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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Sydney_Iron 5:42 Thu May 4
Super Frank Lampard.
6 Games with Chelsea, 6 loses, not to mention his work with Everton!!! Surely that's the end of his management career, would he ever get another opportunity? Feel a bit sorry for him if im honest............LOL

Then we have this type of stuff that made me laugh.


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WHUDeano 11:25 Sat May 6
Re: Super Frank Lampard.
He most definitely did want to score the goal to relegate us. I used to sit next to John Terrys uncle in the BML (top bloke), and John told him in the week leading up to the game that Lampard had been telling everyone in training he was going to score the goal to relegate us and then celebrate right in front of the BML.

gph 11:17 Sat May 6
Re: Super Frank Lampard.
How much more managerial failure is he going to go through before he thinks of West Ham as Last Chance Saloon, and starts furiously backtracking on anything anti-West Ham he's said in the past?

Nagel 9:02 Sat May 6
Re: Super Frank Lampard.
Yeah, he probably did have a grin on his face when he said it. It's not like he went out of his way to announce that he'd like to get us relegated though. It was a leading question.

WHU(Exeter) 7:48 Sat May 6
Re: Super Frank Lampard.
Nagel, but it would depend on the manner in which it was said. “I wouldn’t mind”, could just point to him being a professional going about his business.

“I wouldn’t mind” with a grin on for all in display, another thing.

Given that he later said it was just a joke, my money would be on the latter.

Nagel 7:31 Sat May 6
Re: Super Frank Lampard.
WHU(Exeter) 6:58 Sat May 6

To be fair, he never really said he wanted to score the goal that relegated us. He was at a Chelsea supporters Q&A and got asked 'How would you feel about scoring the winning goal against West Ham, even if it was the goal that sent them down?' and he answered, 'I wouldn't mind'.

The Ghost of Sven 7:04 Sat May 6
Re: Super Frank Lampard.
I remember when Joe Cole first came to Chelsea he would turn away in disappointment if West Ham lost. I would smile. “That's how deeply I felt. I wanted West Ham to lose.21 Dec 2020

WHU(Exeter) 6:58 Sat May 6
Re: Super Frank Lampard.
Len, I think the one claiming that some of our fans cheered, when he was being taken off with a broken leg, is probably the pick of the bunch.

Although wanting to score the goal to relegate us, is probably my pick of the bunch. Particularly how he’d always insisted the club no longer meant anything to him.

Leonard Hatred 6:50 Sat May 6
Re: Super Frank Lampard.
What specific things (IE quotes) did he say that were derogatory about West Ham?

I'm not arguing, I've just never heard exactly what was said.

WHU(Exeter) 6:41 Sat May 6
Re: Super Frank Lampard.
When Lampard left for Chelsea, he started by saying he’d moved on from West Ham, and the club meant nothing to him now.

Thereafter using the majority of subsequent interviews, for a few years, to have digs at the club, particularly the fan base, throwing in the odd lie or two for effect. Something he may well have picked up from his Uncle.

And acted like a complete twat every time we played them.

Oh, and wanted to score the goal that would’ve relegated us.

I don’t understand why anyone on here would defend him.

Anders 1:19 Sat May 6
Re: Super Frank Lampard.
Come now boys, play nicely with your toys

goose 1:18 Sat May 6
Re: Super Frank Lampard.
At the time he was, 150 odd games as a player, established West Ham as a stable PL club etc etc

Beside the point anyway, the hatred for FLJ came after he left the club. Nothing to do with his family or his time at the club.

RBshorty 1:02 Sat May 6
Re: Super Frank Lampard.
Arry. West Ham Legend.? Back stabbing cunt. Definitely. Legend not so much.

goose 12:33 Sat May 6
Re: Super Frank Lampard.
Mega lolz at you calling me a sick fuck after everything you’ve said about raping drunk girls.

If you don’t understand the hatred of lampard then you don’t support West Ham. After everything he’s said it’s inconceivable.

He wasn’t jeered as a kid coming through like you said and he certainly wasn’t resented because of his education.
His dad & uncle were West Ham legends, nobody resented him because of that.

You’re a silly old fool who gets all punchy when his inaccuracies get pointed out. A silly old fool who doesn’t have the minerals to ever back up his words in person.

Willtell 11:33 Sat May 6
Re: Super Frank Lampard.
You're a shit fan that spends his time patrolling this forum looking for someone to insult. Normally it's Moyes which makes it OK but you are a sick fuck with mental problems.

All I actually said on this subject was -
Willtell 10:44 Thu May 4
Re: Super Frank Lampard.
I never understood the hatred of FL Jnr just because of his dad and uncle guiding his career. F*cking shit manager though...

So then you started denying it and making up straw man arguments and deviating into me not being a real fan. Get a fucking life you weird perverted stalker!

goose 10:55 Fri May 5
Re: Super Frank Lampard.
Ginger sex tourist who pay for sex with underage disabled girls is the problem.

Go put some sunscreen on you pasty ginger paedo.

joyo 10:38 Fri May 5
Re: Super Frank Lampard.
goose the nonce...wop the matter pizza face?

goose 8:56 Fri May 5
Re: Super Frank Lampard.
Oh look the disabled prostitute botherer.

Read the posts you ginger nonce. People grumbled when he was constantly picked or never subbed.
He was not jeered or booed and nobody cheered when he broke his leg.

Stick to child prostitutes you sick fuck.

joyo 8:40 Fri May 5
Re: Super Frank Lampard.
Willtell is correct Lampard got alot of stick from fans before he left and general view was he was picked because of his uncle being the boss,l could see a good player even when he was 18 years old
goose the nonce was probably at the time trying to find out how many reverse gears his family fiat 500 had!

goose 8:04 Fri May 5
Re: Super Frank Lampard.
Btw it was Scott Canham not Scott Mean……. If you were West Ham you might have picked up on that……..

goose 7:53 Fri May 5
Re: Super Frank Lampard.
Don’t make shit up and you won’t get called out on it.

Willtell 7:49 Fri May 5
Re: Super Frank Lampard.
Why do you start these arguments about nothing trying to prove I’m not a fan? I’m not playing so fuck off and swivel

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