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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Coffee 10:02 Fri Mar 29
Easter football
(also International Mermaid Day)

A whopping Easter fixture list gets underway at St James Park where the mighty Irons are the visitors. Newcastle have a strong home record this season with almost three-quarters of their points gained on home ground. But they’ve also had a stack of crucial injuries that have made their defence look like a leaking tap. That’s the opportunity – but it has to be taken. Draw.

Cherries and Toffees. That’s quite a tasty combination when you think about it. One lot are safe, the other prefers not to change the habit of a lifetime and will be sweating it out until May. Draw.

Burnley are gripping Premier League survival with their fingernails while the best Chelsea can hope for is a top half finish. You may well chuckle. Home win.

The nerves, they are ajangling in Nottingham. The City Ground has spent the last two years flirting with the dotted line like nobody’s business and Forest now find themselves among the four prime contenders for that third relegation place. Today it’s Fulham’s turn to try and put the mockers on their brave survival bid. Home win.

Speaking of the dotted line, Luton look down upon it courtesy of their one-point advantage over Forest. The Hatters have made a good number of friends this season, but how much is that recent turnaround at Bournemouth affecting their state of mind? Spurs, meanwhile, look set to leapfrog Villa for a couple of hours. They’ll expect to beat Luton today, but wouldn’t it be fun if… Home win.

Wolves have secured another season in the top flight. Neighbouring Villa are looking to secure a Champions League spot if Spurs play along. Home win.

The Bees aren’t quite out of the woods just yet. But with tongues wagging about a possible move for Thomas Frank to Old Trafford, Man U boss Erik ten Haag will want to send a message of his own. Expect a tight game under the Heathrow flight path, stray doors permitting. Draw.


If things are tight at the bottom, ooh err missus, they’re nothing like what’s occurring among the top three, all of whom play this afternoon. How much more will be known about the Premier League trophy’s destination by the end of this week? In the first game, the Reds host inconsistent Brighton, who have been blowing hot air up our metaphorical backside for a while and would benefit from some quenching treatment at Anfield. Home win.

The media will be creaming themselves at this one. Plenty of subplots here for added spice. Home win.


Home win.

Home win.


Emphatic home win. Then the alarm clock starts beeping.


Home win.


Home win.


Home win.


One win in the last five has seen Leicester dislodged from the secure perch on which they have roosted for almost all of the last seven months. Leeds have assumed that right to crow, for now. Ipswich aren’t out of it – just one point behind the top two – while Southampton, West Brom and Norwich make up the other hopefuls. Today sees Leicester travel to Bristol City, while Leeds go to Watford and Ipswich make the trip to Blackburn. At the bottom, a meagre five points are all that separate Millwall in 16th from Sheffield Wednesday in 23rd. Who’d be a Championship club?

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Fauxstralian 2:04 Fri Apr 5
Re: Easter football
Chelsea are 2pts behind with 2 games in hand & are at Sheff Utd on Sunday so we MUST beat Wolves
A disaster for Man U who are 3pts ahead with a game in hand but have Liverpool at the weekend
Lose at Wolves & we could be 11th
Win & a heavy Man U defeat & we could be 6th

Sydney_Iron 1:45 Fri Apr 5
Re: Easter football
Hilarious stuff at the Bridge.LOL

10 mins of added time and its 3-2 to Man U, then implosion 2 pens and Chelsea win 4-3

You couldn't make it up.

Just a pity its Chelsea who get the points and slice of luck like that!

Mike Oxsaw 3:35 Thu Apr 4
Re: Easter football
What, exactly, is it that drives/forces people to open, read and respond on threads about which they claim to have no interest?

Surely the adult thing to do is just ignore them and get your satisfaction from watching them slowly drop off the front page, rather than actively keeping them up there.

Don't like/scared of politics? Don't open political threads. Don't like/scared of the gee-gees? Don't open threads about horses & horse racing, Don't like/scared of boxing? Don't open threads about that particular sport. See any pattern yet?

You could always post up something of greater interest that those threads you dislike so much, speeding their demise.

Side of Ham 12:26 Thu Apr 4
Re: Easter football
There is simply no West Ham football to talk about, I wonder why?

Lee Trundle 11:53 Thu Apr 4
Re: Easter football
Boring political chat has killed this site?

Imagine my surprise.

"The West Ham manager is always going to be the biggest topic on any West Ham fan messageboard. Always has been, always will be, and especially when the football itself is beyond tedious. If you find people commenting on the West Ham manager tedious, maybe go and find a Delhi Daredevils FC forum and ask them about their favourite crisps?"


Manuel 11:43 Thu Apr 4
Re: Easter football
Eerie - The obvious point being made here is that there doesn't seem to be hardly any interest on here about football in general, hence why I questioned the point of this thread. Brentford, Everton and Burnley all did us a favour this weekend in the BATTLE for Europe, and it hasn't even garnered a single comment. Now back onto Moyes..

Eerie Descent 11:28 Thu Apr 4
Re: Easter football
The site is pretty much dead anyway, if you want people to stop discussing the West Ham manager, you might as well turn the site lights off for good.

The West Ham manager is always going to be the biggest topic on any West Ham fan messageboard. Always has been, always will be, and especially when the football itself is beyond tedious. If you find people commenting on the West Ham manager tedious, maybe go and find a Delhi Daredevils FC forum and ask them about their favourite crisps?

Manuel 10:59 Thu Apr 4
Re: Easter football
Coffee - Sorry, I wouldn't be interested.

Coffee 10:37 Thu Apr 4
Re: Easter football
Manuel, the thought has occurred.

The continuous slating of Moyes is so boring. It's generally the same 10 or 12 people saying the same stuff over and over and over and over again. It's as if Nicey has returned from a post-BFS slumber to bestow upon WHO a dozen mini-Niceys for the Moyes era. It is so fucking tedious. Everyone knows what Moyes is about. No one likes the negativity or crap substitutions. But does it really have to be repeated ad nauseum every effin day? I've stopped opening WHO after a defeat or a poor performance. And I'm not alone - there are plenty of others who've got better things to do with their day than read endless Mr Angry, Moyes-out posts.

Maybe there are also plenty of people who've got better things to do than read the Saturday football threads. If you've got the same person writing in the same kind of style for years, of course people will get bored.

Is there anyone who'd like to take over this thread? It could do with freshening up, no doubt about that. A different structure, perhaps? A more passionate approach? Better informed content?

Happygilmore and some others have stepped in from time to time and have done a great job of that. Manuel, you've done it once or twice. Even the lamented Ronald_antly did it once (and then said he wouldn't do it again).

If you're willing to take over the Saturday football thread, please send me a WHOmail. Note that it does take a bit of time, particularly if you're not in the mood for it. Maybe two people can alternate week by week? As long as you can communicate a message in your own way, that's all that's needed.

Manuel 5:33 Thu Apr 4
Re: Easter football
gilmore - Or nothing since. Let's face it, there isn't many people on here than even like football, this site is just slating Moyes, arguing and taking politics. If I were Coffee I'd stop bothering with this.

happygilmore 1:08 Mon Apr 1
Re: Easter football
Not surprised to see that anti football game between man City v arsenal didn't stir a single comment.

Super Sunday, my arse........

Leavemyarcelona 1:10 Sat Mar 30
Re: Easter football
Miss the days when all clubs played on the friday and monday

, 12:40 Sat Mar 30
Re: Easter football
There’s definitely three possibly four teams fighting for the two automatic promotion places in the Championship.

I’d like to see Ipswich make it rather than the three promoted all being part of the recently relegated group.

Coffee 11:52 Sat Mar 30
Re: Easter football

I know. I messed up.

pdbis 10:53 Sat Mar 30
Re: Easter football
It is Nottingham Forest v Crystal Palace today.

Alfs 2:57 Sat Mar 30
Re: Easter football
NEW vs WHU Draw

BOU vs EVE Home

CHE vs BUR Home

NFO vs FUL Away

TOT vs LUT Home

AST vs WOL Home

BRE vs MANU Draw


LIV vs BHA Home

MANC vs ARS Home


NEW vs EVE Draw

NFO vs FUL Away

BOU vs CRY Home

BUR vs WOL Away

WHU vs TOT Home


ARS vs LUT Home

BRE vs BHA Draw

MANC vs AST Home


LIV vs SHE Home

CHE vs MANU Home

Mike Oxsaw 5:51 Fri Mar 29
Re: Easter football
Yeah, but the dipshit dwarf has got us a marquee player, which, according to him, is "what the fans want".

We had a home-grown marquee player, you cunt, and you sold him rather than bring the squad up to his level.

happygilmore 5:11 Fri Mar 29
Re: Easter football
Given that we are paying Philips wages of £150,000 per week, I think we have been rightly mugged on the loan in and loan out deals.

Lee Trundle 4:57 Fri Mar 29
Re: Easter football
Not sure it beats Kalvin Phillips to us, as of yet.

twoleftfeet 4:32 Fri Mar 29
Re: Easter football
No Marshall again today for WBA.

This surely has to go down as one of the worse loans of all time.

the coming of gary 2:05 Fri Mar 29
Re: Easter football
Cheers Coffee ! .. Plenty to follow, including two games for all the non - premier teams, (Friday and Monday)

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