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goose 6:04 Thu Mar 28
Excess Deaths
Why are so few people in the media talking about this?

Article in The Lancet from Jan this year highlighted "Many countries, including the UK, have continued to experience an apparent excess of deaths long after the peaks associated with the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and 2021.1,2 Numbers of excess deaths estimated in this period are considerable."

25-49 year olds the number of excess deaths was 11% higher, while 50-64 years olds the increase was 15%.

the main cause of death driving these results is cardiovascular diseases.
50-64 year olds saw a 33% higher than expected rate of excess deaths from cardiovascular disease.

is it the after effects of COVID?
is it the jab?
or is there something else going on that is leading to the deaths of thousands of young and middle aged people?

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Yorkammer 4:04 Mon Apr 1
Re: Excess Deaths
Don't be mean to Mike. He's a youth with Tourette's who has Dwight Yorke as a father.

joyo 3:51 Mon Apr 1
Re: Excess Deaths
Talkingshite so can't admit you have anger problems,but your posts and the fact you constantly call anyone who disagrees with you a cunt proves you have
I see you didn't deny your incontinent problem and l ain't taking the piss lol
Seek help

Takashi Miike 3:15 Mon Apr 1
Re: Excess Deaths
anger? don't kid yourself, I hated you long before finding out about the disabled fetish. keep baiting me and I'll answer, you sick ginger oddball

mashed in maryland 3:13 Mon Apr 1
Re: Excess Deaths

Side of Ham 1:52 Mon Apr 1

You ain't wrong either. Society is bifurcating (is that word used correctly?)

Never known so many youngish people (30s) quitting drinking for example

joyo 3:09 Mon Apr 1
Re: Excess Deaths
Talkingshite you should trust the Doctors and NHS a bit more as they could be helpful with your incontinent problems and anger issues
Don't you ever look in the mirror and see why people avoid you,you're a walking stinking tramp,mind you if you did go to A&E you would reduce the waiting time and numbers in there as vast majority would bolt it to another hospital

Takashi Miike 2:58 Mon Apr 1
Re: Excess Deaths
that purveyor of truth & honesty, sky news. go and get your next booster, you thick cunt

joyo 2:52 Mon Apr 1
Re: Excess Deaths
Thickooooo l actually made you one of the ones on here right about the Charlie comment but you're so thick you missed my point
I was having a pop at the conspiracy theorists morons like goose

bruuuno 2:33 Mon Apr 1
Re: Excess Deaths
Oh look joyceys solved it he’s found an article on the internet

joyo 2:06 Mon Apr 1
Re: Excess Deaths

Fuck all to do with vax,as few of you have pointed out the reasons are various,but that won't stop the doom and gloom merchants like goose and the conspiracy bollocks

Side of Ham 1:52 Mon Apr 1
Re: Excess Deaths
You can look in the opposite direction as well mashed, there were plenty of older people of a working age using the lockdowns to do all day exercise/fitness and all these Ironman events are full of people pushing their older bodies to the limits.

Us humans don’t do things by halves now…. :-)

mashed in maryland 1:22 Mon Apr 1
Re: Excess Deaths

bruuuno 1:31 Sat Mar 30

Never thought of it like that before and you're not wrong

Old people don't act like old people any more.

The amount of people pushing 50s/60s who still get on it and have a boot-up every weekend, as if they were 20 years younger, for many its a matter of when not if.

I mean it can't be any good for you can it??

BRANDED 12:08 Mon Apr 1
Re: Excess Deaths
Long A&E waits lead to 250 needless deaths a week
Study of NHS figures suggest people are not getting hospital beds quickly enough and there has been little improvement since the Covid era

My elderly next door neighbour had a cancer diagnosis and got fed up with the delays for the operation so just paid for it privately. Got sorted in two weeks.

Russ of the BML 2:32 Sat Mar 30
Re: Excess Deaths
More 25-49 year olds more stressed than ever before - Probably mostly to do with financial concerns as we live in this increasingly consumer and material world.

More 25-49 year olds getting divorced than ever before leading to additional stress / financial worries - Not seeing kids etc etc.

More 25-49 year olds bang on the gear than ever before. Also bang on the booze, eating shit and not exercising. Recipe for n early exit.

That's my theory.

bruuuno 1:31 Sat Mar 30
Re: Excess Deaths
I think that widespread cocaine use among an ageing population is likely to have a significant impact on cv health

Iron Duke 1:18 Sat Mar 30
Re: Excess Deaths
Goose - this is from the BHF link you posted:

Since 2020, the premature death rate for cardiovascular disease has risen year-on-year and latest figures for 2022 show that it has reached 80 in 100,000 in England in 2022 – the highest rate since 2011.

But even before this yearly rise began, there has been a significant slowdown in the rate of improvement since 2012. Between 2012 and 2019, the premature death rate for cardiovascular disease in the UK fell by just 11 per cent, compared to a fall of 33 per cent between 2005 and 2012.

The reasons for the rise are multiple and complex. While increasing pressure on the NHS and the Covid-19 pandemic have likely contributed in recent years, the warning signs have been present for over a decade.

Iron Duke 1:12 Sat Mar 30
Re: Excess Deaths
Calculating excess deaths is always going to be subjective, because there is no foolproof way of baselining it. The actual number of deaths isn’t subjective. Looking at the actual numbers since 2019, there were obvious spikes in April 2020, Jan 21, Jan 23 and Jan 24. There is generally always a spike in January, so the only standout in England and Wales was April 2020.


goose 12:54 Sat Mar 30
Re: Excess Deaths
Can anyone smell piss?? Oh hi 👋 joyo.

Comma - link to the British heart foundation regarding rise in deaths.




joyo 12:31 Sat Mar 30
Re: Excess Deaths
Doomed...we are all doomed
Same old loons shitting themselves because so many fatties are having heart attacks,bore off

, 12:29 Sat Mar 30
Re: Excess Deaths
An in depth study has been carried out on rates of SCD ( Sudden Cardiac Deaths ) in the Veneto region of Italy focussing on people aged 1 to 40 who died between January 2018 and December 2022.

“In conclusion, our analysis did not demonstrate increased rates of SCD in uyoung people both during the pandemic and after the introduction of COVID-19 vaccination. Causes of SCD in young people, including those who experienced SCD within 30 days of their COVID-19 vaccination, were consistent with prepandemic causes as established by rigorous autopsy, and no increase in the prevalence of myocarditis has been observed.

Sources of Funding
Drs De Gaspari, Rizzo, and Basso are supported by the Registry for Cardio-Cerebro-Vascular Pathology, Veneto Region, Italy (DGR No. 151 24/02/2023) and RF-2016-02363774 (DGR No. 735 28/05/2018), Ministry of Health, Rome, Italy. Dr Basso is supported by University of Padua Project BIRD221813.

riosleftsock 12:28 Sat Mar 30
Re: Excess Deaths
Or the died with vs died of covid. Many of the covid death stats included people who did not die from covid. This was brought up in the HOC and Javid promised to look into it, but was then distracted by a passing butterfly.

goose 12:04 Sat Mar 30
Re: Excess Deaths
The spike in cardiovascular disease is irrefutable though. Especially in the ‘young’.

So what’s causing it?

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