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Coffee 9:51 Sun Jan 15
Nepal plane crash
A domestic flight between Kathmandu and Pokhara crashed just before landing. YouTube video of the moments before looks like it stalled. 70+ people on board, all feared dead. Tragic.

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zico 11:43 Wed Jan 18
Re: Nepal plane crash
That makes sense, as in none of the reports was an engine on fire mentioned.

Coffee 11:23 Wed Jan 18
Re: Nepal plane crash

That video posted by too much too young is not the Yeti Airlines plane. I think it's a Russian plane, because:

1. the plane looks different
2. the architecture is not Nepali
3. to the south of Pokhara are what they'd call hills and we call mountains; to the north are snow-covered mountains

Lee Trundle 11:22 Wed Jan 18
Re: Nepal plane crash
Good point.

That video from TMTY is probably footage of a different crash then.

Weird what people jump on to get attention (not you TMTY, the person who originally posted it up).

zico 11:13 Wed Jan 18
Re: Nepal plane crash
The original video at the start of the thread saw the plane fall to the left without the wing on fire, that one shows it fall to the right with the wing on fire. Obviously videos can be mirror image but strange that one ha win fire and other doesn't.

Lee Trundle 11:02 Wed Jan 18
Re: Nepal plane crash
I can't get my head around how calm everyone was on that Facebook live video inside the cabin considering one of the engines was on fire before it crashed.

Too Much Too Young 10:54 Wed Jan 18
Re: Nepal plane crash
The moment Nepalese plane caught fire and fall


pretty horrific ending.

joyo 2:37 Tue Jan 17
Re: Nepal plane crash
Woman co pilot who's husband died in plane crash 2005 at helm,ah now we know why!

Manuel 3:27 Tue Jan 17
Re: Nepal plane crash
British man was among dozens of people killed in a plane crash in Nepal on Sunday.

Nepalese officials initially said Ruan Calum Crighton, 34, was from the Republic of Ireland. It is understood he was travelling on a UK passport.

Mr Crighton, from Brentwood, Essex, was a talented British ballet dancer who died one day after his birthday, MailOnline reported.

His death sparked an outpouring of grief across Europe’s ballet community.

A Foreign Office spokesperson said: “We are supporting the family of a British man who has died in Nepal and are in contact with the local authorities.”

Chigwell 8:40 Mon Jan 16
Re: Nepal plane crash
Good early expert view here:

Far Cough 5:22 Mon Jan 16
Re: Nepal plane crash
There's only one physical runway at Pokhara with two runway headings of 120 and 300, so if they chose to ignore the runway that was facing into the wind and chose the opposite, it would make sense there was and aerodynamic stall on one wing at least?

bruuuno 4:53 Mon Jan 16
Re: Nepal plane crash
A family member was an old bill in the Scottish Borders when the pan am jet came down. He spoke of finding people with their fingers crossed

happygilmore 4:40 Mon Jan 16
Re: Nepal plane crash
The co Pilot was about to qualify as a captain, completing the required amount of air time upon landing. Her husband died on a plane crash 16 years ago in Nepal also, when also a Pilot.

It has been speculated they erroneously, out of habit, were making the familiar & trickier approach to the old airport, going against ATC instructions to approach the new airport runway.

zico 4:39 Mon Jan 16
Re: Nepal plane crash
Swiss,,,,, Jesus.

Swiss. 4:34 Mon Jan 16
Re: Nepal plane crash

What I heard was at 30K feet they would have initially been frozen unconscious but as they decended regained consciousness. In fact they found a flight attendant on the ground where she has clawed the earth.

cholo 4:30 Mon Jan 16
Re: Nepal plane crash
Lee Trundle

Thats a great idea for a new Hamlet cigars advert.

Lee Trundle 4:23 Mon Jan 16
Re: Nepal plane crash
The quicker you accept that you're going to die, then the sooner you'll be able to enjoy the roller-coaster of a ride down, I suppose?

zico 4:18 Mon Jan 16
Re: Nepal plane crash
Westham67 3:34 Mon Jan 16

I read that on he Pan Am flight at Lockerbie some passengers were still conscious in their seats after the explosion. Unbelievably frightening if true.

Westham67 3:34 Mon Jan 16
Re: Nepal plane crash

Coffee 12:01 Mon Jan 16

I would rather have a break up 30,000 feet and know nothing about than going down on a plane. The Japanese air line was flying around out of control for ages before it crashed into a mountain, A France form Rio that was nasty and the Turkish airlines where it suspected the pitot committed suicide. And then there is MH370 I was working in Malaysia at the time and to watch the buffoon police commissioner being interviewed live by the foreign press was a joy to watch. He wasn't accustomed to being challenged by reporters, He was one dumb cunt

Kaiser Zoso 3:23 Mon Jan 16
Re: Nepal plane crash
Unlike Swiss to come out with embarrassingly wrong opinions

Lee Trundle 3:12 Mon Jan 16
Re: Nepal plane crash
Swiss. 2:02 Mon Jan 16
"Suicide/Pilot error I recon."

Looks nothing like that. A Coffee has said, everything suggests there was a wing stall and that's why it went down.

zico 2:45 Mon Jan 16
Re: Nepal plane crash
As someone else said blancolirio on You Tube is excellent in talking about these tragedies. Think he has picked though the Australian Sea World Helicopter Tragedy and the Dallas Air Show crash in layman's terms.

Apparently this is a brand new airport in Nepal, only opened in January and this pilot is only the second to request a change of runway to land, for reasons unknown. It's not great terrain and weather to fly at times and reading between the lines I'm wondering if the new runway is an approach that caused the plane to slow down too much or something.

Anyway here is the link, it's interesting.


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