tue Jan 24
Bring back Allardyce
Seen several posters claiming to loathe Moyes more than Allardyce.


Who really thinks Fat Sam would be an improvement?

Not me.

PS Allardyce is very much alive despite saying he would kill himself if he was relegated with West Brom, and being relegated with West Brom a few months later

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The White Horse 12:45 Fri Jan 27
Re: Bring back Allardyce
I mean who with half a brain would seriously
consider that - even if there were zero other options you’d surely bring in Noble or even Brooking!

The White Horse 12:42 Fri Jan 27
Re: Bring back Allardyce
Mods please delete this thread.

gph 2:00 Wed Jan 25
Re: Bring back Allardyce
No-one could accuse Vexed of being an attention-seeker.

When he posted about how shit Rice was in his early days, he genuinely believed what he was saying.

Even now, he has an occasional sly dig at Rice in an inadequate's revenge for being shown up as a know-nothing

Huffers 5:21 Tue Jan 24
Re: Bring back Allardyce
Where do I start?

Moyes is getting extremely close now he has referred to the fans as experts after they ironically cheered his substitution of Soucek. They are closer to being experts now than they were when they sang SUPER DAVID MOYES, thats for certain.

Add to the mix we have spent a lot more money and are now far enough along the line in the new 'stadium' to expect more...it's probably equal.

At least we knew Allardyce was a cunt.

whu 4:55 Tue Jan 24
Re: Bring back Allardyce
getting allardyces take is clickbait of the highest order lol

he was mostly shit with a shit attitude to everything

it's only him, his family and a few clique media mates that rate him 'officially'

put the dinosaur cunt out to grass with pulis and the like

whu 4:52 Tue Jan 24
Re: Bring back Allardyce
toady the pits, bottom rung

moyes on the 'stegosaurus step' - one step above toady but still a long way from what this top six squads needs

Gary Strodders shank 3:42 Tue Jan 24
Re: Bring back Allardyce
It looks like he could be heading back to the toffees
If true Nolan might be tempted to join him.

Lee Trundle 3:04 Tue Jan 24
Re: Bring back Allardyce
I find it a bit weird you don't have the same passionate feelings about Moyes, Sold0, considering he's probably worse in that respect.

Northern Sold 2:57 Tue Jan 24
Re: Bring back Allardyce
Yet despite being the target of the boo-boys on occasions, Allardyce claimed it was 'water off a WALRUS’s back' to him. "If you're in my position, you learn to deal with that," he added. "I talk about two skins - I have two skins, right! When I need to be tough I have an WALRUS skin and a ELEPHANT SEAL skin - and it 's that thick, nobody can get through it."

Disgusting cunt.... never have I been more out of tune with WHU as when that Anti Footballing cunt was here...

J.Riddle 1:47 Tue Jan 24
Re: Bring back Allardyce
EddieB'd from Kumb

West Ham fans almost always turn against their own, says former boss
By Staff Writer Tuesday, 17th January 2023
Former West Ham United manager Sam Allardyce says the club's fanbase is particularly unique in English football.

However that, according to the man who spent three years in charge at Upton Park between 2011 and 2014, is not always a positive for the manager in the dugout - especially what results are not particularly favourable.

Speaking in an interview with the TWS Sports Podcast, Allardyce - who is currently unemployed - was asked to explain how he dealt with negativity from the terraces during his career.

"That's the West Ham fans," he replied. "I think that they are renowned for their type of support, if you like. Sometimes, if things are going great, it's alright. Sometimes if it's not going great, they turn against the manager.

"It's not just me, it's most of the managers that West Ham have had. It's not personal, it's just that they don't like the particular period that you're going through and if you're not winning, they show their disapproval.

"You can't take offence to that, what you've got to do is improve results. But in terms of my time at West Ham, I didn't quite understand that because we never had a bad time. I took them up [to the Premier League], we won in the play-offs in my first season and we were building a stronger team season year in, year out."

And defending his record during his three-year tenure at West Ham, which he classes as one of his most enjoyable during a long and varied career, Allardyce added: "I think the lowest we finished was 11th in three seasons and we were slowly strengthening the squad.

"We weren't spending big money because they were moving into a new stadium. So there wasn't a lot of big money around to spend, but the journey we had at West Ham was one of my best."

While he frequently had to endure criticism regarding the style of football his teams played, Allardyce's tenure at West Ham only began to turn sour after he famously cupped his ear towards critics on the terraces following a dour victory against ten-man Hull City.

"What a small minority of fans do, to you as a player and to you as a manager, is quite scary because the small minority can influence the vast majority and can influence the press particularly," he said. "And too many people listen to the small minority.

"The majority don't complain. The majority don't hold banners up saying, "brilliant Sam, well done". There's only a small minority that create a little bit of upset that gets picked up on social media and gets picked up by the press and then evolves from there.

"I find it very sad. Look at Harry McGuire at this moment In time. Fantastic England centre half, best defender for England at the World Cup and the Euros, brilliant defender for Man United,

"Now, he's getting hounded out by everyone - by pundits on the radio, ex-players, by social media, by the press. They're actually doing the best to destroy him. That's a great shame, but that's what happens in this country sometimes."

Yet despite being the target of the boo-boys on occasions, Allardyce claimed it was 'water off a duck's back' to him. "If you're in my position, you learn to deal with that," he added. "I talk about two skins - I have two skins, right! When I need to be tough I have an elephant skin and a rhinoceros skin - and it 's that thick, nobody can get through it."

Despite the negative aspects of his time at West Ham, Allardyce cites one particular incident involving Swansea defender Chico Flores as one of the favourite moments from his entire managerial career.

The Spanish defender fell to the floor in mock agony during a goalless draw at the Liberty Stadium in October 2013 right in front of the Hammers boss, who responded by roaring with laughter - much to the player's disdain.

"Well Chico squealed like a little baby when he got tackled," laughed Allardyce. "So I started laughing because I was a centre half and if I'd have started squealing like that, my manager would've beat me up!

"He'd have said, 'what are you doing you big softy, get up and get on with it! Stop squealing and moaning.' So I just decided to laugh in his face. Now I was really hoping he might punch me because then we could've got him sent off. But he didn't.

"What I didn't realise - and this is social media for you - I went to the press conference after and they said, 'have you seen you're trending, Sam?' And I went, 'Pardon?'

"I didn't know what that was so I went back to our dressing room and said to our analysts 'something's trending about me on social media' - so they pulled it up and showed it to the lads and we all started laughing. It was good fun."

And Allardyce admitted that it was not only opposition players who he enjoyed winding up. "I used to get under one or two managers' skins too, " he said, while mentioning former boss Jose Mourinho, who he enjoyed one very public spat with back in January 2014 following a goalless draw at Stamford Bridge. "And in all honesty, I really quite enjoyed it in the end."

So following a long and varied career, which took in clubs such as Bolton, West Brom and Newcastle plus a brief (yet unbeaten) spell as England boss in 2016, you may be forgiven for thinking English football may have seen the last of 'Big Sam'.

However when asked if that was the case, the 68-year-old hinted that there may be life in the old dog yet. "You never say never," he replied. "Whether I come back or not, who knows? Wait and see

Vexed 1:24 Tue Jan 24
Re: Bring back Allardyce
Standard geep attention seeking shit

Coffee 1:09 Tue Jan 24
Re: Bring back Allardyce
Blue Nun & Ragu


Gary Strodders shank 1:06 Tue Jan 24
Re: Bring back Allardyce
BFS returning would mean we were well and truly drinking in the last chance saloon and it would be one last desperate throw of the dice.
Not impossible as relegation would be a total disaster for the club, he is available (atm) and generally gets the results required to keep teams up (except WBA) he would also jump at the chance to rub our noses in it.
A nice big bonus for keeping us up would keep him in Blue nun & Ragu for years to come.

Coffee 1:00 Tue Jan 24
Re: Bring back Allardyce
, 12:28 Tue Jan 24

Coffee 1:00 Tue Jan 24
Re: Bring back Allardyce
on safe motherhood

charleyfarley 12:44 Tue Jan 24
Re: Bring back Allardyce
BFS did the job that what was required, don't think anybody enjoyed the football. BFS is a dinosaur and he did say he enjoyed his time at West Ham

, 12:28 Tue Jan 24
Re: Bring back Allardyce
I think it is highly unlikely that BFS would be invited back and he would probably refuse anyway. Sam got us back to the PL and established mid table mediocrity. Also during his reign he never set any notable records as our manager.

Moyes is a different kettle of fish to BFS and is our record holding manager getting most wins in a season, 19, compared to the next best of 16 achieved by the likes of Bilic, Pardew and Redknapp. He has also ended two seasons with a positive goal difference which no other manager of our’s has managed in the EPL.

To suggest that the average fan dislikes BFS less than Moyes is a nonsense imho. It could well be the case with contributors to this Board, which comprises a niche within a niche group, but my experience of actually being at home games is one of regret that Moyes is failing without there being any of the spiteful rhetoric that accompanies the negative opinions of Moyes on here.

Hammer and Pickle 10:58 Tue Jan 24
Re: Bring back Allardyce
Bring back witch-burning

mallard 10:56 Tue Jan 24
Re: Bring back Allardyce

Northern Sold 10:37 Tue Jan 24
Re: Bring back Allardyce
Well with Mr K.Nolan and his Ipad calling the shots it's like he's never gone away...

Who’s to say he’s not FaceTiming Fat Sam during the match

Northern Sold 10:46 Tue Jan 24
Re: Bring back Allardyce
In fairness Stu I think it went even further than that… would not have surprised me had there been stories of BFS with a walrus strap on having his blubbering way with mr Nolan and mr Carroll… the sick football murdering fucks…

Oh and the Walrus is on TS at the mo... Everton job....he's like genital warts???

Takashi Miike 10:42 Tue Jan 24
Re: Bring back Allardyce
bring back the bubonic plague

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