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Manuel 8:54 Fri Mar 15
Europa League QF Draw
Midday UK time.

Anyone you fancy? Obviously dread getting Liverpool. I fancy Milan, with away leg first.

The SF draw is also made shortly afterwards.

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Fifth Column 2:43 Mon Mar 18
Re: Europa League QF Draw
Almost 8 years ago Spurs got 2,400 tickets but more recently Celtic playing there got only 1,500. I presume that's what we'll get.

I've booked an Airbnb in Leverkusen and a hotel room is Dusseldorf as I haven't worked out if I can get back to Dusseldorf easily on night of the match.

Come to that I haven't actually got a return flight yet - I've only booked one way, so don't even know where I need to be sleeping to go home the next day!

If I don't get a match ticket though I won't go.

balders 4:26 Sat Mar 16
Re: Europa League QF Draw
So most this forum have booked their flights and ho\\tel ?

Vexed 12:01 Sat Mar 16
Re: Europa League QF Draw
ludo21 11:05 Fri Mar 15

It will be Phillips. Is this a trick question? Have you inferred something I haven't written, like a dickhead?

fraser 11:16 Sat Mar 16
Re: Europa League QF Draw
In short, it is a 3-4-2-1 in which everyone knows their roles. The centre of the pitch is packed with bodies, leaving room for the pacy wide men to advance.

Dynamic in possession, working hard to win it back

As can be evidenced from Bayer's average positions in the recent 4-0 win over Union Berlin - in which Grimaldo was one of four different scorers - the wide men played high when in possession. But when the ball was lost they pulled back to around the halfway line.

Nicked of the webby thing

Mex Martillo 10:16 Sat Mar 16
Re: Europa League QF Draw
I think Antonio is one of our best players at taking on defenders and getting past them, especially coming from either wing. He is more skilled than we give him credit. Also he gets fouled a lot and given very little, as he is so big, referees go against him.

Mex Martillo 10:10 Sat Mar 16
Re: Europa League QF Draw
Fraser, what sort of football do Leverkusen and play? If its possession and high press stuff, I think that is better for us.
Looking too far forward an AC Milan semi would be very nice.

Manuel 7:40 Sat Mar 16
Re: Europa League QF Draw
Yea, going on about it, but I think the second leg at home is huge, other way round I think we'd def be fucked, but as long as we're still in it we will have a great chance at home and with a bit of luck that you always need it's def possible. They will be worried about us too, but will be favoutites. Either way, Moyes will have a pass in this now.

I see they won this trophy when it was the UEFA Cup in 88, so they do have some pedigree.

fraser 7:28 Sat Mar 16
Re: Europa League QF Draw
*clearly the last paragraph should be after the Antonio played well.. But that's opiates and a small screen for you.

fraser 7:24 Sat Mar 16
Re: Europa League QF Draw
If Leverkusen are at their best we're not bearing them. Moyes said we shouldn't be expected to win a QF against Liverpool when they fielded a weakened team.. So why should we expect to beat an unbeaten Leverkusen.. I've seen them play at their best they're very good

I just hope we're still in it for the return leg, then anything is possible.

As for Antonio he was very good as he can be, but I'd be amazed if he can be consistently.

As for players getting abuse on here, I doubt many have ever escaped it, and every player that has been abused someone will be a fan and find it a disgrace, it's Who.. Some unbelievably still think that utter cunt Moyes being abused is a disgrace, the fucking anti football invertebrate cunt.

But just shows how much better we can be with the right balance of attacking and defensive players

Coffee 6:59 Sat Mar 16
Re: Europa League QF Draw
Oh well.

Rather be playing the German champions elect in a Euro quarter than Rotherham or Barnsley.

Manuel 4:37 Sat Mar 16
Re: Europa League QF Draw
He's come back at the right time, a real bonus. I expect him to start on Sunday, so let's see if he can step up again.

I note Leverkusen have never won the German league so this season is fucking huge for them and will def be their priority, just a pity Bayern aren't closer to them as they might have taken one eye off the Europa. Stadium holds 30k, just north of Cologne.

only1billybonds 4:33 Sat Mar 16
Re: Europa League QF Draw
He (antoinio), put in a massive shift last night, worked like a trojan.
Fair play to him, he isn't the most gifted of players but he can be a bastard to defend against. Had his best game in ages last night.

Manuel 4:27 Sat Mar 16
Re: Europa League QF Draw
Just saw an interview with Antonio after the game and he says we much prefer to play at home second, so it's obviously something they have spoken about. Love Antonio btw, and he's a good listen. Some of the abuse he's had on here in recent years has been shocking imo.

only1billybonds 4:11 Sat Mar 16
Re: Europa League QF Draw
Could have been better but we also could have had nightmare draw so I guess we go with the old cliché that to win it you have to beat the best on the way. But yea, being at home in the 2nd leg is a massive plus.

Manuel 3:55 Sat Mar 16
Re: Europa League QF Draw
Just glad we avoided Liverpool, and in the SF, it would have been fucking awful. Again, I think being home second is a big positive here.

onsideman 2:44 Sat Mar 16
Re: Europa League QF Draw

RichyP 1:09 Sat Mar 16

They're certainly using more of their squad than we are, but I make it 4, not 1

Tabsoba, Hincapie, Xhaka and Wirtz all started both games. Of the others, Frimpong, Adli and Andrich who started last night would be considered first choice, I think. But whatever, I ain't a Bayer Leverkusen expert

Interesting that they have both Schick and Hlozek, two players we were heavily linked with.

As I said earlier, Boniface is the one we should hope doesn't get fit in time for our tie

twoleftfeet 2:03 Sat Mar 16
Re: Europa League QF Draw

Fucking hell that’s shocking even from you vexed.

LongTimeUser 1:38 Sat Mar 16
Re: Europa League QF Draw
You wont be slapping anyone, Joyo.
You fucking spastic.

goose 1:34 Sat Mar 16
Re: Europa League QF Draw
Joyo you’ve never slapped anyone in your life you little ginger nonce.

Aside from that child prostitute you abused in Cambodia.

joyo 1:27 Sat Mar 16
Re: Europa League QF Draw
Think I've touched a nerve and upset a Eyetie nonce when l was only commentating on the draw giving me the opportunity to slap few scumbags as we progress to the final....dont tell goosestep l actually hate the scousers the most

RichyP 1:09 Sat Mar 16
Re: Europa League QF Draw
onsideman 10:36 Fri Mar 15

And only one of their starters last night against Qarabag started against Wolfsburg in the league on Sunday. So looks like they are definitely using more of the squad in the Europa League games

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