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BRANDED 2:40 Wed Jul 1
3 Million Hong Kongers
Boris Johnson says UK will open path to citizenship for 3m Hong Kong citizens after introduction of China security law

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Far East Hammer 8:52 Fri Jul 3
Re: 3 Million Hong Kongers
Capitol Man 4:48 Wed Jul 1

LMFAO - at first anyway. Then I thought, should that happen I won't want to wait it out until Far East Hammerette heads off to Uni, I may need to jump town ASAP also.

But kudos for recognising Xi as a racist, fascist Han nationalist

Far East Hammer 8:48 Fri Jul 3
Re: 3 Million Hong Kongers
mashed in maryland 2:18 Thu Jul 2

Guardian have for some time had pretty good coverage of what's going on out here. Indy not too bad either.

I believe George Galloway was speaking out against Hong Kong protestors, but not much more than him. Possibly a few even more isolated figures: John Ross talked-up China's economic development but that was pre-Xi (dunno what happened to him or where he sits now)

HSBC, StanChart and Swire might yet come under duress from the CCP again to criticise these arrangements (under threat of having issues with their business interestes & operations in HK & China).

But I'd actually envisage more objections to be voiced by small/ medium businesses dependent on China for supply-chain or markets that come under pressure to parrot the zhongnanhai line

Far East Hammer 8:41 Fri Jul 3
Re: 3 Million Hong Kongers
Far Cough 11:52 Thu Jul 2

It makes me and most I know out here laugh when on the one hand the commies claim the Joint Declaration is an historical document of no legal standing today (despite this being a formal treaty lodged at the UN) but now start bleating that the UK is not threatening to not live up to its obligations under exactly the same piece of paper vis-a-vis the offer of residency

(Just hope that the brand new "N" Section of the HK Police confuse WestHamOnline with the CCP-adoring World Health Organisation and don't pay too much attention to my posts on here!)

Far East Hammer 8:38 Fri Jul 3
Re: 3 Million Hong Kongers
Lee Trundle 12:58 Thu Jul 2

Pretty much. But what's interesting is that that figure is quite a bit lower than it would have been prior to covid-19 and prior to a whole load of the One Belt One Road debt-trap diplomacy starting to blow up

Far East Hammer 8:36 Fri Jul 3
Re: 3 Million Hong Kongers
Sydney_Iron 12:43 Thu Jul 2

Certainly more welcome than those from north of the Sham Chun River (except at Queensland Uni where they favour "northerners")

Far East Hammer 8:34 Fri Jul 3
Re: 3 Million Hong Kongers
Dagenhammer 4:28 Thu Jul 2

350,000 had BN(O). Add those who were eligible (basically Chinese born in HK prior to 1st July 1997) and their dependents (spouse, kids under 18) and you get to just under 3 million.

Those born after 1st July 1997 but now over 18 are left out of this arrangement. I understand that the rest of the Five Eyes may be stepping in for them somehow. But let's see how it pans out.

Also bear in mind that what's on offer is right to live & work in the UK for 5 years. But no social security payments for those 5 years. At the end of those five years, they can apply for settled status and 12 months after that they can apply to replace their BN(O) passport with full British Citizenship.

What happened in the 1980's and early 1990s was that a lot emigrated to US, Aus, Canada, and then once they had citizenship/ passport from there, during the mid-90's to mid-2000's quite a few came back to HK. They won't need this scheme and their kids won't.

And I suspect that a fair few of the 2.9 million or whatever the latest estimate is of eligibles would in fact already have another passport. So deduct several hundred thousand.

Then also deduct the "blue ribbons" (i.e. pro-government types) - who some might say hopefully would be excluded - that's probably another 25% off the total.

But for quite a few of the 2 million or whatever remaining, having the option of resettling elsewhere would be sufficient reassurance - they could sit it out in HK and see how things go.

And even those wanting to leave aren't all going to come at once. Given lack of social security - but moreover a cultural trait in HK to NOT claim social security or equivalent, even when you would be eligible - most would do quite a bit of planning to ensure they have sufficient money and also a job lined-up before they move.

Far East Hammer 8:23 Fri Jul 3
Re: 3 Million Hong Kongers
Gaffer58 10:32 Wed Jul 1

The "dregs" are generally in the employ of the Triads. And the Triads are part of the CCP's de facto enforcement wing, e.g. Yuen Long 21st July last year. Also widely used north of the Sham Chun River to intimidate those complaining about Party officials.

Dagenhammer 4:28 Thu Jul 2
Re: 3 Million Hong Kongers
What Johnson says is irrelevant. He did infer that all 3 million could relocate here, but in the Commons yesterday Raab stated something more likely.

He qualified the offer that would mean that only 350,000 would be eligible to come here, leaving 2.7 million behind.

mashed in maryland 2:18 Thu Jul 2
Re: 3 Million Hong Kongers
Can't wait til the Chicoms manage to spin round Britain's offer as somehow racist, and then we'll be seeing the exact same people screaming "open borders" for years suddenly be against immigration.

I give it til the end of next week when a Guardian or Indy op-ed comes out suggesting just that.

Lee Trundle 12:58 Thu Jul 2
Re: 3 Million Hong Kongers
Who are the 52 countries who are saying they are supporting the Chinese over this?

Cuba and a load of African countries that China have invested in over the years?

Uncle Albert 12:38 Thu Jul 2
Re: 3 Million Hong Kongers
I was out in Hong Kong for the handover and there was quite a bit of animosity towards us and our colonial past, so I always have a bit of a chuckle when I see how it's turned out over there. Maybe they weren't do badly off after all

Far Cough 11:52 Thu Jul 2
Re: 3 Million Hong Kongers
Kenzo, that's true by the Chinese are breaking the terms of that agreement

Mr Kenzo 11:07 Thu Jul 2
Re: 3 Million Hong Kongers
At the end of the day, it is no longer any of our business. Hong Kong is in the hands of the Chinese, we signed over the colony over 20 years ago. We shouldn't get involved, we have enough problems of our own.

ChillTheKeel 10:14 Thu Jul 2
Re: 3 Million Hong Kongers
Ridikzappa 9:32

At least you're not a hypocrite. Fair play.

tanman 10:09 Thu Jul 2
Re: 3 Million Hong Kongers
They should be sent to Scotland. As others have said, I have no problem with immigration it's just that we are bursting at the seams already.

Mike Oxsaw 9:59 Thu Jul 2
Re: 3 Million Hong Kongers
"China vows to stop UK granting Hongkongers residency"...

...but promises to keep sending us iPhones, tablets, laptops and any other cheap shit it can produce in it's sweatshops.

BRANDED 9:35 Thu Jul 2
Re: 3 Million Hong Kongers
China vows to stop UK granting Hongkongers residency


Every racist breaths more lightly

Sydney_Iron 12:43 Thu Jul 2
Re: 3 Million Hong Kongers
Well if you’re going to get refugees and immigrants then you couldn’t do much better than Hong Kong, there not your average illiterate and unskilled non English speaking type!

Should be a timely boost to the UK economy with this lot maybe arriving and getting business’s going.

Think a fair few will be headed down under as well, more than welcome as well.

Ridikzappa 11:02 Wed Jul 1
Re: 3 Million Hong Kongers
I think the problem with Hong Kong Chinese is not that they're violent or low IQ.

They're just not us.

We have a right to our own homeland and we have insane immigration levels already.

Gaffer58 10:32 Wed Jul 1
Re: 3 Million Hong Kongers
Do you think the Chinese will allow any of the top ones leave,ie, doctors,engineers etc, no they’ll send us the dregs, druggies, thieves etc.

smartypants 9:53 Wed Jul 1
Re: 3 Million Hong Kongers
Correct Mike.. and let’s offer it to the ones who will appreciate it.. they will all be waving Union Jack flags and voting Tory as well.

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