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Massive Attack 9:29 Sun Apr 21
VAR Disgusting
Ruining the game be it taking too long or getting decisions badly wrong/or highly questionable at best like Coventry have been robbed of a famous last minute goal.

Hope they can still win on Penalties and go through with justice being done anyway.......

A fucking outrageous decision by faceless cunts in a truck somewhere in a dogging car park, no doubt.

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boleyn8420 1:34 Fri May 17
Re: VAR Disgusting
Stable Door. Horse Bolted.

Scrapping VAR. So back to the top six getting all the decisions again. Just wait till next season when one of them gets a goal chalked off for a marginal offside. Want the game replayed. Want VAR back. Yes and Yes.

It's great when you get the decision and crap when it goes against you. Just like every ref decision before VAR. The only thing it does do is get offsides right (well apart from when they draw the lines wrong of course), no matter how marginal, offside is offside. So in my opinion keep it for offside and fuck it off for everything else.

BRANDED 9:58 Thu May 16
Re: VAR Disgusting
There was some dopey bird saying we just need more pixels.


threesixty 9:27 Thu May 16
Re: VAR Disgusting

If you can query a situation 3 times each it can’t go on for ever can it? Just that the decision can be in the teams hands whether to get it reviewed or not.

We can’t get justice here because refs will always make mistakes or be biased. If the managers get to make the review call then at least the teams have some sort of control.

If a manager things it’s too close why waste your VAR call?

El Scorchio 7:46 Thu May 16
Re: VAR Disgusting
It's in Harrogate. That hotbed of Premier League football. But why have it in a place like Luton, Sheffield, Burnley or Newcastle when you can have it somewhere NICE? And probably more expensive.

Fauxstralian 7:37 Thu May 16
Re: VAR Disgusting
Agree with the point that it has affected refs control of games.
Without VAR they live and die by their decisions rather than not giving things because 'VAR will sort it out'
What should happen if VAR is scrapped is that there is a post match review panel
Where a ref has been conned by players diving and simulating that panel should hand out severe penalties
Wont help you on the day but a lot of this cheating will disappear if its a 3 match ban rising to 6 then 12 for further offences

Lee Trundle 7:24 Thu May 16
Re: VAR Disgusting
What a brilliant idea, 360.

So we could get a scenario like this?

The ref makes a subjective call.
VAR subjective all is different, so he tells the ref to go to the monitor.
The ref looks at it and makes another subjective call.
Team A subjectively doesn't agree, so puts in one of these "VAR calls" you want introduced.
It goes to VAR persons number 2, who again makes a subjective call.
Team B subjectively doesn't like this call, and they put in their "VAR call" and it goes back to VAR.

And so on.

Some of you deserve VAR.

Nutsin 7:22 Thu May 16
Re: VAR Disgusting
Trundle wants to go down and protest VAR. ag ag ag ag! What a spastic!

threesixty 7:10 Thu May 16
Re: VAR Disgusting
Apart from the offside stuff it’s all subjective. So why not do what other sports do and add that subjectivity to the game by allowing each team 3 var calls or something?

It means that refs can’t arbitrarily decide to use it and therefore change the game in the favour of one team or another. teams can use it strategically. If some incident really matters to them they can get it looked it.

Works in other sports. Why not football?

Lee Trundle 7:05 Thu May 16
Re: VAR Disgusting
Where is this Premier League AGM on June 6th?

It would be nice if football fans united similar to the way they did when the Super League was mooted and all got down there to protest.

El Scorchio 6:57 Thu May 16
Re: VAR Disgusting
What a shock that LiVARpool have said they are going to vote against Wolves' proposal.

Clearly worked out they are better off because of it, which is no surprise. I expect at least Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City and Man U to follow suit.

They know it's good for them. Also the handy bi product of 'siding with' the PL really doesn't hurt them either.

Interestingly I saw someone posted a table of the last 5 seasons as to who has benefitted most or least from VAR. Liverpool, Man U and Man City right near the top. We are right near the bottom, where surprisingly Arsenal are too. Wolves look to have been wronged far more than anyone else. Sitting on -17. Next worst is Arsenal on -7, then us on -5

Lee Trundle 1:58 Thu May 16
Re: VAR Disgusting
I'm shocked to see comma come out in support of VAR.


Rossal 1:54 Thu May 16
Re: VAR Disgusting
, 1:08 Thu May 16

Yeah they will, its not like everyone is better off since VAR. Fans are still fucked off at decisions, not every VAR one is given correctly.

Just the viewing experience will be improved

David L 1:14 Thu May 16
Re: VAR Disgusting
I'm sure on the Coventry one the VAR guys thickened up the width of the line that was drawn on the field. A special Man U button on their keyboard

, 1:08 Thu May 16
Re: VAR Disgusting
A majority of fans will want it gone.

Yeah, right up until their team concedes an offside goal that is given or scores a legal one the ref deems offside.

Will fans shrug that sort of thing off?

Don’t think so.

dealcanvey 12:30 Thu May 16
Re: VAR Disgusting
A majority of fans will want it gone.

Will PL clubs agree however? I dont think the top clubs will want it scrapped.

Manuel 12:19 Thu May 16
Re: VAR Disgusting
Lee - There are some yellows given out for diving still, but generally concur. In fact where do you even start with it all, it's become a complete minefield. The ref 99% going to the screen and then changing his mind is a big gripe, and it seems to be a grey area how far back you go to try to find an offence somewhere, it's like they are doing their best to find something wrong. And why do the commentators seem to love it so much, forever referencing it in a positive light, like some big brother who makes sure all will be well?

Lee Trundle 12:07 Thu May 16
Re: VAR Disgusting
Manuel 11:57 Thu May 16

What that STAT doesn't show is how many times VAR have sat on their hands and done nothing when something has happened.

Players are still diving for pens. Their punishment now seems to be VAR telling them it isn't a penalty. Yellow cards are given out even less.

Rossal 11:58 Thu May 16
Re: VAR Disgusting
The thing I dont get, is that its used for certain things but then when a goal kick is given instead of a corner and sky sports have the replay after about 3-5 seconds and you can clearly see its the wrong decision

Why don't VAR just tell him 'actually thats a corner there'

I also don't get why the refs run over to the monitor and watch 3 or shit angles where you can't see anything wasting minutes...... half time or full time the sky studio have a camera angle where you see it clear as day but the VAR don't have it available?

Anyway as said below the issue is people are saying the shit refs need help.......then asking the other shit refs to be in charge of the tech to help them. Its bonkers

Manuel 11:57 Thu May 16
Re: VAR Disgusting
I saw a stat that seemed to suggest that final correct decisions have gone up from 82% to 96%, so is all the aggro that var brings worth it for an 14% correct calls? I don't think so. Going back to no var seems almost too good to be true, not confident that 14 clubs will say get rid, only imo mind.

Lee Trundle 11:50 Thu May 16
Re: VAR Disgusting
It's MENTAL there's people out there who still want to give it a chance.

It'll never work when there's human involvement. You're just passing one person's decision making on to another.

BRANDED 11:39 Thu May 16
Re: VAR Disgusting
Just use it for the blindingly obvious cuntery within 5 seconds of the incident.

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