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e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

joe royal 12:29 Wed Sep 13
Is it out of control?

No one getting nicked if it’s under £200, surely that’s a robbers charter.

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scott_d 3:58 Wed Sep 20
Re: Shoplifting.
Exactly Mike

Russell Brand would be all over this is he was allowed to!

Mike Oxsaw 3:46 Wed Sep 20
Re: Shoplifting.
Not wanting to cross-pollenate threads, but there may be a case here not to dissimilar as to what is happening to Russell Brand: limited, agenda-driven information is leaked/imposed on the public via popular media channels with the sole aim of invoking one person's personal agenda on the whole population.

Fifth Column 3:26 Wed Sep 20
Re: Shoplifting.

Yes you're 100% correct. My response to comma was in the context of him appearing to imply that somehow there was more to this and the woman was in the right ie there is more extensive CCTV available to watch on Twitter which shows her behaviour in full.

scott_d 3:10 Wed Sep 20
Re: Shoplifting.
Fifth Column 10:19 Thu Sep 14
Re: Shoplifting.

"more info is coming out..." it's all on CCTV.


Yes but we only see the 5 second clip where he grabs her by the throat and throws her to the ground. That is what is being shown across the news and that is what everyone is basing their judgement on. Sadly.

Manuel 4:44 Sun Sep 17
Re: Shoplifting.
Me and a mate used to do a paper round for a newsagent, when we arrived the owner would normally let us in then he'd disappear so we would fill our bags up with fags and sell them to mates parents and even some school teachers. This went on for for some time and we made what was a lot of money for us back then, eventually he rumbled it and just sacked us.

Alfs 4:40 Sun Sep 17
Re: Shoplifting.
I left home at 16 and came back to London, from Wales. I had no money other than the dole. I was also addicted to fruit machines, so my dole was gone in a day or two.

So, I would walk into a supermarket and got to the booze and cigarette counter, do the maths, and then say "My mum came in earlier and bought a bottle of vodka and 40 Benson and Hedges, but when she got home, she realised that she'd left the B&H on the counter. She paid £xxxx.

Sometimes, they's just hand over the 40 B&H's, but if they didn't, I'd kick off big time. Shouting for the manager, making a real fuss, and 10 times out of 10, they'd give me the 40 B&H just to get rid of me.

I'd then go to a newsagent and slam one of the packs of \\B&H on the counter and exclaim "You sold these to my 14 year old brother, I want the money back or I will report you".

I'd get the £2 back, with which I'd buy food, and smoke the other packet.

Kept me going for a couple of months until I got a job as a security guard.

Fifth Column 2:35 Sun Sep 17
Re: Shoplifting.

You're half right.

In law, as soon as you pick up an item off the shelf with the dishonest intention of appropriating it then you are guilty of theft. So the fact she didn't get out of the shop is not legally relevant.

However, it is true that as she didn't leave the shop then it is harder to PROVE the crime has taken place in a court of law. Mind you, given there is video evidence of her attempting to leave the store with the goods even when challenged then I suspect that she would have been charged in any normal situation.

Given the outcry though she's more likely to get an MBE than be charged.

J.Riddle 11:34 Sat Sep 16
Re: Shoplifting.
The rich need the poor in London otherwise they will have no domestic help nannies, cleaners, drivers, dog walkers, cooks, gardeners, house keepers/sitters, window cleaners, tradesmen, carers.

They fret all the time about domestics leaving and pay cash knowingly to illegal immigrant cleaners et al. That's why they all voted remain and that most have a holiday home in the med.

One elderly lady in her late 70s summed it up when I asked her why she was always in her Central London house instead of her quieter more spacious country house? She said "You just can't get the domestic help these days in the country".

BRANDED 9:31 Sat Sep 16
Re: Shoplifting.
I’m listening to an audio book called London in the Nineteenth century. One of the many things that happened during that century is the cleating of slims to move the poor out of central London. The poor were seen as criminals and undesirable. Or, behaving in ways the middle and upper classes disapproved of and wished to move away from their experience.
If you want a polite society you’re going to have to work very hard to achieve it.

Mike Oxsaw 8:59 Sat Sep 16
Re: Shoplifting.
I believe that the government believe (that the public believe) that the more arrests there are, the stronger the proof is that crime is under control on their watch, so they tell the police to make sure the arrest count is the highest it can be each month. This is more noticeable the closer an election gets.

Naturally, and following instructions from on high, the police make sure they fully meet their owner's stated requirements by targeting those crimes for which an arrest is easiest/more likely and not the crimes that the public probably feel are most serious.

Catching shoplifters who've scarpered (and probably already disposed of their loot) is not an easy task, and it's even more difficult to secure a prosecution/conviction once/if they do so they kill the process early by not even bothering to make an arrest (and then complete all the already pointless paperwork).

It would appear that the authorities rely on feedback from focus groups on such matters - focus groups the composition of which they have ensured only come back/out with suggestions they initially wanted to hear.

Ask a genuine, totally random cross-section of the general public the same questions as put to their focus groups and they won't like/accept the answers returned and will repeat the question on a different group until they get the answer they want.

joe royal 3:00 Sat Sep 16
Re: Shoplifting.
Couple of things I’ve noticed from watching the police camera action type programs and a few auditing you tube channels is,

They only seem to go for the easy option. 5 interceptors hanging around for a suspected drunk driver.

Bloke with a video camera gets up to 13 (THIRTEEN) plod asking him the same questions.

Even the shoplifters program on C5, if you have less than a certain amount (£150?) then all they do is ban you for a year from te entering the Center. No police involved.

It just seems these days that the OB just sit around all day drinking coffee and playing with their phones and when a CCTV operator spots something then they all move into action. 12 flatfoots because someone drops a sweet wrapper

aldgate 2:47 Sat Sep 16
Re: Shoplifting.
There are still 34,000 coppers in london apparently. Not sure where they all sit

Mickey Rat 2:44 Sat Sep 16
Re: Shoplifting.
This Government cut 20,000 experinced police from the force so they don't always have enough people to respond to shoplifting, no wonder the scumbags are nicking booze whn they know it's unlikely the old bill will get there in time to do anything, country, dogs etc

J.Riddle 1:36 Sat Sep 16
Re: Shoplifting.
The old boy with the gun that was early 80s, he died a few years later probably the stress contributed to the Cancer. I'd never seen anything like it in a retail shop before or since it was like a bank. He was a metalwork manufacturing engineer very passionate about his work been in the same shop for 40+ years refused to move or close down.

J.Riddle 1:28 Sat Sep 16
Re: Shoplifting.
I knew someone who had a shop near Brixton gave one of his young trainee employees a fiver told him to go over to the betting shop directly opposite to place a bet on a horse, with fiver in hand he got halfway across the road before someone snatched it from his hand. They also used to get shoplifters coming in blatantly taking an item from the shelf then straight to the till for a refund, when told no receipt no refund they would become aggressive and walk out with goods. Ended up closing down.

Another older man I knew had a hardware shop in New Cross. He had been robbed many times they climbed over the counter so he built a high counter with metal grilles from ceiling leaving a small gap between counter top and the bottom of the grille enough to just pass money through. He said he had a gun pistol and would use it and had terminal cancer so would shoot anyone who tried their luck.

Gary Strodders shank 9:58 Thu Sep 14
Re: Shoplifting.
My local B&Q has a security guard on the door and a moblle dog unit in the car park.
It is next door to a Selco which attracts numerous eastern europeans touting for work from early morning so is I guess it's partly a deterrent to keep them out of the car park but it is still there early evening after they have gone just to prevent walk outs

Nutsin 9:56 Thu Sep 14
Re: Shoplifting.
She obviously didn’t get the memo, you can only walk out without paying if it’s a major corporation, small and privately owned businesses are not gonna tolerate that shit, as they shouldn’t.

On The Ball 9:55 Thu Sep 14
Re: Shoplifting.
Fifth Column 10:19 Thu Sep 14

I'm ignorant on how these things work, but I'm pretty sure she hasn't shoplifted anything as she didn't leave the shop.

bruuuno 9:43 Thu Sep 14
Re: Shoplifting.
Apologies = excuses !

bruuuno 9:41 Thu Sep 14
Re: Shoplifting.
I was a prolific shoplifter from the ages of 13-16. I didn’t do it for the money or the possessions (although I did enjoy reading country life magazine) and always said I’d quit when I got caught.

I would only rob from big name stores and realised quickly that the bigger the item and the more brazen you were the easier it was.

Got caught nicking a Pete tong cd from hmv in Chelmsford (I hate Pete tong and didn’t own a CD player). Ended up spending a day in Chelmsford prison followed by a conditional discharge which I thought was a sensible punishment.

Cuntish behaviour for which I make no apologies but I was very troubled young man. Irony is a few years back I caught and restrained a bloke who nicked a bottle of vodka in an act of instinct

bruuuno 9:27 Thu Sep 14
Re: Shoplifting.
jfk 5:43 Thu Sep 14
Re: Shoplifting.

Thankfully sharia law is often applied within certain communities, although they usually break both wrists with a club hammer.

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