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Come On You Irons 10:15 Sat Sep 25
Panic buying
Last year it was toilet roll, this year it is petrol, with tossers blocking up roads queuing at stations.

Morons love a good old panic buy. Fucking idiots.

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aldgate 11:40 Fri Apr 8
Re: Panic buying
hopefully moyes has got a pile of left backs and strikers stashed in a cupboard somewhere

violator 11:40 Fri Apr 8
Re: Panic buying
I thought it was more to do with the crusties blocking the fuel depots?

pulhampete 11:38 Fri Apr 8
Re: Panic buying
Yep, several closed petrol stations near me with 'No fuel' signs.
Welcome to the new normal.

goose 11:33 Fri Apr 8
Re: Panic buying
Anyone else noticed any closed garages recently? There’s been a couple near me that have run out of petrol but the media seems to be keeping quiet this time.

Mike Oxsaw 12:23 Fri Oct 15
Re: Panic buying
Don't let pickled see that report.

As the sites sole and self-appointed top fat cat in the business world he'll go off on another one.

joe royal 11:28 Fri Oct 15
Re: Panic buying

Unite did pretty well got the Heinz drivers.


Mike Oxsaw 11:17 Fri Oct 15
Re: Panic buying
Yeah! Fuck the unions and all the improvements they've brought to working class workers over the last 100 years.

Race to the bottom is where it's at. How very DARE somebody with few, or even no, academic qualifications expect anything decent out of life at all???

Block 11:16 Fri Oct 15
Re: Panic buying
Well well well, HGV drivers are planning on strike action if the firms do not rectify the shit working conditions their employers are forcing on them.

Was a HGV driver on the radio this morning, saying how bad it is. And that it's easy to blame brexit, when in reality it's the companies faults for treating their staff like slaves, in his words.

Still, Pickled won't acknowledge this.

joe royal 11:16 Fri Oct 15
Re: Panic buying

The rock n roll trucking co I used to work for now has most of its fleet out doing containers. I did it for about 5 months and hated every day.

Some drivers love it, most hate it but a wage is a wage.

They pay £200 a day flat rate and still can’t get drivers through the door.

I would guess 90% of the fleet are white English, very few foreigners seem to work in the touring industry.

Most driving jobs are crap, 70 hour weeks, dirty truck stops loads of hanging about and spoken to like shit by various shunters/security/yard Marshall’s.

Driver shortage?

Well it takes about 2 hours to get a container lifted and another one put on.

You can wait up to 5 hours to get tipped at a RDC then have to wait another hour for the paperwork, best part of a day wasted.

These days there is enough work to choose what you do.

I prefer event/rock n roll/swing driving.

White Pony 11:06 Fri Oct 15
Re: Panic buying

Who’s saying it’s all down to Brexit.

Myself and a few others have stayed below that really only one of the issues is linked to Brexit. All the other problems have a multitude of causes, many of them global problems.

Plenty of balanced opinion on this thread if you want to see it.

Hammer and Pickle 10:05 Fri Oct 15
Re: Panic buying

You’re not suggesting that there is a place for foreign drivers who are prepared to accept work conditions that you are not?

Goodness gracious me, it’s almost as if your interests, that of the employer and Johnny Foreigner can all be satisfied as long as everyone is allowed to just get on with the job without undue political meddling.

Crassus 9:46 Fri Oct 15
Re: Panic buying
This thread is a demonstration of a little knowledge being a dangerous thing - plenty of partial knowledge extrapolated to full fact

There's a broad spectrum of causes

For starters, this 'current HGV' issue is wrong, it's been coming for over a decade, secondly, it is not an HGV issue at all, it's a Class 1 issue
And as for Brexit being the font of all evil, that is wrong too. It is a convergence of global circumstance as a consequence of a global supply chain
The greatest actual impact of Brexit has been indirect, cabotage regulation change, the impact upon the UK land bridge and Irish traffic reduction

Now here is another thought, for those who happily voted for Khan and his like, read up on ULEZ and LEZ imposition - it's implementation and compliance. Then take a look at all the other zones rolled out and soon to be, around the country and wonder again why it is that deliveries to the urban centres are struggling whilst the provinces are holding up. Plenty of carriers fucking those deliveries off - you are getting what you voted for

joe royal 8:44 Fri Oct 15
Re: Panic buying
You couldn’t pay me enough to drive a container lorry again.

Awful job.

Start with a lighting co on Monday in Basingstoke. £900 a week and a hotel thrown in mon to Friday.

Two years ago it would have been £600 a week and sleep in the truck in the yard.

Mike Oxsaw 12:17 Fri Oct 15
Re: Panic buying
Generally, fruit & vegetable picking is cash-in-hand work, off the books so no checks on individual minimum wage. A supplier offers to provide "enough staff" to harvest a crop and that is as far as the farmer/land-owner takes it.

A fixed fee is handed over for "harvesting services" or some such civil service friendly label and a coach-load of people turn up to do the work.

No check on whether or not the numbers match up - the supplier could be paid for 30 people and 60 turn up all prepared to work for half the going rate if it's more than they can earn back home.

As for HGV drivers, it's already been pointed out on this site that a common practice is to hire them through eastern European agencies, who again sell the haulage companies "driver services", taking care of all the pay, T&C and other matters according to the laws at the location of the agency.

There's not enough civil servants to check on the numbers - or indeed qualifications of the drivers thus supplied, and, as long as the stuff gets shifted, the haulage companies won't give a flying one.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 11:42 Thu Oct 14
Re: Panic buying
zebthecat 11:00 Thu Oct 14

Erm. Would you care to expand on that a bit? It doesn't make any sense as it's written. Unless you are claiming that minimum wage is a living wage. Which it very much isn't.

Cabbage Savage 11:22 Thu Oct 14
Re: Panic buying
Bench going krazy.

UK not able to be shipping prestijos Savoy Cabbiges to Polski.

Christ mass feest of carp but no savoy cabbige!!!


zebthecat 11:00 Thu Oct 14
Re: Panic buying
White Pony 10:25 Thu Oct 14

Mike - the minimum wage has been in place for years so the slave-labour wages thing is a bit of a red herring.

goose 10:37 Thu Oct 14
Re: Panic buying
Agreed Pony, you can track some of the labour shortages back to Brexit.

The global economics stuff is just the 'perfect storm' described below - or as one of our directors called it, "a comedy of errors".

Power shortages - fabric mill closures
Cotton price increases
Container shortages and cost
Covid closures of manufacturing
Covid reduced workforce at the ports
Shortage of HGV drivers
Shortage of staff in the distribution centre

etc, etc, etc.

White Pony 10:25 Thu Oct 14
Re: Panic buying
I think the only part of it you can directly link to Brexit is the lack of cheapo labour that means there is a lack of staff for our 3PL provider and some of our wholesale customers are experiencing the same.

All the other issues in the global supply chain as outlined by Charoo below are due to a whole host of issues. Just all come together at once to create the perfect storm.

Northern Sold 6:11 Thu Oct 14
Re: Panic buying
Please shut up Mike

Mike Oxsaw 6:01 Thu Oct 14
Re: Panic buying
"Customs all over Europe are fucking with British goods and changing their requirements on a daily basis." is probably the only Brexit relayed input to all this - and it will require an EU directive, not a UK one - to address the causes.

At the moment such actions simply add to the logistics problems by taking up space in transport to return the goods to sender.

We shall see how eager they are to address this part of the problem in due time: looks exactly like a petulant sulk to me though.

Logistics and the whole supply chain was always at risk, both from Covid closing big Chinese ports then the Suez Canal being blocked; the echoes from both are still resonating around the world, overlaying and highlighting any local issues that may, up until now, have been masked.

One thing is for certain though: allowing slave-waged labour to flood back into the country to "help clear the logistics log-jam" is NOT the solution - it's a significant part of the problem.

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