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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Coffee 6:58 Sat Mar 4
Saturday football
The sands of time have certainly improved the fortunes of both clubs as Abu Dhabi hosts Saudi Arabia, but with different accents. The visitors will want to reclaim fourth spot – they’ll need to overcome the four-point difference from their two games in hand to do that. Today may not be the right time to start, but will give a good indication of their relative strength. Home win.

This is the sort of fixture that the likes of Southampton and Everton (and others) give thanks for. Home complacency, and only that, can prevent the inevitable. Home win.

Eleventh hosts twelfth, and you won’t find a more mid-table fixture than this today. It’s almost got an early end of season feel to it. Home win.

This is a vital game that we cannot afford to lose. But the Seagulls have become something of a bogey side for us in recent seasons and are themselves pushing for a European spot. We’ve never beaten them (or kept a clean sheet) in the Premier League and this won’t be easy either. We’ll have to overcome the Old Trafford disappointment and show some real steel or iron or whatever other metal it takes to come away with something. We *can* do it. We’re good enough and have a set of strong and skilled players. It’s all in the head. Get that right and a point or more is there for the taking. Draw.

In the 1970s this was always an epic encounter. Not to mention a filthy one. Harris, Osgood, Bremner, the Greys and so on. But this isn’t the 70s, and both sides are having lousy seasons. The hosts should be too good for a floundering Leeds side. Let’s hope they rise to that billing. Come on, you Blues. And pass the Listerine. Home win.

Having got themselves into the top four, the visitors will want to stay there. That should be incentive enough. It’s not often that you want Spurs and Chelsea to win on the same day – or indeed on any day. Away win.

One of two massively important relegation six-pointers this weekend. The Saints look set for the drop, but no side goes into that good night gently and self-respect should make them rage against the dying of the Premier League light. Draw.


The second non-WHU game that’s of vital significance to WHU. Will Forest’s drubbing last weekend give them a boot of encouragement or will it have knocked their confidence? They’ll look to build on a reasonably decent home record, while the Toffees’ away record offers zero encouragement for their fans. Despite the appointment of a competent boss, Everton’s predicament is dire. Third from bottom and having played one game more than the other drop contenders, they still show little sign of pulling themselves up the table. But there’s the sense that they’ve got more in the tank than their hosts. Draw.

Two years ago, the likely result of this fixture would scarcely have been in doubt. Today, Man U have to be favourites against a side that’s utterly lost consistency and belief in itself. Still, such is the depth of feeling between these two that no outcome can be predicted with confidence. Draw.


Ninth plays seventh, and there aren’t many who’d have predicted when strawberries last grew. Draw.

It’ll take a monumental disaster to stop Burnley making a decisive and immediate return to the top flight. With 12 games to play, they’re 16 points ahead of Middlesboro in third spot. Not so much a disaster as a surprise, the same applies to Sheffield United who have a seven point lead over Boro with a game in hand. The leaders visit sorry Blackpool, second from bottom, this afternoon, while the Blades face a tricky trip to Blackburn (4th) in the early kick-off. Having climbed to fifth, Millwall host Norwich, who are two points behind them and just outside the play-off-spots. Wigan, Blackpool and Uddersfield still occupy the bottom three places, each on 31 points, and all will be concerned at the widening gap – now at four points – either side of the dotted line.

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joe royal 11:24 Mon Mar 6
Re: Saturday football
Ya think Toney had a bet on himself to score?

Hello Mrs. Jones 11:17 Mon Mar 6
Re: Saturday football
Two teams with far less talent on paper but clearly both with young and creative managers coaching players who give a shit

CanningTownWA 10:17 Mon Mar 6
Re: Saturday football
5 minutes of the Brentford v Fulham game has shown everything that West Ham are not
Brentford had a few chances in the first 5 minutes and then scored, really going for it

Eerie Descent 2:14 Mon Mar 6
Re: Saturday football
I remember someone who was at the club at that time being interviewed, and he said Sinclair proper downed tools in that season, couldn't wait to get out the club.

New Jersey 2:00 Mon Mar 6
Re: Saturday football
I remember that match, Sinclair was a fucking disgrace, never really taken to the prick.

Tomshardware 1:33 Mon Mar 6
Re: Saturday football
boleyn8420 1:04 Mon Mar 6

Yeah you're right.

Coffee 7:16 Mon Mar 6
Re: Saturday football

legrandefromage 7:08 Mon Mar 6
Re: Saturday football
All the following season after relegation. Three times against Gillingham, Albion and Walsall

Coffee 7:05 Mon Mar 6
Re: Saturday football
Was it in that relegation season that Defoe (deliberately??) got himself sent off a few times?

marty feldman 6:53 Mon Mar 6
Re: Saturday football
Sinclair was absolutely disgraceful in roeders last season only put any effort in after Trevor took over . Saying that only Joe cole and dare I say it Defoe put everything into staying up then .

boleyn8420 1:04 Mon Mar 6
Re: Saturday football
Tom's. It was Paulo Wanchope who put us 1-0 up at OT in the 7-1 defeat. I was up there that day and said I bet that just upset them. Ffs

Northern Sold 10:00 Sun Mar 5
Re: Saturday football
Yeah was at that match... one of the few times that I saw a footballer quit on the pitch... step forward Mr Trevor Sinclair...

Alex G 9:52 Sun Mar 5
Re: Saturday football
Tomshardware 9:46 Sun Mar 5

There was a 6-0 FA Cup defeat at Old Trafford around that time (I think the Roeder relegation season) which you may be thinking about. Utterly abject display from memory.

A quick Google search says we're only lost by seven once and that was against Sheffield Wenesday in 1959. Asides from the two times you've mentioned, the only other time we've conceded seven or more was the famous 8-2 against Blackburn on Boxind day 1963.

Tomshardware 9:46 Sun Mar 5
Re: Saturday football
Alex G, funny how we've always managed to get a goal when we've conceded 7. Can recall the 7-1 at Blackburn, and a 7-1 at Old Trafford after going 1 nil up (hartson I think). Was there another 7-1 at Old Trafford?

Mex Martillo 9:19 Sun Mar 5
Re: Saturday football
The premier league is mental
I feel a bit better about yesterday now

Alex G 8:58 Sun Mar 5
Re: Saturday football
That's two things Man United have done in the past week that West Ham haven't done in my lifetime... win a trophy and lose a match by seven goals.

irisiris95 8:34 Sun Mar 5
Re: Saturday football
All those cocky ManU fans all week really wound me up.... 7-0
Now please F*** Off

We should have had them in the Cup

pdcwhu 8:31 Sun Mar 5
Re: Saturday football
Paulon they brought on the 1 st team early

marty feldman 8:31 Sun Mar 5
Re: Saturday football
Moyes will claim we ran the legs off them LOL .

happygilmore 8:30 Sun Mar 5
Re: Saturday football
nychammer 8:25 Sun Mar 5
Re: Saturday football
how we lose to these?

ag ag ag

only1billybonds 8:28 Sun Mar 5
Re: Saturday football
Be a good night in Liverpool, pubs will be rocking.

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