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Hermit Road 7:14 Sun Apr 12
bit torrent
I know \\i've posted this on here before and people have been very helpful. I stopped downloading years ago and streamed instead but those streaming sites don't seem to be too good so I might go back to downloading as I have an old shit laptop that I won't use for anything else.

Trouble is, finding sites to download from has got a lot harder. Do any of you lot have any half decent sites I could use?

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flyingV 2:59 Tue Apr 14
Re: bit torrent
Popcorn Time is still good for films Hermit. Uses torrents to stream but has a layout like Netflix etc

gank 11:51 Mon Apr 13
Re: bit torrent

ag ag ag ag

Soylent Green 8:38 Sun Apr 12
Re: bit torrent
I've always used Bitlord. It gives you all torrents uploaded in the last 24hrs/week/month, so you can browse for what you want or use the search for specific stuff.
Really easy to use, even for old technophobes like me.

mallard 8:29 Sun Apr 12
Re: bit torrent
I just google whatever I’m looking for with ‘torrent’ on the end.

E.g. ‘Daisy Duck double penetration torrent’

joyo 8:27 Sun Apr 12
Re: bit torrent
Which porn site you looking for?

Hermit Road 8:17 Sun Apr 12
Re: bit torrent
Thanks all.

Dan M 7:30 Sun Apr 12
Re: bit torrent

Then use the first one that works.

Mike Oxsaw 7:29 Sun Apr 12
Re: bit torrent
The Pirate Bay is still up and running although you may need a proxy from the UK.

Bernie 7:24 Sun Apr 12
Re: bit torrent

also good, but has only been accessible on Firefox recently for some reason. Safari and Chrome don't want to know

ChillTheKeel 7:19 Sun Apr 12
Re: bit torrent
1337x.to/ is decent but you might need a VPN

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