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only1billybonds 11:26 Thu Aug 10
Robbie Robertson-RIP
Died aged 80.

'Arcadian Driftwood' is a great example of his work.



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chim chim cha boo 5:49 Fri Aug 11
Re: Robbie Robertson-RIP
'She said my name is Robbie Robertson but people call me Ro-Bo, I bled red white and blue right into a tissue.
I came right over the counter just to kiss you.
She said I came over the counter just to kiss you'.

Immortalised by The Hold Steady (The Swish), good enough for me.


percyd 12:12 Fri Aug 11
Re: Robbie Robertson-RIP
Only Garth left now, but he's still playing at 80 apparently.

RR was a bit of a challenge, ego-wise but undoubtedly talented. But what a tremendous band were The Band.

BN2 9:06 Thu Aug 10
Re: Robbie Robertson-RIP
There seemed to be a fair amount of bad blood between them by the end.
Helm was distinctly unimpressed by RR’s handling of The Last Waltz, booking acts he was about to work with but that had no real standing at the time (eg Neil Diamond) which Helm took to be simply self-serving.
Coupled with the edit of footage in which RR made himself look like a singer, if not THE main singer, when in fact he didn’t sing really at all (compare with how little Manuel is featured); Helm even alleges in his book that RR had everyone back in afterwards to record overdubs, but that LH refused.

Having also read RR’s book, he certainly did like to trumpet his own talents, rather.

Amazing band. Some truly great songs.
Some sad ends.


joe royal 3:27 Thu Aug 10
Re: Robbie Robertson-RIP
Jamie Reid Died a couple of days ago. He was the bloke that did the art work for the Sex Pistols records.

The Ghost of Sven 3:07 Thu Aug 10
Re: Robbie Robertson-RIP
The Last Waltz is a great concert film by Scorsese
Particularly like Forever Young with Dylan and Robbie Robertson with the rest of The Band

Understand RR wrote all the songs so there was a falling out as he was considerably richer than the rest
Plus adding some drugs into the mix didnt help


ironsofcanada 2:18 Thu Aug 10
Re: Robbie Robertson-RIP
Grew up listening to his stuff. About the same age as my mom.

His mother was Six Nations Mohawk,dad was a Jewish affair, while his step-dad was serving in Canadian Army in Newfoundland. Grew up in infamous Cabbage Town - very mixed Canadian story.

Part of the Canadian band that built Americana.

Though overplayed especially here, Dixie Down and Cripple Creek are important songs.

But I Shall Be Released is massively haunting to me.


It interesting to me that Somewhere Down the Crazy River is known on here but I see it charted higher in the UK than most anywhere else.

Takashi Miike 1:36 Thu Aug 10
Re: Robbie Robertson-RIP
that's a shame, never realised he was that old. favourite track is 'Showdown At Big Sky'

ray winstone 1:29 Thu Aug 10
Re: Robbie Robertson-RIP
The Weight is a great song, RIP.

arsene york-hunt 12:59 Thu Aug 10
Re: Robbie Robertson-RIP
Not THE Robbie Robertson?

Never heard of him.

RBshorty 11:31 Thu Aug 10
Re: Robbie Robertson-RIP
Guess we all end up “Somewhere Down The Crazy River.”


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