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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

AKA ERNIE 12:40 Tue Mar 2
Tammy Abraham
Ex whuemployee put out last night we are looking at signing him this summer.
Apparently fallen out with Chelsea over wage demands and is a good mate of declan.
Can't see him being what we need hes a lazy fucker that makes very few runs to get away from defenders

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Crassus 9:08 Sat Apr 17
Re: Tammy Abraham
Well my sources, the wireless, were saying that he has been dropped for playing up and not training properly - acting the cunt to us

Said all along that he is not what we need, big time Charlie who thinks he is doing everyone a favour and not half as good as he thinks he is - the chippy wrongun

grasshopper 8:48 Sat Apr 17
Re: Tammy Abraham
My sources tell me that exwhuemployee is full of shit.

Hermit Road 8:46 Sat Apr 17
Re: Tammy Abraham
I know nothing about him but if he isn't a worker then Moyes would be mad to sanction a move for him, and the board would have to be mad to not allow Moyes to have the final say

master 8:43 Sat Apr 17
Re: Tammy Abraham
He'll be pissed coz he was having a good enough season to go to the euros and is now firmly out of the picture. Cheeky early bid should already be in.

Sven Roeder 8:41 Sat Apr 17
Re: Tammy Abraham
Seems strange that he has been not even in the squad recently.
I know they have Giroud but he must be pissed off to see the ineffectual Werner get picked ahead of him all the time.
Obviously needs to leave if the manager doesnt rate him.

I dont think he'd be a bad option for us but just imagine Chelsea will ask some ludicrous fee

Romfordboy 8:30 Sat Apr 17
Re: Tammy Abraham
Asked to leave Chelsea... left out of squad today

WHUDeano 3:57 Thu Mar 4
Re: Tammy Abraham
We just need someone who runs their bollocks off, is ok with their back to goal and has the intelligence to know when to work the channels to allow the three players supporting the space to move inside.

Other than Antonio, the only other striker we've had who did that was Sakho. I don't really watch much football these days other than every West Ham game, so have no idea who would be the ideal fit really.

ludo21 1:45 Thu Mar 4
Re: Tammy Abraham
Saw Toney play earlier in the season and he was unplayable... very Antonio-esk.

Didn't do much last night though v Norwich.

Pickle Rick 1:08 Thu Mar 4
Re: Tammy Abraham
ludo21 7:00 Wed Mar 3

He should look long term as Brentford will only survive a season or 2 in the Prem.

Fifth Column 10:07 Thu Mar 4
Re: Tammy Abraham
Vexed I'd read it was £80k not £180k?

Abraham on £80k a week is probably a better bet than Yarmalenko who's on £120k or something mad - presuming we can shift him

kylay 7:04 Wed Mar 3
Re: Tammy Abraham
On what I've seen of him, he's not worth the price of admission, but as others have mentioned, If Moyes wants him, who the fuck am I to question it.

ludo21 7:00 Wed Mar 3
Re: Tammy Abraham
Norwich v Brentford at 17.30

1st v 2nd - worth seeing how Toney fares if anyone’s interested though he is going to be in demand next season and may well not be available anyway in Brentford go up.

roltrader 7:00 Wed Mar 3
Re: Tammy Abraham
... she shouldn't be allowed back into the country

scott_d 4:10 Wed Mar 3
Re: Tammy Abraham
Darlo Debs 12:22 Wed Mar 3
Re: Tammy Abraham
Has Moyes said he wants Abraham?


Not that I know.

If he doesn't then it's unlikely we'll sign him anyway, so no issue.
If he does, then he's been a good judge so far so I'm happy to trust his judgement.

Either way, not losing too much sleep over it!

Vexed 2:24 Wed Mar 3
Re: Tammy Abraham
Lingard looked a questionable signing but now we'd all sign him up permanently in a second. Moyes may have had his bollocks taken away from him and hidden in the club safe next to some of Sullivan's gaudy tat when it comes to tactics against big teams, but he has been a fucking magician in the transfer market (apart from the inexplicable Hugill of course).

However this fucking lolloping beanpole, girls name, Bambi on ice, pineapple headed Chelsea cunt reportedly wants 180k a week. Add 'Self awareness void' to the list of traits then. Cunt.

, 2:22 Wed Mar 3
Re: Tammy Abraham
To me he does not look like a player with sufficient work rate to interest Moyes.

Now Calvert Lewin he would be most welcome.

westham13 1:35 Wed Mar 3
Re: Tammy Abraham
As far as I'm concerned if Moyes wants him, I think we should go with it. With the way the recent signings are performing just trust the process.

My opinion he is pony but trust the process I suppose

Sven Roeder 1:22 Wed Mar 3
Re: Tammy Abraham
As an 'England international' Chelsea will want some ludicrous fee for Abraham even if we were interested.
The boy SIMA looks more the sort of player in our price range and one we can develop.
With Antonio another year older you'd imagine he'd be capable of 20 starts again next season so we need 3 players to compete for that role ... esp if one is a 19/20 yo coming from the Czech league.
Not watched Toney closely but someone of that physique & style. Fair chance he will come up with Brentford though

Manuel 1:20 Wed Mar 3
Re: Tammy Abraham
What a totally pointless thread. We will NOT be signing him, will we.

Must do better, Ern.

BubblesCyprus 1:14 Wed Mar 3
Re: Tammy Abraham
Very tall striker of dark skin from Chelsea ?

The ghost of Carlton Cole is coming back to haunt us.

Glenn Rodent 12:52 Wed Mar 3
Re: Tammy Abraham

Rossal 12:33 Wed Mar 3

Totally agree.

I can't understand why we are being linked with him. His goal record the past couple of seasons has been decent to be fair, albeit in the Championship, but he is 5"6.

We need a striker with power, pace and physicallity that can run in behind, hold the ball up and be an aerial threat.

There are plenty of strikers out there with all those attributes (Armstrong isn't one of them). The difficulty is finding the one that can do it in the Premier League.

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