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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Woodford Green 5:26 Tue Mar 7
These We Buy any Car Sites
I’ve been low balled for my car valuation as part exchange for a new car I’m buying.

Been offered £8k for a model I’m seeing on sale on auto trader for closer to £12k (similar spec /age /mileage).

I’m looking for a quick and hassle free sale plus the car will soon need an mot and a couple of new tyres so I’m not kidding myself with unreasonable expectations.

I’ve seen online that Car Wow are suggesting its worth £10.2k and WBAC £9.2k (after honestly answering the questions on the car’s condition). I presume they will look to reduce it when the deal is about to be done but I hope that I will get a better offer than what I currently have.

What experience / advice can the sages of WHO offer me?

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arsegrapes 3:42 Thu Mar 9
Re: These We Buy any Car Sites
EVs are good for short journeys City driving with the occasional longer journey.

The narrative is that tyres pollute more than fuel so EVs will be taxed with the rest. Khan wants to now use ULEZ cameras for numberplate recognition to tax all road users per mile in the name of fairness.

1964 3:35 Thu Mar 9
Re: These We Buy any Car Sites
Can someone explain how these rapid charger units are wired into your house electrics.

Do they need a seperate feed from the consumer unit or off an existing ring main.

If a seperate feed, what size cable is used and what fuse rating?

Charoo 3:21 Thu Mar 9
Re: These We Buy any Car Sites
Crassus I also work In the industry so am completely aware of all points - the problem with the so called experts is that they are very rarely experts.

It is incredibly easy to bias one side of the argument- I could send you multiple other side of the fence views, articles and industry experts that can counter all those points.

From a balanced view I can tell you that the infrastructure is behind the 2030 goals but it is ramping up.

Plus I’ve also discredited his 7x more expensive theory by giving the workings.

It’s a current topic to excuse the pun and people can get very easy air time on it.

There is a government aim of 300k new houses to be built each year (won’t happen) but say 200k and all associated spaces without caveats have to have charge points.

DPD, DHL, UPS etc massive switch to all electric, major manufacturers stopping ICE manufacturing, shopping centres, Housing associations etc etc etc all employing retrofit strategies.

The DNO’s IDNO’s and ICP’s are gearing up for it.

It’s going no where soon.

Each to their own but please don’t just listen to some pleb on the radio or read the daily mail. Do some more balanced reading.

I personally feel hybrids with a longer range battery are probably the best solution currently but I really don’t find recharging on network an issue or problem.

The etiquette at the charge points is probably the worse part with taxi drivers pushing in.

There are down sides and if you regularly drive over 250 miles then stick with petrol or hybrid for now however if most of your journeys are under that - it’s the way to go. IMHO of course.

onsideman 10:41 Thu Mar 9
Re: These We Buy any Car Sites
* sorry, I mean Crassus

onsideman 10:41 Thu Mar 9
Re: These We Buy any Car Sites
Cost is my main barrier to ev ownership. There just isnt one available for the money I'm prepared to spend on a lease. At least not.one I'd be prepared ro be seen in! I've been waiting 10 tears for the prices to converge but it ain't really happening

Didn't know BCA's tentacles extended that far Charoo!

Crassus 10:21 Thu Mar 9
Re: These We Buy any Car Sites

A bloke on the wireless at the weekend, don't remember his name but not a random herbert, a credible academic type who works within the sector

His point on cost was discounting home charging, hence the 200 mile journey, as even if initially charged at home you would need a re-charge for the return

True enough, he costed it openly upon rapid charge costs, so admitted his weighting but did make a significant further point

The Government takes £40B annually from ICE motorists, if the population migrated to electric, where is that coming from? I guess we all know that, remember the diesel push?

He also went on to point out that the infrastructure today, with nominal uptake, isn't keeping pace and went on to cost and put a timeline upon building it in line with their emissions target - it's just not happening

Also, this so called carbon footprint reduction, it's mere statistics and damn lies when taken cradle to grave
But as you say, we shall have to see what comes of it, but I'll stick with my Betamax analogy for now

Crassus 10:11 Thu Mar 9
Re: These We Buy any Car Sites

Yep, correct, BCA dominate the UK automotive sector
They own not only the various auctions brands and WBAC but Cinch through to main dealerships

WBAC is a magnificent low cost concept and conduit for their product input, the greatest challenge for an auction house

onsideman 6:53 Thu Mar 9
Re: These We Buy any Car Sites
I've leased cars for the past 25 years. All on contract hire so no balloon or final payment, just a basic extended hire. Always had what they term prestige marques because their depreciation rates are generally lower so relatively speaking they are cheaper to lease. Just have a figure in my head of what I'm happy to pay for a newish car to be sitting outside unused for a day, extrapolate that and there's my 'budget'

Always 3 year leases. No MOT, car always in warranty so no unexpected repairs and with the miles I do, no tyres. Usually one service in the 3 years

Got an amazing deal on my current car in Jan 21 and to lease the same now would cost 60% more so I'm hoping prices come off otherwise my plans might have to change

onsideman 6:43 Thu Mar 9
Re: These We Buy any Car Sites

Glenn Roeder 3:39 Wed Mar 8

WBAC don't move them on to auction houses, they ARE the auction house. WBAC is owned by British Car Auctions

Charoo 12:35 Thu Mar 9
Re: These We Buy any Car Sites
Crassus 10:47 no idea where you got those facts from.

7KW home charger gives approx 30 miles of range. I pay on average 25p per kWh so that is £1.75 an hour, 9 hours gets me 270 miles range that’s £15.75

My diesel X3 would cost me nearly £70 for that range. So considerably cheaper and that’s not even charging on Octopus go or similar EV tariff.

Even at D/C rapids it’s typically £0.65 so around £40.

I love my electric car and getting my second one this month. Wouldn’t go back unless I had too.

The on network charging can be a ball ache but rarely do I do I need to do more than 250 miles and if I do just plan a stop for a coffee.

More difficult if you can’t home charge though so I accept that I’m lucky enough I can.

Also Part S of new building regs state all new build properties to be built with an associated parking space on developments over 10 dwellings or more have to have a charge point installed.

Brands like Mercedes and VW are planning on phasing out all ICE cars and all their focus is on electric so don’t think it’s Betamax in the foreseeable future, longer term who knows but next 15-20 years will be strong for EV’s.

Plus if you lease who cares, your exposure is capped in terms of length and price of contract.

ted fenton 4:44 Wed Mar 8
Re: These We Buy any Car Sites
This is why I've only ever bought one new car.....

Most brand-new vehicles lose around 10% of their value as soon as they're driven from the dealership and a further 10-20% before the end of the first year. After that, the depreciation levels out to between 15% and 25% per year, for an average loss of 60% by the third year.

We have 2 Pre-loved Lexus cars and If we sold them today we would get more than we paid for them !!

joe royal 4:10 Wed Mar 8
Re: These We Buy any Car Sites
Back in 2001 when I had a proper job I bought 20 zafrais and leased 20 more.

The cost price was 40% cheaper than list, in theory we could have bought them rented them out for 5 months and sold them for more than we paid.

Oddly enough the payment difference between the leased ones and the bought ones was negligible.

overbyyer 4:09 Wed Mar 8
Re: These We Buy any Car Sites
bruuuno wrote...

Re: These We Buy any Car Sites
Bear in mind that lease companies buy cars significantly cheaper than retail.

Yes, I agree, but they are in a competitive market with numerous other car leasing companies and the supply of new cars is limited as well, so surely that cuts margins right down?

bruuuno 3:44 Wed Mar 8
Re: These We Buy any Car Sites
Bear in mind that lease companies buy cars significantly cheaper than retail.

overbyyer 3:40 Wed Mar 8
Re: These We Buy any Car Sites
There must be a catch somewhere for someone in the car lease system.

How does it sustain itself if the monthly payments really are cheaper than buying a car through credit, and also giving a better (cheaper) purchase price at the end of the lease?

Is it because most people still opt to renew/trade in the lease car for another new lease car because they haven't got the cash to pay the end of lease purchase price, even though people say its a better price than buying a same spec car off a used car dealership?

Glenn Roeder 3:39 Wed Mar 8
Re: These We Buy any Car Sites
Heath Hammer - have you tried selling your car at auction? You will get a better price than WBAC, TCBG etc. Most of these car buying firms then move them on through auctions 99% of the time. Cazoo, Motorway operate differently i think. You can also pick up 2-3 year old Q3 models from Motability, usually driven by older people so not thrashed around.

I've bought all but one car from auction and never had any serious issues. If you keep to younger low mileage cars that have service history then you shouldn't go wrong.

Rossal 1:31 Wed Mar 8
Re: These We Buy any Car Sites
I've leased my last few, extended my lease for a 4th year which started last week

Always the best option for me as quite simply its the cheapest option. Now interest rates have rocketed and car supply has dropped though leases have gone through the roof.

To get same car as i have has gone from £250 a month to £385 although granted my £250 was an absolute steal

Seems the trade now is to get a PCP at a decent interest rate and youll have equity as used prices are so strong. Getting one within a decent delivery time is the struggle mind

Buying a new car at the moment is shite, everythings gone through the roof got to hope supply starts to increase and prices start to come back down

Heath Hammer 1:19 Wed Mar 8
Re: These We Buy any Car Sites

No real expectation and I am from far a car person.

But from my perspective it seemed illogical how i would drive away in a smaller car with a lower spec. a lower list price, higher mileage and owe them money.

Crassus 12:55 Wed Mar 8
Re: These We Buy any Car Sites

Yeah on the right lines but consider this, the dealers are not 'knocking' you
For starters take the vat off the new cost then be mindful that if a three year old car was priced too high then the buyer would simply go for new. Then factor in face lifts/new models
Always amuses me too when people buy a new car on a manufacturer supported special deal, like old model run outs, then three years hence wonder why the thing is not fetching what they think it ought
Akin to seeing their model on a forecourt and moaning that theirs is offered a lower price

threesixty 11:52 Wed Mar 8
Re: These We Buy any Car Sites
If you like brand new cars and you’re not prepared to keep your car for 10 yrs or something you might as well lease it.

Everyone thinks that after 3 yrs they will be able to sell it for decent money. But you always get knocked on the price by dealerships. selling a car on is hassle.

Leasing is just easier and you’re just paying the depreciation that you’d get anyway. I don’t think I’ll ever buy a new car again.

Vexed 11:32 Wed Mar 8
Re: These We Buy any Car Sites
This is why I lease now. Pain in the fuckin arse.

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