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LeroysBoots 12:06 Wed Mar 6
Lee Bowyer
Great insight in to what a shocking set up we were under Glenn Roeder


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frank_booth 5:51 Sun Mar 10
Re: Lee Bowyer
His interview was great.

I’m almost 50, quite forgetful. I remember wincing when he signed. Woke wanker I guess. Compared to some people today he was Peppa the Pig.

Love the honesty.

BubblesCyprus 4:47 Thu Mar 7
Re: Lee Bowyer
Good bloke IMO the day BC junior was matchday mascot Bowyer was injured and away from the ground Junior asked about him with organisers. About 2 weeks later back here received a handwritten note from Bowyer saying he was sorry he missed his big day as mascot.

zico 1:19 Thu Mar 7
Re: Lee Bowyer
I don't think Roeder was a bad coach, far from it, probably a very good coach, but many good coaches don't make good managers, the perfect examples all being at Man United under Fergie in McClaren, Kidd, Meulensteen and Phelan. All successful coaches under Ferguson but none successful as managers. You have to be able to "manage" players and have a ruthless streak. Harry had that when he kicked out the likes of long term Ronnie Boyce. Not nice to do, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but you have to0 do it. Even Bonzo whilst not really management material had to end the careers of Parkesy, Dev and Tony Gale. Not easy when you have been team mates for years. I was watching the Overlap last night on You Tube with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Seemed quite affected by his Man United experience but you can just tell by listening he was in over his head dealing with boards and ego's.

Fifth Column 1:02 Thu Mar 7
Re: Lee Bowyer
I played in the same football team as Lee Bowyer at start of secondary school. In fact I was the captain. But that's because I liked kicking people a lot and shouting rather than being very good.

Northern Sold 12:19 Thu Mar 7
Re: Lee Bowyer
Far Cough 10:28 Thu Mar 7

Ha Ha ha ha... that's TWICE you've me made me LOL in the last few days... I like old krusty Cough... he's FUNNY!!!

For newbies that don't know....


*does Telegraph 4 sign *

lab 11:15 Thu Mar 7
Re: Lee Bowyer
Far Cough 10:28 Ag ! Plenty on here won’t know about a certain incident!

Kaiser Zoso 10:40 Thu Mar 7
Re: Lee Bowyer
Yeah that fits, Team H. It was so unbelievable that it smacked of a put up job.

Far Cough 10:28 Thu Mar 7
Re: Lee Bowyer
What were you doing outside Harrods waiting for Mohamed Al-Fayed to throw you his shirt?

Huffers 8:59 Thu Mar 7
Re: Lee Bowyer
A couple of months after the protest, I saw the same ringleaders outside harrods protesting against fur.

Hammer Oz 5:21 Thu Mar 7
Re: Lee Bowyer
Remember Joey Cole telling us how good he was...... prior to leaving..
So every time a player talks up a manager its bollocks as they will leave when it goes pear shaped

chevy chase 4:05 Thu Mar 7
Re: Lee Bowyer

St Bernard’s Bethnal Green secondary was the toughest school. I went to an introduction day there before I left primary. Cousin in the playground said “don’t come here”. The school ended up closing down and they all got put in Phillip Howard/Blessed John Roche.

MaryMillingtonsGhost 2:25 Thu Mar 7
Re: Lee Bowyer
Dwight Van Mann 7:48

Bowyers old man, Dave (iirc) used to drink in the LP social club.
Nice bloke, although had a dodgy tash.

MaryMillingtonsGhost 2:20 Thu Mar 7
Re: Lee Bowyer
No. Sir Phillip Howard ran ‘the manor’.
BB were never interested/never turned up, especially when LP had the annexe in Limehouse.
I attended LP, 77-81.

Jaan Kenbrovin 1:43 Thu Mar 7
Re: Lee Bowyer
Shame there wasn't the correction on Curbishley. Might have jogged a few memories. Saw an interview with Curbishley recently about his regret for leaving and his decision to reject any easy way back in to football. Was grateful to Sullivan sorting out his pay off quickly after G&S's takeover which held up any chances of getting back in initially.

Pub Bigot 11:53 Wed Mar 6
Re: Lee Bowyer
Bow Boys. Dump of a school, and not too many come away of made a success of themselves.

The most famous person to come out of the place was Ashley Cole.

only1billybonds 11:03 Wed Mar 6
Re: Lee Bowyer
Pub Bigot.

Where in Bow did you go to school?

chevy chase 10:37 Wed Mar 6
Re: Lee Bowyer
Played Football with him as a kid. Can’t remember what team. Possibly Westward Boys. Jason Tindall, (Newcastle Assistant Manager) was in our team too.

Tomshardware 10:22 Wed Mar 6
Re: Lee Bowyer
Willtell what a disgusting post. Most people in the game held Roeder in high regard as a coach, he was involved with England. People like Defoe always talked highly of him. He maybe was out of his depth but have some respect.

Pub Bigot 9:45 Wed Mar 6
Re: Lee Bowyer
Wankers went to Langdon. Bow run the manor.


Dwight Van Mann 7:48 Wed Mar 6
Re: Lee Bowyer
nothing special in the school team at Langdon Park. Luckily his old man was involved at Charlton. Got to where he did through graft rather than ability. Good lad though

REALGSA 6:20 Wed Mar 6
Re: Lee Bowyer
Was a fantastic player at Leeds.

He had previous for bad behavour at Bow Mcdonalds and spouted something racist they said. Plus that fight in Leeds. Also that fight on the pitch vs he own teammate Dyer.

But in his first spell I was dissapointed in his performances.
The protest on his debut outside the ground I felt they were not even supporters just a rent a mob pitching up!

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