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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Come On You Irons 3:28 Mon Oct 2
Cricket World Cup
Starts on 5 October. Hopefully England can successfully defend the trophy, but it will be tough in Indian conditions.

If England fall short, anyone but India or Australia please. I do fear India will 'find a way' to win their home World Cup though, given it's in their backyard and they effectively control the ICC these days.

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Side of Ham 11:08 Wed Nov 22
Re: Cricket World Cup
Only a Bell-End would think that….

Cheezey Bell-End 10:23 Wed Nov 22
Re: Cricket World Cup
Coffee 1:10 Tue Nov 21

I thought you were saying that about this forum. What a bunch of cry babies.

Fauxstralian 3:26 Tue Nov 21
Re: Cricket World Cup
India were head and shoulders the best team in the competition.
Probably the biggest upset in a final since India beat the Windies in 1983

Side of Ham 1:29 Tue Nov 21
Re: Cricket World Cup
Well done Australia on winning what is effectively the Commonwealth Countries cup.
It’s really reached out to the world this tournament…..

Coffee 1:10 Tue Nov 21
Re: Cricket World Cup
Excuses, whining and widespread misery dominate the front and back pages of Indian newspapers for a second day. Sore losers.

zebthecat 1:07 Tue Nov 21
Re: Cricket World Cup
Fauxstralian 12:39 Tue Nov 21

That makes a lot more sense from an entertainment point of view.
I suspect that the ICC are more interested in dragging out the tournement to maximise TV revenues.
Two round robin phases is ludicrous as the matches should be about jeopardy and entertainment. England's slow motion car crash this time around showed that.

Fauxstralian 12:39 Tue Nov 21
Re: Cricket World Cup
Think Steven Finn suggested something similar for 2027
I'd go 14 teams in two groups of 7
Play the other 6 in your group (2 games a day)
Top 4 of each go into quarter finals
A1 v B4 A2 v B3 A3 v B2 A4 v B1
Semi finals then final

Fauxstralian 12:34 Tue Nov 21
Re: Cricket World Cup
ps Noone gives a fuck about Rugby Union. A dying game (coach sacked , CEO sacked) & having its lunch eaten in the rugby states by AFL
Yesterday and today is the draft for the AFL so every 17/18yo over 6' 2 is getting picked up by an AFL club leaving rugby with the public school dregs

Reckon Australia were probably 5th ranked behind India, England , S Africa & NZ but got their act together when it mattered. Bit like the t20 cup they won a couple of years ago when they were outplayed by Pakistan for 35 of the 40 overs in the semi final and then had a bye in the final playing the serial chokers NZ

Westside 6:53 Mon Nov 20
Re: Cricket World Cup
They surely can't repeat that format again?

I believe the 2027, 50 over World Cup, is 14 teams, but two groups of 7. Top 3 qualify for "super six," with some points carried forward from group games, but teams only play the 3 qualifiers, not from their group, then semi finals and a final.

Swiss. 1:55 Mon Nov 20
Re: Cricket World Cup
Fauxstralian 6:07 Sun Nov 19

Yeah add to that didn’t even qualify from your group in the WC Rugby.

, 1:20 Mon Nov 20
Re: Cricket World Cup
For me we have reached the stage in international sport where the competition is only worth watching once the knock out stage has been reached.

southbankbornnbred 12:46 Mon Nov 20
Re: Cricket World Cup
The tournament lasted longer than Liz Truss' premiership...

southbankbornnbred 12:45 Mon Nov 20
Re: Cricket World Cup
The Aussies were the best team in the tournament and deserved to win it. But they are still grade A cunts.

The bigger problem for me was that I had lost interest in the tournament quite some time ago. England being appalling was part of that, sure (although they were never going to win a tournament in India). But the bigger factor was that this format went on for too long, there were too many games for each team and the whole thing was just a ridiculous slog (excuse the pun) for players and fans alike.

They surely can't repeat that format again? It was tortuous. England (and others) being so dire should have seen them eliminated well before they officially couldn't qualify for the semi-finals. The fact that they still had "a chance" after god knows how many defeats made a mockery of the format. As one of the BBC writers has explained today, there was a huge absence of jeopardy in most matches for most teams.

There's just too much international cricket at the moment. And prolonging the ODI Word Cup like that does not help.

Shorter, sharper and more meaningful games, thanks. If that means a shit England go home even earlier, so be it.

arsene york-hunt 6:37 Mon Nov 20
Re: Cricket World Cup
There is very little in international sport more unpalatable than seeing Australia win anything.

REALGSA 12:59 Mon Nov 20
Re: Cricket World Cup
My head wanted the Aussies to win.

My heart wanted India to win.

Hate Modi....

Nutsin 8:05 Sun Nov 19
Re: Cricket World Cup
Anyone but the Aussies ffs!

El Scorchio 7:33 Sun Nov 19
Re: Cricket World Cup
Well the Indians sure shat the bed in their big moment. Shame they lost to the only team more unlikeable than even them.

That Ump who game not out to the Bumrah LBW ain’t going to be popular…

Dr Matt 7:19 Sun Nov 19
Re: Cricket World Cup
This Millenials Wokerati Australian team (c2015-2023) is arguably up there in the top 10 sides of all time now.

Not sure any of the other modern teams except England’s 2009-2012/13 era side (World Test Champs in all but name, Away Ashes win, Away win in India, Ashes domination, White Ball World Champs) would be in that discussion bracket.

Far Cough 6:27 Sun Nov 19
Re: Cricket World Cup
Insufferable cunts beat entitled cunts on their own shithole...Yawn

stewie griffin 6:21 Sun Nov 19
Re: Cricket World Cup
Show a little class... says the man who just posted this after victory:

Fauxstralian 6:07 Sun Nov 19
Re: Cricket World Cup
130,000 Indians heading for the bicycle park
Smashing the unbeaten 'unbeatable' Indians on their own patch

Class in victory and defeat was on display in abundance 4 years ago. There's very little of it this time

Fauxstralian 6:16 Sun Nov 19
Re: Cricket World Cup
Dry your eyes , stewie, and show a little class
An unbelievable performance against all the odds

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