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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Sven Roeder 10:50 Thu Sep 15
Fan forum next Tuesday
Anyone going?

Official Site:
West Ham United are planning a special forum on Tuesday 20 September to get first-hand feedback on how the Club can give all supporters the best possible matchday experience at London Stadium.

Over recent weeks, the West Ham Board have reviewed all the feedback and suggestions submitted to the Club and are seeking to take action on all the points raised, but they are also keen to hear directly from the Hammers faithful, and discuss the issues with them.

The Club acknowledge the magnitude of the move to our new home and the inevitable settling in process, and we appreciate the support of loyal Hammers fans for their help and patience in these early stages. Feedback from our supporters is vital in helping us to identify ways in which we can enhance the stadium experience.

On a long-term basis, West Ham are currently establishing a new format for the Supporters Advisory Board for the 2016/17 season, designed to provide ongoing feedback from a fully-representative sample of fans, and the Club are grateful for all those supporters who have so far applied to take part.

But in the interim, a special Supporters’ Forum will be held on Tuesday 20 September so that West Ham Board members and other senior Club representatives have a chance to hear face-to-face from the fans what is working well at London Stadium, and where there is room for improvement.

Invitations have already gone out to every fan who formed part of the previous Supporters Advisory Board for the 2015/16 season, and to more than a thousand Founders who have so far submitted feedback via our dedicated email service at foundersfeedback@westhamunited.co.uk.

However, West Ham are keen to hear from the broadest possible cross-section of the Club’s support, so if you would like to register your interest in attending, please email supporterservices@westhamunited.co.uk by 12 noon on Friday 16 September, and tell us the question or issue that you want to raise.

As we are doing with the new Supporters Advisory Board, the Club will ensure that this Forum features the widest range of experiences at London Stadium, so we will select attendees from every different area in each stand, and whose views and questions represent the full spectrum we have received.

If you apply to attend, you will be told by the end of Friday afternoon whether your application is successful, but even if it is not, you can rest assured that the issues you have raised will be discussed.

Thank you all again for your willingness to help the Club provide the best possible matchday experience at London Stadium. The West Ham Board look forward to seeing many of you and discussing your views and suggestions on Tuesday.

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Fifth Column 11:16 Sun Oct 9
Re: Fan forum next Tuesday

I requested a move from cat 1 to cheaper seats with worse view but where at least it's not silent. Didn't want a discount, just a move. If they'd just said "no" then fair enough.

In reality, the ticket office forwarded my query to reservation centre. I told ticket office they'd just ignore the request. That's exactly what happened. Can't be bothered to reply to four Sth. Cunts.

North Bank 10:53 Sat Oct 8
Re: Fan forum next Tuesday
Dicksie the issue there is that they have already said that they don't want to sell and the contract that they signed penalises them if they do however in the past they've stated that they'd listen to someone who wanted to come on board so who knows

What I do know is the empty seats we are seeing now will be a regular occurrence if they fail to invest some proper money into the side and not try and bullshit us like they have this summer I think we're at a crossroads and knowing the owners history I fear they will take the wrong turn

11MDE 10:51 Sat Oct 8
Re: Fan forum next Tuesday

Reply North Bank 8:43 Sat Oct 8
Re: Fan forum next Tuesday

I thought exactly the same. However after seeing some of his 'performances' during my stint on the SAB, it's not a shock to see him wrangle his way in to that meeting.

dicksie3 10:44 Sat Oct 8
Re: Fan forum next Tuesday
I've got to be honest; one of the main reasons why I was behind the move was the strong possibility of a takeover within the space of a few years of moving there.

Some supporters think that makes me a sell-out cunt but I want the club to be successful. You only become successful by spending big money. That's the way the game is now and it will be for the foreseeable future.

If they try and hold onto the club and don't put their money where their mouths are - which is quite often the case - then the fans are going to get very impatient with our owners and rightly so, to be honest.

60k stadium and years of mediocrity won't sit well. This move is supposedly designed to push us on. So it has to. Simple as that.

Iron2010 10:31 Sat Oct 8
Re: Fan forum next Tuesday
I dread to think what this lot now value the club at though Dicksie. If the rule about sharing a percentage of any sale with the Government within the first five years of the move is true then i'm worried about a few years of minimum spend. The consequences of that would be dire.

dicksie3 10:17 Sat Oct 8
Re: Fan forum next Tuesday
Totally agree with that, Iron2010 son.

Iron2010 10:14 Sat Oct 8
Re: Fan forum next Tuesday

I totally agree that Brady, Sullivan and Gold now need to go if we are to progress. They have actually moved the club beyond themselves. In fact when the move was agreed a couple years ago they should have cashed out and let wealthier and perhaps brighter chaps sort out the details of the move.

I know they are out there but have no idea who these wealthier, brighter chaps are. The sooner they speak up the better though in my opinion.

North Bank 10:02 Sat Oct 8
Re: Fan forum next Tuesday
Iron yeah a play on words there my point was that if no-one kicked up about those issues the Club wouldn't have acted I'm ambivalent about the stadium the view isn't as bad as I anticipated and I like the fact we can get a half decent beer served quickly and move around outside at HT but I don't like its lack of intimacy and there's no point moaning about that as there nothing other than knocking the place down that can sort that one out and Brady is really getting on my nerves with her constant snipes it's time for her to go

If we were dong it on the pitch I'm pretty sure things wouldn't see. So bad

Iron2010 9:54 Sat Oct 8
Re: Fan forum next Tuesday
North Bank 9:30 Sat Oct 8

That was more out of necessity than whining. Any clown could see the problems they certainly didn't need pointing out.

dicksie3 9:33 Sat Oct 8
Re: Fan forum next Tuesday
Well, I didn't want to stay at a ground that had been cheaply redone and could only be extended to up to 40k at a huge expense.

But that's just me.

North Bank 9:30 Sat Oct 8
Re: Fan forum next Tuesday
Dicksie it seems that whining has enabled supporters to move their seats, made the Club look at stewarding and how and if they enforce sitting down during a game, ensured a police presence in and around the Stadium and forced the Club to look at how they ticket the stadium moving forward

DoubleDouble 9:09 Sat Oct 8
Re: Fan forum next Tuesday
You are right about one thing dicksie we dont have any stomach anymore otherwise we would made more of any effort to keep what was ours.

You keep ya blinkers on and swallow Brady strapon.

dicksie3 8:55 Sat Oct 8
Re: Fan forum next Tuesday
I'm getting fucking sick and tired of all the camp whining and moaning about the stadium.

We've got so many tarts amongst our fans now. Got no stomach.

We've moved stadium. It's not perfect but it's good enough. We're there to stay. Either accept it and get behind the team or fuck off for good. Simple as that.

Whining and moaning is not going to change anything so all you're doing is wasting energy. If you don't like it then why bother going?! Just pack it in then.

North Bank 8:43 Sat Oct 8
Re: Fan forum next Tuesday
Blimey only 15 fans and yet that club toady Sean Whetstone still finds his way into it and picked his crony mates to join him, surprised Sullivan's mates EX and Fat Boy weren't on it

What are the odds of that

MikeHammer 7:58 Sat Oct 8
Re: Fan forum next Tuesday
Ok on the positive front at least there is some dialogue ... But how representative is this - I can only Hoe going forward this will improve. Quite simply where are questions about shifting away fans to the upper tier, issues with distance from pitch, lack of r al retractable seating, concrete ugliness etc yet there are points about turning TVs off!! Needs to be a better public Q & A forum

tnb 10:11 Fri Oct 7
Re: Fan forum next Tuesday
This is utter bullshit. Not only, as has been rightly pointed out already, is 15 fans hardly representative in any way, shape or form, but setting an agenda ALLEGEDLY (I would love to see them release the figures on issues raised that support this) drawn from the Founders emails so that none of those 15 could raise their own points is ridiculous.

We all know the Founders feedback is by it's very nature biased towards the grasses, as was shown by the only meaningful input from 'fans' being "oh can't we stop those nasty people drinking" and "what about turning all the TVs off", plus the absolute cunt - and I'll give you my seat number in the Boleyn if you are on here and want to discuss that classification - who complained that not everyone in Club London wears a shirt and tie. If anyone believes those 3 things are representative of the gripes many fans have then they are an idiot.

Waste of time, and yet like all clever businesses the Berks can now say "we listened to the customers (spit) and they didn't have any issues".

Pop Robson 9:22 Fri Oct 7
Re: Fan forum next Tuesday
15 people is 0.028846153846153848% of 52,000 STH

and because one of the 15 says turn off the TVs they're thinking about doing it !!!!!!!!

TVs on I say

No more bottled beer either, back to super slow service while they pour it

Iron Filings 9:06 Fri Oct 7
Re: Fan forum next Tuesday
So you had 15 representative members of our fan base in the room and nobody mentioned the migration policy that mixed standing fans with sitting fans causing half their issues!

Texas Iron 8:39 Fri Oct 7
Re: Fan forum next Tuesday
Censorship...Propaganda Spin...

What do you expect from The Triumvirate...

Lily Hammer 8:31 Fri Oct 7
Re: Fan forum next Tuesday
They should have tried to arrange things so that the family section was above the away fans like they did at UP, that way all the kids are safely out of the way, little threat of aggro form above the away support, and less problems of kids being behind a load of big lumps who like to stand.

Pop Robson 7:42 Fri Oct 7
Re: Fan forum next Tuesday
So much for this imaginary family area !!

Sean Whetstone asked whether the Family Section should have been bigger.

KB said the London Stadium housed a Family Section in the Bobby Moore upper however,

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