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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Coffee 3:26 Fri Aug 11
Saturday football
And we’re back after scarcely no time at all. The bees are still collecting pollen and the aroma of linseed oil on willow wafts gently around village greens soaked from the most recent downpour. Umbrellas are the order of the day, signalling that the serious stuff starts now.


Burnley’s misery of fourteen months ago gave way last season to a reinvigorating sojourn in the Championship. They return to the top table with confidence and competence restored. The first game of the season has a habit of producing unexpected results and the prodigy will hope he can turn the tables on the master in the season’s opener. Little chance of that, with or without Paqueta. Away win.


Big-spending Arsenal come into this with a lighter pocket but a first team that could seriously challenge City for the title. Forest were lucky to escape the drop and they’ll have to be just as lucky to do the same this time round. Their away record last season was very poor and you’d expect them to go into their second game with a substantial goal deficit. Home win.

This is as inspiring a prospect as Luton away was in the late 70s. Under new boss (*checks website for name*) Andoni Iraola, the Cherries face another tough season that they’ll do well to survive with Premier League status intact. We’ve had to wait until 48 hours before the new season kicked off to welcome our first signing, Edson Alvarez. But still, you’d think we’d be too strong for a Bournemouth side still finding its way after the club’s return to the top flight. It’s an opportunity to bag three points that may prove crucial come next May. But who will score the goal/s? Away win.

Those orrible Hatters are back in the big time. But the Seagulls are hungry and circling. Home win.

The Toffees can thank the skin of their teeth that they’re playing this game instead of enjoying an awayday at Plymouth. Other than the experienced Ashley Young on a free, they’ve made no signings this summer and their fans will be forgiven for any perceptions of gloom and despair as summer’s shadows fade. Sound familiar? Fulham, meanwhile, will be licking their lips. Draw.

The Blades, with Luton, will be among the favourites for an immediate return to the Championship. But there’s nothing to boost the old confidence like a decent boss – which, in Paul Heckingbottom, they have – and a siege mentality to go with a rousing home crowd. Palace and others may find this a tricky fixture. Draw.

It’s a step at a time for Eddie Howe. The trouble for everyone else is that each step is enormous. Probably not big enough to challenge City and Arsenal, but they’re heading in the right direction. Villa will also be a force to reckon with this season. Home win.


Thomas Frank has performed a minor miracle at Brentford. Perhaps not so minor. But the Bees must guard against complacency. Today’s visitors will offer a good test not just of their ability to stay in the middle reaches of the division, but also of Spurs’ ability under yet another new boss, Ange Postecoglou. Mr Levy will be less than pleased should this latest phase of the project go tits up. Over to you, Brentford. Draw.

The game of the weekend. Neither team will likely contend for the title, but they’ll believe they can. Could be a cracker. Draw.


10 Hag has arguably done more for Man U than anyone since Sir Alex. This season promises perhaps the quiet neighbours’ best chance of a top three finish for a decade. The Wolves faithful seem less than enamoured by the arrival of Gary O’Neil as manager. But can he do a job for the Molineux side? Not tonight, Josephine. Home win.

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kylay 11:18 Fri Aug 18
Re: Saturday football
Another appalling decision not to give a pen to Forest there and no look at VAR.

Side of Ham 12:37 Wed Aug 16
Re: Saturday football
Best excuse to cut down on this overrated shitfest called the Premier League…..

Hermit Road 12:24 Wed Aug 16
Re: Saturday football
The sheer gall of that decision yesterday is enough to remind me why I barely watch any games that don’t involve us. The cynicism of it and the consistency over decades of Man U a getting decisions from officials. To do it with a video replay though is sheer arrogance and shows how balls deep those who run football are in Man U. They just don’t give a fuck.

arsene york-hunt 12:07 Wed Aug 16
Re: Saturday football

LeroysBoots 1:43 Tue Aug 15
Re: Saturday football
All 3 officials from last night stood down for this weekend

ReF, VAR official and his side kick

All have also been told to give up their Man U season tickets

El Scorchio 12:52 Tue Aug 15
Re: Saturday football
Was it Sturridge dressed in that white suit looking like an utter cunt?

I did wonder who that was at the time.

El Scorchio 12:50 Tue Aug 15
Re: Saturday football
I see there's an 'apology' and an admission that the decision was wrong. What fucking good is that?

There needs to be a proper inquest into this and similar incidents. How did the ref and VAR both get something so blatant completely wrong? Sorry just isn't good enough any more.

When it's done by AI (as suggested below) it'll finally be fair.

stewie griffin 12:48 Tue Aug 15
Re: Saturday football
the Carragher thing was embarrassing. They've clearly been asked not to be too critical of refs this season, so you had Carney and Neville awkwardly tip-toeing around the fact they thought it was a pen, then they cut to Carragher - who gets slaughtered for his Liverpool bias - who obviously thought he'd look like he was being fair to their great rivals by saying it wasn't. Even he didn't look like he believed what he was saying.

Absolute nonsense, and on top of Daniel Sturridge's performance on Sunday, I won't be watching any more punditry on there. A shame, as it used to be half decent.

Lee Trundle 12:41 Tue Aug 15
Re: Saturday football
According to Howard Webb, they have the ability this season to release the audio from VAR conversations after the event to give clarity on the decision making process.

I wonder if they'll release the audio of that ridiculous decision last night?

onsideman 11:22 Tue Aug 15
Re: Saturday football
So that just leaves Simon Hooper, Michael Salisbury and Jamie fucking Carragher as the only cunts that thought it wasn't a foul

, 11:11 Tue Aug 15
Re: Saturday football
Wolves boss Gary O'Neil says elite referees manager Jon Moss told him he "could not believe" his side were not given a penalty at Manchester United.

It is understood PGMOL chief Howard Webb also contacted Wolves officials after the game to apologise for the mistake.

Simon Hooper was the on-field referee who did not punish the incident while Michael Salisbury was the VAR.

In April, Salisbury was stood down for a game after he did not intervene to award Brighton a penalty in a defeat at Tottenham while also acting as the VAR.I

fraser 9:33 Tue Aug 15
Re: Saturday football
It is possible that Hooper didn't see it clearly for some unknown reason, but not a chance VAR didn't... Looked at it for seconds then dismissed it. If Wolves score and someone clatters the keeper it's ruled out.
Very impressed with Gary O'Neil again though, 4 days into the job.

Iron Duke 9:32 Tue Aug 15
Re: Saturday football
It isn’t about poor refereeing decisions. It’s about corruption within the game. Always has been.

Many people thought incorrectly that VAR would level the playing field. It hasn’t, it’s made it worse. Now VAR can choose which incidents it wants to look at and which ones to ignore, which ones to overturn the on-field decision, and which ones to go with the original decision. Because the calls are often tight, they can’t be challenged. But every now and then they let their guard slip and give or miss something so blatant that even they can’t hide. Then they put it down to human error. I’ll tell you what then, remove the humans from VAR and get it done by AI instead of retired referees who are part of the corruption.

LeroysBoots 8:24 Tue Aug 15
Re: Saturday football
Hooper the ref, another Colina wannabee, should be stood down for a number of games. How the fuck did he not see that ?. Be prepared for a whitewash by PGMOL

arsene york-hunt 4:50 Tue Aug 15
Re: Saturday football
I saw somebody earlier saying there is no consistency. Not really true: the refs have been totally consistent for years giving Man Utd all the dodgy decisions. We all know it's a fact and even with VAR the bias remains.

It all evens itself out in the long run. Well I've been 50 years for things to start evening out and no sign of it yet.

Manuel 4:22 Tue Aug 15
Re: Saturday football
So the ref fucks up and then books the manager who is rightly furious with him? That's just not right. Ref's will be bigger cunts than ever this season. Pure vermin, all of them.

epsom 2:59 Tue Aug 15
Re: Saturday football
joe royal 1:31 Tue Aug 15
Candy Gram for Mongo...

Capitol Man 2:55 Tue Aug 15
Re: Saturday football
Be interesting to see if Newcastle start getting VAR going their way now they have the Saudi money behind them.

Do they just get added to the “big six” or do they replace Spurs?

joe royal 1:31 Tue Aug 15
Re: Saturday football
For some reason Daniel Sturridge reminds me of the black guy from Blazing Saddles.

Where the white women at?

collyrob 1:12 Tue Aug 15
Re: Saturday football
Just seen all the clips of Daniel Sturridge on super Sunday. Fuck me, what a cringey wanker.

El Scorchio 12:59 Tue Aug 15
Re: Saturday football
Absolute big club decision. Would have been given up the other end.

Good to see VAR still bent as shit.

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