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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Coffee 6:28 Sat Dec 9
Saturday football
The Steven Gerrard slip memorial fixture. Palace are in a poor run of form and their spoiled fans may soon start losing patience with Roy Hodgson. A win will take Liverpool to the top of the table, even only for a couple of hours. Not the most enticing game with which to start the weekend, but could be entertaining nonetheless. Away win.

Burnley rediscovered a bit of last seasons Championship mojo in their 5-0 demolition of relegation rivals Sheffield Utd. Could that be what kindles their season? The Seagulls, meanwhile, have won two of their last six and drawn three. You’d fancy the hosts to come away victorious, but don’t write Burnley off just yet. Draw.

After looking like prime relegation candidates, the Cherries find themselves in a purple patch. Is this the start of a justification of their owners’ decision to switch managers? Speaking of which, Man U’s woes are perhaps not quite as profound as the media make out. They’re three points off the top four and they’re a very good side when the mood takes them. Home win.

They’re something likable about Chris Wilder and his return to the Blades is reminiscent of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. They’ll face tough opposition in Brentford, but will fancy themselves to get at least a point today. Draw.

Gary O’Neill has a point in his observations about the injustice of VAR, but credit to him for not quite languishing in self-pity, yet. Forest’s aversion to away games continues and they’ll find their hosts in no mood to offer respite. Home win.

The game of the day sees two quality Spanish managers lock horns. This should be a cracker. Home win.


The Toffees’ climb to above the dotted line seems to have galvanised them more than anything else in recent times. Chelsea are painfully inconsistent and you just don’t know which Chelsea will turn up. Draw.

An exceptional result from an unexceptional performance in midweek should have boosted our self-belief to the point that we’ll be expecting at least to avoid defeat at Craven Cottage. But entertainment is likely to be at a premium, as it has been in so many of our recent games. Away win.

David and Goliath. On paper there’s only one possible outcome, but the Hatters are sure to put in a fighting display. That should make for an interesting game, the more so the longer they can stop City from scoring. Away win.

Both sides come into this on the back of defeat. Who else is smiling? You’d expect Spurs to respond strongly. Home win.

The last week has seen two managerial casualties – Mowbray at Sunderland and Duff at Swansea. The top two remain unchanged, with Leicester hosting Plymouth and Ipswich travelling to Boro who will see this as an opportunity in their push for a play-off spot where Leeds have a tricky visit to Blackburn and Southampton go to Watford. Three points are all that separate Blackburn in 7th and Bristol City in 15th, so there’s all to play for in that middle section. At the bottom, a resurgent QPR host Hull while Rotherham take on Swansea and rock bottom Sheff Wed visit Stoke.

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stewie griffin 5:29 Thu Dec 14
Re: Saturday football
they've got 11 first team players out injured (and Tonali suspended), many of them long term. I wouldn't worry about them this year. There isn't a squad in the world that would cope with that.

twoleftfeet 2:16 Thu Dec 14
Re: Saturday football
The only trouble with them both going out is that they can now get more time to prepare for league matches so you would expect their form to pick up.

Westside 1:25 Thu Dec 14
Re: Saturday football
"The media darlings the Geordie Maggots lost and are out of Europe you say, oh what a terrible shame."

There is potential for an extra automatic CL place for English clubs next year, dependant upon the performance of English clubs, in the CL this season. Not for one moment suggesting we can finish 5th, but it leaves potential for European football qualification, down to 8th place in the league, depending where the domestic cup winners finish in the league (and assuming an English club doesn't win the CL and finish outside the top 5).

I think it is perfectly natural to enjoy schadenfreude of other clubs when they lose (yes, I sniggered when Man United went out on Tuesday), but that pleasure, may have a downside.

BRANDED 12:35 Thu Dec 14
Re: Saturday football
I was listening to radio 5 live last night after the game and Chris Waddle's nonsense was comedy gold.
I fucking loved it, loved it.

boleyn8420 12:29 Thu Dec 14
Re: Saturday football
The media darlings the Geordie Maggots lost and are out of Europe you say, oh what a terrible shame

Manuel 12:02 Thu Dec 14
Re: Saturday football
Swindon - Yep, thought the same thing, it's what we have all wanted to play a footballing giant like Milan and it not being the Betway 'fucking' Cup. Bring it on.

I think Liverpool can we beat, just that it won't be us that beats them.

swindon hammer 11:48 Thu Dec 14
Re: Saturday football
Would love us to draw AC Milan in the last 16/32.

I still say Liverpool have their name on this trophy with the final being in Dublin and being the best team in the competition but it would be nice for us to play a really big name like Milan even if we did get knocked out.

West Ham playing AC Milan in the San Siro would have been a pipe dream a few years back so it would be great if we got them.

simon.s 1:06 Thu Dec 14
Re: Saturday football
Europe is not for everyone.

BRANDED 12:25 Thu Dec 14
Re: Saturday football
Europe is so hard for inexperienced teams.

Anyway, they're out

mallard 12:10 Thu Dec 14
Re: Saturday football
One win in six won’t get you European glory

ironsofcanada 12:08 Thu Dec 14
Re: Saturday football
The Fonz 11:47 Wed Dec 13

Merry Christmas

The Fonz 12:08 Thu Dec 14
Re: Saturday football
Give us San Siro away!

onsideman 12:07 Thu Dec 14
Re: Saturday football
See ya Ant, see ya Dec, see ya Big Al
Don't let the door hit your arses on the way out

mallard 11:53 Wed Dec 13
Re: Saturday football
Quite an entertaining game - Milan just hit the post!

ironsofcanada 11:52 Wed Dec 13
Re: Saturday football
Milan probably the most beatable of the three to drop down.

The Fonz 11:47 Wed Dec 13
Re: Saturday football
Would love to see AC win this and finish 3rd.

mallard 11:01 Wed Dec 13
Re: Saturday football
Barcodes 1-0 up with an absolute corker from Joelinton

Sydney_Iron 5:18 Wed Dec 13
Re: Saturday football
ManU an absolute basket case, apparently looking to get rid of the dead wood...AGAIN, the likes of Varane, Casimiro, Antony and of course Sancho and even Mount and Van de beak both of whom have hardly played any games through injury or just can't get a call up are to be put up for sale plus a few others?

Then they are going to let Martials contract expire next summer if he can't be sold in January, who the fuck would buy him???? fucking hope Moyes isnt tempted.....

As funny as it is now to see them in such a state, if there is one club that can weather a storm its ManU and at some point they will get it right and be a force to be reckoned with again, and of course you just know they will still get thier 3 points off West Ham in the upcoming fixture.................LOL

Manuel 3:48 Wed Dec 13
Re: Saturday football
As for Ten Haag, yea the end is nigh, if it doesn't happen soon it won't be too far away as he clearly isn't turning it around, and he now has the ''can someone please put me out of my misery'' look about him. The mess behind the scenes there may 'save' him for a bit.

Manuel 3:44 Wed Dec 13
Re: Saturday football
Glad the Mancs won't be joining the EL, hopefully neither will Newcastle. Still, I don't rate our chances of winning this very high at all, if someone shocks Liverpool it might upon it up a little, 'coz we ain't beating them.

RBshorty 12:14 Wed Dec 13
Re: Saturday football
That’s wishful thinking happy. They go to Anfield this weekend. That will be the finale nail in the coffin for Eric.!

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