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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Coffee 7:32 Sat Aug 28
Saturday football
Waiting for the transfer window to close is like sitting in front of a grandfather clock, listening to the rhythmic comfort of its ticking as Test Match Special plays off to the side. But when bad light stops play, you realise that all the action is going to happen, as it always does, in the window’s final days and hours. That’s what months of negotiation and speculation ultimately boils down to – and, anyway, who ever produced anything good without the pressure of a deadline? It’s what pushed Ronaldo to return to the traditional home of the armchair. It’s what might push Kurt Zouma to us. One, perhaps two, other clubs will have happy fans, but most will grumble and weep into their glass of Stella or IPA. Twas ever thus. Meanwhile, there’s an international break to tolerate (England vs Andorra at 5.00pm on Sun 5/9, if you’d forgotten). Tick tock.


This meeting of erstwhile buddies has no room for nostalgic charity. Pep needs the points for his challenge for the title, while poor old Mikel Arteta must be wondering if it was really such a good idea to have left the security of Pep’s side in the Etihad dugout. But we all make mistakes in life. And all that’s a long-winded preamble to predicting what even a half-educated football fan knows with indisputable certainty will transpire here today. The only question is, how much blood will be let? Home win.

It’s not clear which Villa we’ll see this season – the one that did so well last season, or the one that narrowly avoided relegation before that? Brentford will do well to emulate the latter and already have a win and a draw under their belt: valuable points and a highly encouraging start to life in the top league. The Bees will fancy adding to their tally this afternoon. Draw.

In a nothing-better-to-do moment, it may be tempting to see this as a kind of paper-rock-scissors game. Will the Seagulls swallow their sweet visitors with the ease of a sardine, or can the Toffees catch their hosts in a sticky mess? Expect a game of strategy and discipline, with few chances, and goals, if any, scored on the break. Draw.

A well-deserved point for the Saints against Man U last week, followed by an 8-0 walloping of Newport in midweek, will have boosted the self-belief of Hassenhutl and his charges no end. Matters probably don’t feel quite so rosy on Tyneside, with the Barcodes having accumulated nil points from two league outings so far. The home crowd are a funny lot – in some ways, not far removed from us in their understanding that support will be profusely offered until the limit of their patience is reached. It’ll be up to the visitors to test that limit if they’re to leave the Northeast with something in the bank. Draw.

There’s no question that Leicester are a talented lot, even if their performance last week belied that totally. They now have a chance to dine at Delia’s table d’hote, which is likely to give succour to many more in the coming months. There’s something comforting in that. Away win.

A word of caution if you’re expecting, with good reason, for this to go to form. Of late, Palace have developed an irritating habit of scuppering our expectations. A draw here, a win there, a late goal or two to give us a passing yet uncomfortable dose of the heebie-jeebies. None of these were remotely deserved and all were achieved, at least in part, by a suggestion of Ironic over-confidence. So there should be no room whatsoever for complacency. The Eagles (anyone remember them being called the Glaziers?) are yet to find the back of the net this season, but could have done worse than a goalless draw with Brentford and a 3-0 defeat at the hands of minted title contenders Chelsea. But today they’re up against arguably the best West Ham team for years, an in-form side with multiple goal threats, high confidence and the chance to top the Premier League after three games – which many regard as a sensible juncture at which to take first note of the table. They have Zaha. West Ham expects. Home win.

No doubt that this is a six-pointer. Two of the three top teams in the land will battle for more than bragging rights. Whatever your opinion of these sides, this is lip-smacking writ large. With fortune found, the two will cancel each other out. It’s hard to separate them – perhaps home advantage will be the only difference. But perhaps not. Draw.

**Pick of the Championship:**

After defeat to Swansea last week, the Robins may not be so keen for another Welsh encounter so soon. Cardiff have made the better start, which looks likely to continue. Home win.

Derby have five points from four games. Forest have none. Home win.

The tangerine dream will turn into marshmallow pie if Blackpool don’t get their arse into gear sharpish. Where better to start? Away win.

The Baggies have their attempted return to the top division off to a decent start. Posh have managed a point a game so far. That’s not going to improve tonight, is it? Away win.


Most neutrals would infinitely prefer to watch Leeds than Burnley. That’s the only thing that redeems this fixture. Yet for all their aesthetic shortcomings, the hosts have discipline. And for all their flair, the visitors are frail in defence. Which, to be fair, actually gives this a modest blast of intrigue. Draw.

Harry Kane is reported as being “committed”, presumably in the motivational rather than a psychiatric sense. Some may cruelly consider the source of that motivation to be high frustration at the colour of the shirt he continues to wear. The Hornets are, without doubt, in a familiar battle for Premier League survival. Will that be sufficient motivation to take the game to Spurs? It’s hard to see. Home win.

The final Premier League action before 9/11 pits a depleted Wolves – currently top of the pointless mini-league – against a side that’s invested heavily and will expect to be among the contenders for third spot come May. Man U unexpectedly dropped two points at St Mary’s last week and won’t want to see that repeated today. Who wears No 7? Away win.

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Sven Roeder 12:50 Mon Aug 30
Re: Saturday football
I think its only in the angle where Pogba is facing the camera that (when it is slowed down) you see the shin pad move slightly. Made my DRS comment as it is almost like an outside edge that needs SNICKO to see.
In normal time at first look I thought it was a 50/50 challenge for the ball.
Its technically a foul but unlike say Perez's tackle on Fornals which the referee also missed completely I am not sure its a 'clear & obvious error'.

Kaiser Zoso 12:27 Mon Aug 30
Re: Saturday football
I'll have to watch it again to see it, as the one I saw from the best angle looked as if there was no contact whatsoever, and Neves threw himself to the ground once he realised he'd lost the ball and not got a free kick

Fortunes Hiding 11:52 Mon Aug 30
Re: Saturday football
Kaiser and Sven
Agree with both of you about feigning injury, and Neves not Podence may not be seriously injured but studs on the shin HAS to be a foul.

If that was POGBA on One of ours we would be livid.

Kaiser Zoso 11:38 Mon Aug 30
Re: Saturday football
Generally though, Neves is doing what almost all Premier players seek to do if there is any contact — go down, feign a serious injury, get the game stopped, but then immediately get up so a trainer isn't required or they'd have to leave the field.

So they weren't badly injured after all. It's mugging the fans and everybody off. It disrupts the flow of play and stifles the fans from seeing open play develop.

Sven Roeder 11:33 Mon Aug 30
Re: Saturday football
Neves not Podence
On replay its a foul.
A 'clear and obvious error'?
If his studs had gone through his shin , maybe

Fortunes Hiding 11:26 Mon Aug 30
Re: Saturday football
I know what your saying Sven about minor contact.
This was Pogbas studs which moved Podences shin pad. One view if that confirms it’s a foul.
Podence reaction was odd.

Sven Roeder 11:14 Mon Aug 30
Re: Saturday football
Not sure people can have it both ways
We want minor contact to be ignored and divers to be told to get up but after 3 replays DRS shows a spike on Pogba's boot on Neves shin .... who then takes two steps looks around and throws himself to the ground .... everyone wants a foul again.

After 3 replays its probably a foul but at the time it looked a 50/50 challenge and I wouldn't hang Mike Dean for that.
Wolves had half a dozen chances to win it and the keeping for the goal was a bit Roberto. Should be worrying more about that

Felt a bit sorry for Bruno LAGER LAGER. Cant do any more than he has done in sending out the team to attack and they have missed sitters in every match.

Kaiser Zoso 10:57 Mon Aug 30
Re: Saturday football
Wolves display after the goal stood against them was fairly pub team in it's nature.

It's one thing to have a grievance about a big decision like that going against you, quite rightly going against you as it turns out, but to allow that to become the sole team focus from then on was amateur.

Also, Podence initiated contact with Pogba. Watch his right leg extend backwards as he chucks himself to the ground.

I'm no fan of Dean, but he was under enormous pressure from Wolves players at the end, which I thought was a disgrace.

Fortunes Hiding 10:54 Mon Aug 30
Re: Saturday football
Sven, have a look at the MOTD2 analysis, it a foul and a yellow card.
Pogba caught him with his studs, and Mike Dean actually sees it and winces, but doesn’t give the foul.

gph 1:39 Mon Aug 30
Re: Saturday football
Pogba was lucky to stay on the pitch.

Pretty sure Noble got a straight red for a foul like that, without the mitigating circumstances of wearing a ManU shirt, which makes it not a foul at all.

Sydney_Iron 12:12 Mon Aug 30
Re: Saturday football
What was with Mason Greenwoods crossed hammers celebration when he scored, Is he a West Ham fan?

Maybe a message to Moyes, come and get me!!!

Sven Roeder 8:24 Sun Aug 29
Re: Saturday football
No. Never
Wolves are also top of the Expected Goals league & have had most shots I think. No goals and no points

Bit of a robbery there by Man U

Mike Oxsaw 8:13 Sun Aug 29
Re: Saturday football
Have north London sides ever topped & tailed the Premier League before?

LeroysBoots 8:12 Sun Aug 29
Re: Saturday football
Is their next away game against us ?

Would be sweet as, if we were to break their away record

Sven Roeder 8:08 Sun Aug 29
Re: Saturday football
You could see that coming

Not sure what Neves was complaining about. No contact

Sven Roeder 8:03 Sun Aug 29
Re: Saturday football
How are Wolves not over the hill and far away by now?

Traore looking like a DAD playing against 8yo's

brabrook 6:58 Sun Aug 29
Re: Saturday football
Wolves giving Man Utd the run around cracking game so far.

Spurs the team to beat this season hahahaha do fuck off.

RBshorty 6:56 Sun Aug 29
Re: Saturday football
Laborde just scored for Montpellier. Looks like a fox in the box type. Wouldn’t say no.

Hammer and Pickle 6:10 Sun Aug 29
Re: Saturday football
What a borefest that was.

RBshorty 6:03 Sun Aug 29
Re: Saturday football
More chance PAI taking over than Tottenham having a chance at the league. It always goes Spursy for them.

Mike Oxsaw 6:00 Sun Aug 29
Re: Saturday football
Cracking goal difference "The Spurs" are building up there - three games, three goals, top of the fucking league.

Strange times.

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