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c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
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e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Nurse Ratched 2:16 Sun Jul 23
MH370 - a long read

This is a very good read for those still interested in the story. It's from 2019, but I'm pretty sure there haven't been any major changes or updates regarding the story since.

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Haz 11:34 Sun Jul 23
Re: MH370 - a long read
A good read, indeed, Nurse.

Manuel 6:01 Sun Jul 23
Re: MH370 - a long read
So, is Oxbore in Belvedere, or in NE Thailand, brassing?? It's really so mysterious and intriguing. A real international man of mystery!

Nurse Ratched 5:50 Sun Jul 23
Re: MH370 - a long read
The dodgy Malaysian Govt report stated Zaharie was tickety boo, but the writer of the Atlantic article reports that Zaharie's friends contradicted that. His marriage had failed, and he was engaging in immature and creepy behaviour online. It's certainly not unusual for men who are suicidal and troubled to put on a front and not seek help, either.

ludo21 5:37 Sun Jul 23
Re: MH370 - a long read
According to the documentary that I watched the pilot was completely sane and normal and one of MA top pilots (though they didn’t explain why he had the flight path on his home simulator).

I don’t know Nurse… I can easily imagine that the US security services are capable of anything if they think the ends justify the means.

Not saying I think they did… obviously I don’t know.

Nurse Ratched 3:46 Sun Jul 23
Re: MH370 - a long read
Why would the US spooks divert the plane so far off its course before downing it, if the intention was merely to stop the Chinese getting hold of the cargo? What would be the point of that, apart from to draw even more attention to their dirty deed by creating a world famous and enduring mystery?

Also, step back and have a think. What is more likely in reality? A) The US (possibly with the help of foreign Govts/agents) was happy to murder hundreds of civilians to stop the Chinese getting hold of some tech, when they could easily use bribery or spy infiltration to get the info they need? Or B) A murder/suicide by a pilot who was known to be emotionally unsettled and had even plotted the same route on his home flight simulator?

Swiss. 3:41 Sun Jul 23
Re: MH370 - a long read
joyo 12:37 Sun Jul 23

No Oxbore’s lady boy is from Thailand I think. But could be I’m mistaken.

ludo21 3:32 Sun Jul 23
Re: MH370 - a long read
I’m sure I remember from the time, stories of a cargo destined for China that the US was eager for the Chinese not to receive… some US secret service guys were killed / injured (on a cargo ship?) a few days earlier.

The fact that I watched a long documentary and this wasn’t even mentioned convinced me even more that the US took action to prevent the plane reaching China.

Mind you I do love a good conspiracy theory.. nothing else seems more likely. The fact that a US adventurer (with links to the CIA) went looking for debris in the East coast of Africa and found it on his first day of looking also seems fairly dubious and adds credibility to the cover up.

Fascinating story though…

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:49 Sun Jul 23
Re: MH370 - a long read
'Minors', eh!

***deliberately misunderstands and places Mike in the nonce/wannabee rapist box***

joyo 12:37 Sun Jul 23
Re: MH370 - a long read
Oxbore 11.00.."my dealings with Malaysian authorities"...was that when you was deported for "minor" offences?

Nurse Ratched 12:34 Sun Jul 23
Re: MH370 - a long read
Ah, I missed that.

But the Chinese were happy to sit on their hands till the insurers paid out? It's still a stupid idea.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 12:22 Sun Jul 23
Re: MH370 - a long read

Obviously in normal circumstances, Mike is a silly bark. Even if I don't know what a silly bark is.

However, in fairness to him, he did mention insurance.

Silly old trut :)

Nurse Ratched 12:10 Sun Jul 23
Re: MH370 - a long read
Flipping hell, Mike.

And what...the Chinese just said "Aw fair fucks - the Malaysian Govt did TRY to pay us, but then there was this awful accident with the plane going missing, so we'll consider it quits and not issue another invoice"?

Give your head a wobble, you silly bark.

Mike Oxsaw 11:00 Sun Jul 23
Re: MH370 - a long read
Not a theory, OTB, probably me just being human and trying to find a pattern (is there a hungry tiger lurking in the shadows?) where there may well be none.

The only real "evidence", as such, is my personal experience in dealing with the Malaysian authorities - before any negotiations there was either/and a brown envelope passed over to them along with a cast iron guarantee that if whatever it was went tits-up, they would be automatically and completely exonerated.

Stevethehammer 10:53 Sun Jul 23
Re: MH370 - a long read
Personally I've always believed that they have looked too far south for the aircraft and that focus should have been closer to the sea 1500 km off somewhere like Geraldton or Carnarvon. I thinj it wouldn't have glided so far south and would have fell into the sea for whatever reason a bit closer to those places rather than quite a way south of Perth where they were looking.
Just my opinion of course and some small research would suggest the search area was below the NTSB suggested routes.

On The Ball 10:18 Sun Jul 23
Re: MH370 - a long read
Thanks Nurse - some fascinating toilet reading there.

And congrats Mike - is that your first 'own' conspiracy theory?

lab 9:29 Sun Jul 23
Re: MH370 - a long read
Good find NR

Coffee 9:26 Sun Jul 23
Re: MH370 - a long read
Good read, thanks for posting.

GoalLazio 9:17 Sun Jul 23
Re: MH370 - a long read
Ask the yanks - they know where it is.

Mike Oxsaw 8:58 Sun Jul 23
Re: MH370 - a long read
I m sure I recall just before the incident that China were demanding payment (in gold) for their work on the new Malaysian rail network - the link that kept that snippet in mind was, if I remember correctly, 67 was a project manager for a while there.

My belief for a period was that the slippery bastard Malaysian administration agreed and elected to send it on this particular flight, however, they somehow managed to load an weighted but empty crate instead of one with the agreed gold and determined that the flight was never going to reach it's destination for the Chinese to find out - one of the many reasons for the appalling fuck up by the Malaysian authorities over the whole affair.

I assume that the cargo was insured so the Chinese eventually got the money (and Malaysia kept the gold).

I also recall that at every Malaysian press conference at the time that there was a man in a military uniform always in shot, just off the speaker's shoulder, and it seemed that, every day, he'd been awarded an extra medal after the previous press conference for something or other.

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