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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Coffee 9:33 Sat Sep 16
Saturday football
Never an easy visit, but the Reds should be way too strong for Gary O’Neil’s side today. The hosts will look to climb away from the bottom while the visitors have their sights set on the opposite direction. Away win.

Villa under Emery have shown themselves capable of some decent, attractive, attacking football. Palace, the perennial spoilers, travel to Birmingham to show what they’re capable of. Probably not enough, though. Home win.

Leading contender for borefest of the weekend in all four divisions. Luton are yet to register a point on their return to the top division and there’s little to suggest that will change today. Home win.

This could be a cracker. Although media eyes have been glued on Maguire and Sancho, there’s a decent game of football on the cards at Old Trafford. Draw.

Spurs have made an excellent start to life under Ange Postecoglou and will look to consolidate their chase of current leaders Man City. Sheffield have amassed just a point so far. The Cocks are likely to be far too sharp for the Blades today. Home win.

There have been few occasions in recent seasons when you could say that we have a sporting chance of a point or more from this fixture. If we hadn’t conceded a late equaliser at Bournemouth on the opening day, we’d be level on points with today’s visitors. Stones, Kovacic and the ever-irritating Grealish are out for City, but such is the strength of their squad that their absence is unlikely to have a significant weakening effect. Both sides are quick and dangerous on the break. Ward-Prowse has already shown his value on set pieces and that could come in handy again today. Moyes will have to choose between Antonio and Kudus to lead the line – or will he be ultra-brave and pick both? No, don’t be daft. With both sides high on confidence and capable of goals, an intriguing contest is in store. Draw.

The hosts go into this six places below their visitors, but despite a slow start to the season they will be definite favourites. The Bees should not be underestimated, though, and will provide a tough opposition. Home win.


Chelsea haven’t made the best start under Pochettino and currently sit in 12th spot, two points above the Cherries. If they can’t win at the Vitality, storm clouds may soon appear over west London. Away win.

Another terrible start to the season from the Toffees is not the best preparation for the visit of Arsenal. The status quo is set to remain unchanged. Away win.


After their phenomenal sojourn in the Championship, many people would have expected more – much more – from Burnley on their return to the Premier League. Instead, the Clarets are rock bottom of the table with null points and eight goals conceded. Forest, meanwhile, are one point away from a European qualification place. Funny old world. Draw.

Leicester romped to victory and top spot at St Mary’s on Friday, but the top part of the Championship already looks as tight as ever with a mere three points separating second from seventh. Expect that trend to continue for much of the season. At the other end, Michael Carrick’s Boro are resolutely bottom, having gained just a single point from their opening five games. Carrick will take some succour from the duck’s arse that also characterises the table’s nether region, with three points again all that keeps the bottom six apart. Also expect Boro to be chasing a promotion spot before long. Another tense and exciting season appears in store in the second tier.

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Fauxstralian 4:44 Fri Sep 22
Re: Saturday football
Surprised there hasnt been more reaction to Villa losing in Poland after we were told that the Europa Conference was the equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel.
Obviously the CARP in Poland didnt oblige

Brighton also under pressure after losing what is likely the easiest game in their group at home to AEK Athens.
Brighton beaten by PONCE. Hmmmm

Mike Oxsaw 8:36 Fri Sep 22
Re: Saturday football
Man U have got Burnley this weekend.

Burnley beat them 3-1 in a behind-closed-doors friendly not long ago.

Man U supporting mate is incandescent with rage demanding that other teams show them respect. DON'T THEY KNOW THAT THIS IS MANCHESTER UNITED??? he rants.

Fauxstralian 5:51 Thu Sep 21
Re: Saturday football
Am hoping Man U are encouraged by the loss and believe they arent far away.
To be honest Bayern didnt get out of 2nd gear , were a bit sloppy all over and still should have had 6 or more

El Scorchio 1:00 Thu Sep 21
Re: Saturday football
Man U were bloody lucky to get a 4-3 out of that. Could and probably should have been about 6-1

pdbis 12:49 Thu Sep 21
Re: Saturday football
Heaton would be better than Onana.

RBshorty 10:51 Thu Sep 21
Re: Saturday football
Tighten that defence up and Munich will go far. ManU are a absolute car wreck. I’m sure their fans are fully understanding and patience with change they have to go through.?

happygilmore 12:03 Thu Sep 21
Re: Saturday football
Bayern Munich are shit

lowlife 11:34 Wed Sep 20
Re: Saturday football
Plenty of their fans crying that VAR always goes against them and that it’s a conspiracy. Most fans have probably thought that, but for them to say it is hilarious.

Fauxstralian 11:32 Wed Sep 20
Re: Saturday football
Think its more that Man U are used to getting away with incidents like Lindelof catching the ball vs us and the blatant pen when Onana flattened the Wolves player.
I guess in this competition they are treated like everyone else

lowlife 11:30 Wed Sep 20
Re: Saturday football
Apparently this is the difference;

“For UEFA, any action which involves the ball hitting the hand in the area and changing its trajectory is deemed a penalty. However, it the Premier League, there will be much more room for interpretation”

That being said, his arm was outstretched. Manchester United players trying to indicate that his arms were down by his side was a beautiful sight.

goose 11:24 Wed Sep 20
Re: Saturday football
Looked like a penalty to me.
Other end they’d be screaming for it.

Is that true about CL games having different interpretations of the handball ruke?

violator 11:23 Wed Sep 20
Re: Saturday football
Never realised Tom Cairney spoke like Ali G

lowlife 11:23 Wed Sep 20
Re: Saturday football
With the rules I think that was a clear penalty. This commentator is so biased it’s unreal.

Fauxstralian 11:22 Wed Sep 20
Re: Saturday football
The more you looked at that the more it looked an outstretched arm.
Pen ... with no Howard Webb to look out for you

lowlife 11:20 Wed Sep 20
Re: Saturday football
The other way round and Hargreaves would be calling that a penalty for Manchester United.

lowlife 11:17 Wed Sep 20
Re: Saturday football
Also hilarious that this commentator is talking about Manchester United wanting to be the dominant team in Europe once again.

lowlife 11:11 Wed Sep 20
Re: Saturday football
Delighted that Onana has fucked up again. Abysmal keeper, I don’t recall disliking any other GK as much as him.

Hilarious that the commentators keep going in about how good he is with the ball.

Read somewhere that he’s let in 8 of the last 11 shots on target. Keep going son!

Fauxstralian 11:10 Wed Sep 20
Re: Saturday football
That Onanist looks a right ROBERTO
Appalling error when Man U were holding their own up to then.

Like the prematch when the cunt Scholes and Rio tell us how Kane is a Man U centre forward
No he is not because you couldnt afford him and then overpaid on some very ordinary players.
Club looks in turmoil and Ten Hag is close to the brink.
But its all the GLAZERS fault. Hope they stay forever and leech money out of the club for decades

El Scorchio 11:01 Wed Sep 20
Re: Saturday football
He’s bought nothing but absolute shit apart from Casemiro and maybe that Argentine defender when he can get on the pitch.

Total fraud.

Thing that always cracks me up with their new signings is especially from the likes of Gary Neville they get talked up like the best in the world because Man U got them, and then almost always they comically under deliver, make terrible mistakes or prove themselves to be bang average. Yet the insistence carries on it’s just an abhorration and they are world class, until it flips 180 and they ‘aren’t good enough for such a great club’ any more. Delusional cunts.

TWe 10:50 Wed Sep 20
Re: Saturday football
Anyone see the banner with the Bayern fans behind the goal Man U are defending that mentioned West Ham?

happygilmore 10:44 Wed Sep 20
Re: Saturday football
looks like Man Utd has bought another Dud in that GK

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