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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Private Dancer 4:01 Mon Nov 20
Antonio and Lanzini
Not one of the big clubs would sign either of these to even make the tea.

Maybe time the pair of cunts realised that and started to knuckle down a bit, rather than thinking they have already 'made it'?

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crystal falace 9:24 Fri Nov 24
Re: Antonio and Lanzini
Looks like the manager agrees with me putting masuaku in and lanzini at 10

Not sure if thats a point in my favour

Stubbo 9:17 Tue Nov 21
Re: Antonio and Lanzini
In response to Crystal Falace and the wide players on the wrong wings:

Moyes modus operandi is to play wide midfielders as inside forwards, with the fullbacks providing the width and crosses from the space made by the wide mids drifting inside.

Any crosses are expected to come from Cresswell and Zabaleta primarily (as they did from Coleman and Baines at Everton)

Alex Bunbury 8:59 Tue Nov 21
Re: Antonio and Lanzini
“Antonio has been a shadow of his former self”

That does happen when you have been injured for months,

jack flash 7:38 Tue Nov 21
Re: Antonio and Lanzini
Even pre-season there were a lot of posters on this site concerned about how we were likely to fare in the coming season

They were shouted down by the eternal optimists on this site

Even at this early stage it shows all the signs of another relegation season

The club is falling apart at the seams at every level

Stopping us from leaking goals for fun, even against fellow relegation strugglers, will be a miracle on it's own

Keeping us up will be an incredible achievement for Moyes, even more so than in the Tevez/Curbishley era, when we actually had several quality players

cartis 7:06 Tue Nov 21
Re: Antonio and Lanzini
One McAvennieeeeee 10:46 Tue Nov 21

Just what have you been watching.

We have got relegation stamped all over us.

We are an utter shambles at present , whatever you think if Moyes keeps us up it it's a job very well done.

Russ of the BML 5:35 Tue Nov 21
Re: Antonio and Lanzini
Mart O 3:22 Tue Nov 21

I agree with you. There is not one player playing at the top level on earth that is indulged to a free role anymore. And if it's good enough for Hazard then it's bloody sure good enough for Lanzini.

The only problem is; and this is where I defend Lanzini, Hazard doesn't just track back will-nilly and pick up whoever he's closest to. Chelsea have a defensive plan and set up. When they lose the ball Hazard has to shift his arse to get into a certain position on the pitch.

This won't just be to defend space and close the pitch down (and get his foot in where possible) but this will also be in mind with Chelsea getting the ball back. So Hazard when he defends like most top offensive players they only sit in a certain hole and don't get dragged around too much.

Because if the ball comes loose and Chelsea get it then he will be in the optimum position to pick it up or get it from another player and go from there.

It helps if you then have players like Willian, Alonso and Pedro bursting forward into space and that is what sets top teams apart.

But my point is that Lanzini doesn't look coached nor does he look like he knows what he should be doing when we defend. He just gets back and chases around. And I think that is a lot of our problem in general. The level of coaching is poor. The semblance of any set up or game plan is missing. And we don't have a set way of playing with any identity. It's almost like when the other team get the ball we just have a few players who shout "Get back!!"

It's why we are being dismantled so easily by very average teams.

claret on my shirt 4:08 Tue Nov 21
Re: Antonio and Lanzini
Lanzini has to play but he has to play with an intelligent forward who make runs, has pace and can give and go. AC is not that forward. Sakho or Hernandez are.

If we are going to sit deep, keep our shape and defend then we have to have pace up front again that's Hernandez and / or Sakho.

Maybe even a diamond is a way forward and Antonio either plays up top as an out and out forward or him and Arnie are on the bench.

Mart O 4:01 Tue Nov 21
Re: Antonio and Lanzini
I agree in principle, and the lack of cover he offered Cresswell on Sunday, particularly in the 2nd half, was a disgrace.

I'm just not sure Moyes will play Lanzini and Chicharito together in that shape, just because of the lack of physical presence they offer.

It'll be interesting to see what the manager does when Ayew and Antonio are available. Either way, Lanzini is going to have to work a damn sight harder than he has, irrespective of talent. Not alone in that, tbf.

crystal falace 3:38 Tue Nov 21
Re: Antonio and Lanzini
I agree but I think far far more tracking back is required if he's on the left as you saw how badly Cresweel was exposed on Sunday. I also think number 10 is definitely Lanzinii's best position, he's not like Payet who was going to cut in and create from the left, think his game is more about picking the ball up in the hole between midfield and defefence then turning to run at the back line.

Mart O 3:22 Tue Nov 21
Re: Antonio and Lanzini
"have Lanzini in a free role at number 10"

This always amuses me. How many players get "a free role at number 10" these days?

I'll be interested to see all the examples and happy to be proven wrong but not even the likes of Hazard - twice the player Lanzini is in a far better team, unfortunately - gets this sort of indulgence. Even in the rare examples that might pop up, they're still expected to work for the team. This cunt just needs to put a shift in.

crystal falace 3:11 Tue Nov 21
Re: Antonio and Lanzini
I just hate that he is being played don the left, everyone knows he doesn't want to track back and isn't the best defender, id of brought masuaku on for one of the useless centre midfielders and have Lanzini in a free role at number 10.

Also Masuaku will offer a lot more defensive support for creswell as well as being more suited to being a proper winger which Is what we need when we have Carroll on the pitch.

Why he had a right footer on the left and a left footer on the right I have no idea, as you need to get crosses in to carroll and all they want to do is come back inside on their strobe foot.

scott_d 3:06 Tue Nov 21
Re: Antonio and Lanzini
The whole team has been playing poorly.

For me it would be wrong to single out two of our better players in a thread when the whole team has been awful.

I've no doubt if we were to turn a corner though, then the likes of Lanzini and Antonio would more than likely be a big part of that.

I very much doubt that players like Carroll or Kouyate will be putting in a series of performances that will help turn our fortunes round though.

Dr Moose 12:37 Tue Nov 21
Re: Antonio and Lanzini
Reply Roeder-nowhere 10:43 Mon Nov 20

Because even a Sunday league side will know how to nullify that attack. Moyes has to be a little more creative than "Cross the ball into Carroll all the time".

dealcanvey 11:13 Tue Nov 21
Re: Antonio and Lanzini
Antonio and Lanzini are a shadow of their former selves. I cant think of one player that looks better this season than last. Maybe Arthur but that is it,

One McAvennieeeeee 10:46 Tue Nov 21
Re: Antonio and Lanzini
"Moyes really will have his work cut out with this lot , it will be a fantastic achievement if he keeps us up. "

Got a lot of time for shit like this.

Razzle 10:41 Tue Nov 21
Re: Antonio and Lanzini
PD - that have already made it son. They get paid big bucks.

Roeder-nowhere 10:43 Mon Nov 20
Re: Antonio and Lanzini
Agreed Alex - Antonio has been rushed back from injuries each time, played all over the pitch and the only one who runs his kkscjets off every game. Blatantly not fit last game as are most of thr team!!
Another point - was it eight of those goals last season with his head? Why the fuck don’t we learn to cross the ball for him and AC then? Or is Payet the only player we’ve had capable??

Alex Bunbury 9:23 Mon Nov 20
Re: Antonio and Lanzini
Antonio has been injured and was our top scorer last season so seems a little bit of an odd shout to criticise him. The first twenty minutes of the Tottenham game in the league he terrorised them until he got injured so no reason to think he can’t get back to that level when fit.

Norflundon 8:49 Mon Nov 20
Re: Antonio and Lanzini
Totally agree Antonio especially. The fella was a breath of fresh air when he came in absolutely worked is bollox off and since last mid last season his work rate has gone down massively as his ego has gone up. Lanzini was awful yesterday didn't even put a shift in

cartis 8:46 Mon Nov 20
Re: Antonio and Lanzini
jack flash 8:38 Mon Nov 20

Spot on about Bilic, that fucking clown should have been booted out at the end of last season if not sooner.

Them piss stained cunts didn't act ,too worried about a bit of compo,allowed the oaf to carry on and create this appalling mess.

The writing has been on the wall from day one of this season,paper thin squad,blatantly unfit,dreadful recruitment,totally unprepared for a Premiership campaign.

No real major enquiry needed into our current position.

Moyes really will have his work cut out with this lot , it will be a fantastic achievement if he keeps us up.

FrancoisVanDerElst 8:44 Mon Nov 20
Re: Antonio and Lanzini
I think David Silva would look shit with no one making runs or being able to pass and move like this West Ham team
Pretty sure Lanzini would look a lot better in a team of better players and he will be a big loss when he inevitably leaves

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