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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Mr Wendel 6:35 Mon Oct 2
Your best team
Been a bizarre few months with west ham.
If you'd have said before the window wed have ended up with the squad we did on the first day you'd probably be very happy with it. Then there was the Carvalho rubbish, the fact Lanzini has again been injured, jury out on Arnautovic, the renaissance of Masuaku and the continuous change of formation. Not to mention a manager that knows he's skating on very thin ice.

So what would be your best team. You'd imagine everyone is fit for Burnley.


Zab Fonte Reid Cresswell

Kouyate Obiang


Sakho Hernandez Antonio


Sakho looked fit and hungry when he came on. You forget how good he was when he was up for it. I think Antonios place is also up for grabs, he was average at best on Saturday.

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JayeMPee 11:34 Tue Oct 3
Re: Your best team
As Takashi Mike

Eerie Descent 11:08 Tue Oct 3
Re: Your best team
I like the way everyone talks about Masuaku's defending in comparison to Cresswell, as if he's Maldini. Masuaku had that shocker against West Brom last season, but before that he'd looked good, and towards the end of the season he looked excellent. He was poor against Man Utd first game, but so was everyone, not sure why he's being singled out.

I'd start him over Cresswell every day of the week, gives SO much more going forward and there's not actually that much between them defensively.

Sir Alf 10:31 Tue Oct 3
Re: Your best team
In a system with 2 up front it has to be Sakho and Hernandez and even in a one up front system, Hernandez should rotate with Sakho.

Simply put, until Carroll is moved on there will always be the temptation to fall for the "unplayable" myth. He can have odd games where teams struggle to cope but his presence will always make our play predictable, direct and for many teams easy to defend.

Sakho might be a tad "unstable" or perhaps emotional but you can see why he wants out now. Scores when he gets minutes on the pitch or at least gets on the end of things and yet always below Carroll in the pecking order. He has not handled it well especially when injured but he is proving to be correct. He currently is better than Carroll and will still be on the bench.

theaxeman 1:28 Tue Oct 3
Re: Your best team




No place for Hernandez im afraid, not strong enough to play on his own and qe haven't go the playes to play 2 up

OneAll 12:03 Tue Oct 3
Re: Your best team
Zaba reid ogbonna arthur

Antonio obiang lanzini arnatovic

Sakho hernandez

Norflundon 10:07 Mon Oct 2
Re: Your best team

Sir Alf 9:56 Mon Oct 2
Re: Your best team
------------------------- Adrian
Zab ---------- Kouyate ----- Reid ----- Cresswell
----------------- Rice -------- Obiang
Antonio ----------- Lanzini ---------- Arnautovic
--------------------- Hernandez

Iron2010 9:22 Mon Oct 2
Re: Your best team
Stubbo 9:05 Mon Oct 2

Our team on paper often appears superior to most opposition and then the game takes a very different pattern. Saturday week will be a very good example of this.

You can look at our squad and see a similar thing. I think team A comfortably beats team B.

Zab Fonte Reid Creswell
Byram Obiang Lanzini Arthur
Sakho Chic

Zab Oggy Reid Creswell
Antonio Lanzini Kayoute (or Noble) Ayew (or Arnie)
Carroll Chic

Justin P 9:13 Mon Oct 2
Re: Your best team
Are we talking the best 11 players we have?

Or the best 11 starting in a team?

two different things.

Best 11 players:


You cant fit only one centre back and three strikers into the starting 11 plus i'm sure Arnie will become better than what he is showing!

Best 11?


Zab Reid Fonte Cresswell
Obiang Kouyate
Antonio Lanzini Sakho

Arnie will get better and replace Sakho, Sakho will get ahead of Carroll and still not start.

Masuaku is a connundrum, not defensive enough to displace Cresswell or attacking enough on the left to replace Arnie.

Ayew and Noble should not start if all players are fit.

Bilic should be licking his lips with this squad and forward power! its frightening!

Crassus 9:10 Mon Oct 2
Re: Your best team
Stubbo 9:05 Mon Oct 2
Not a scintilla of that is incorrect sir - sums the whole FIFA aquisition and deploy policy perfectly

Stubbo 9:05 Mon Oct 2
Re: Your best team
Playing a front 5 would be akin to suicide...even back when the league was slower and lower quality Ardiles tried that at Spurs and didn't last long.

I like Sakho the player if not the committed squad member, but he's not good enough to play wide, and we bought Hernandez to be our front man.

He'd still come on before Carroll for me - everytime unless we were playing a team of midgets.

Hernandez is strugglomg for terrible service...we just arent good enough to get him the ball in ghe box where he thrives.

Eberything should be focussed on this, but youd have to say with only one number 10 at our disposal and our wingers not all that good at one touch football, he's not a very good fit for us

tazman 8:43 Mon Oct 2
Re: Your best team
I think we have seen in past games that Masuaku is not to good defending
If you are going to play him it would be as a winger, and we have just spent
25 mill on a new winger, although the jury is still out on that one.
So cresswell gets it by a whisker, think it's time to give rice a try, would like to see Sako and Hernandez up front to see how they play together.

----------------- Hart

Zab ---------- Reid -------- Rice -----Cresswell

------------------- Obiang

Antonio----- Lanzini ---- Arnautovic

Sako ----- Hernandez

Eerie Descent 8:22 Mon Oct 2
Re: Your best team
The last thing I would ever worry about is trying to convince you of anything, Dancer.

Shane_WHUFC 7:57 Mon Oct 2
Re: Your best team

Adrian, Fonte, Cresswell, Obiang, Rice, Arnie, Sakho

Id love fit in Arnie, but we need a couple defensive midfielders or we'll be exposed in CM.

Blows my mind seeing Chica on the wing, pointless!!!

East Auckland Hammer 7:50 Mon Oct 2
Re: Your best team
stewie griffin 4:58 Mon Oct 2

On another thread stewie, you said that we had pretty much got what we deserved at the start of the season with all of the internal and external factors around the club and players, and that things should start to settle down a bit now.

Surely Ogbonna then, is either one of those problems, or he deserves his chance to be a part of the team that rectifies the situation?

Private Dancer 7:45 Mon Oct 2
Re: Your best team
Eerie - You will of course have your answers, but to me it makes no sense at all that you would have Kouyate at CB who you believe is absolutely shit in midfield, yet you think he's good enough to play as a CB in today's premier league. You will never convince me of any possible logic.

Eerie Descent 7:38 Mon Oct 2
Re: Your best team
------------------------- Hart
Zab ---------- Reid -------- Kouyate -- Masuaku
----------------- Rice -------- Obiang
Antonio ----------- Lanzini ---------- Arnautovic
--------------------- Hernandez

stewie griffin 4:58 Mon Oct 2
Re: Your best team

With: Played 4 Won 0 Drawn 0 Lost 4 For 4 Against 13 Pts 0
Without: Played 3 Won 2 Drawn 1 Lost 0 For 3 Against 0 Pts 7

Right up there with Andre AYEW

Stubbo 4:53 Mon Oct 2
Re: Your best team

-----Reid (C)----Kouyate----Ogbonna





Adrian, Fonte, Cresswell, Rice, Haksabanovic, Sakho, Carroll

Loafer 2:37 Mon Oct 2
Re: Your best team

dealcanvey 2:15 Mon Oct 2
Re: Your best team
Zaba Reid Fonte Cress
Antonio Obiang Lanzini Arnie
Sakho Hernandez

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