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paulon 1:20 Sun Mar 24
Hugh Southon
AKA Claret & Hugh

Died today. Had my opinion of him and his site but still a Hammer

RIP Hugh son

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marty feldman 7:05 Tue Mar 26
Re: Hugh Southon
RIP Hugh ⚒️⚒️

chim chim cha boo 7:03 Tue Mar 26
Re: Hugh Southon
Well I guess this thread isn't going to be turned over to Hugh's family as a measure of respect from us genuinely sorry about a fellow supporter's death?

Should any of Hugh's family have the misfortune to read what some of the scum have said, we're not ALL like this and are sorry about your loss.

RIP Hugh and try to pull some strings up there mate.

Mickey Rat 3:40 Tue Mar 26
Re: Hugh Southon
RIP Hugh, hope you're enjoying a pint somewhere with Bobby

WHUDeano 1:46 Tue Mar 26
Re: Hugh Southon
Blimey, Vexed/War Child maybe needs a bit of help externally. Worth keeping an eye on the lad by those on here regularly.

RIP to Hugh, not my cup of tea as a reporter but appreciate his website

Matthew Holmes 12:36 Tue Mar 26
Re: Hugh Southon
Saw Gonzo talk about Hugh today.. talented writer he said.

RiP Hugh.

Condolences to family and friends.


happygilmore 12:15 Tue Mar 26
Re: Hugh Southon
RIP Hugh

Leonard Hatred 10:03 Mon Mar 25
Re: Hugh Southon
FMOB there ain't half some cunts on here

stats 9:36 Mon Mar 25
Re: Hugh Southon
RIP Hugh. ⚒️

Vexed 7:14 Mon Mar 25
Re: Hugh Southon
Warchild 3:14 Mon Mar 25

Imagine being such a thick cunt that you don't have the cognitive capacity to separate a persons views from the fact it's a shame they've died.

Imagine being such a pathetic cowardly cunt you choose to coat them off only after they've sadly died and to do it on their RIP thread.

Imagine calling yourself West Ham and behaving like this when a prominent West Ham personality has died - regardless of if you agree with their views or not.

Say what you like about Hugh he was undeniably West Ham, he had his views that many didn't agree with (I'm one of them) but he was involved in a lot of good things in his time and did a lot of interesting stuff. for this he will always be remembered.

I'd wager that you could wipe out Warchild's entire bloodline and nobody would notice except the government who would see a sudden drop in benefit ponces.

bruuuno 3:51 Mon Mar 25
Re: Hugh Southon
Heavy weekend warchild ?

RIP Hugh a fellow hammer

terry-h 3:20 Mon Mar 25
Re: Hugh Southon
Hugh had two daughters and two grandchildren. His wife died last year and he was affected badly by that I understand. I didn’t know he was in ill health himself and was shocked to hear he had died two days ago.
He always said Mooro was a great man to work with in the office!

Side of Ham 3:18 Mon Mar 25
Re: Hugh Southon
Warchild turn it in, you have a strong opinion about someone on a football forum, so what... that in itself does not take balls.

He's sadly dead now and was dedicated (more than many including myself) to being one of us like his views or not.....show some respect and save this shit for another thread in the unlikely event the poor bloke gets mentioned ever again as he's gone ffs.

RIP Hugh Southon

Warchild 3:14 Mon Mar 25
Re: Hugh Southon
Shut up you dirty little convict.

Its quite simple to understand. While its very sad for his family and they have my sympathies on a personal level, the reality is that from a West Ham perspective most fans gave him dogs abuse because of the way he facilitated the Gold and Sullivan regime's disdain for the fanbase and undermining of the manager through his website in return for free tickets and other favours.

Just because he has died doesn't reverse the fact that he did all of that when alive and that most fans hated him. So the soppy bollocks is utter hypocrisy. Just as it was when Gold died and everyone suddenly forgot he was a cunt when alive.

And just for reference anyone who puts Lol in their message deserves a kicking so let me know when you're over this way and you can join Vexed for his portion.

Vexed 3:11 Mon Mar 25
Re: Hugh Southon
Warchild 1:41 Mon Mar 25

Obviously it was a more memorable encounter for you than it was for me, as I don't recall speaking to you previously.

I guess I'll just have to "have the guts to stick to my opinion" that you're a stumpy cocked little man even in the face of your threats to meet me and touch my bum.

Apparently this is what heroes do.

Sydney_Iron 2:53 Mon Mar 25
Re: Hugh Southon

Not sure what sticking to your opinion has to do with Hugh’s death?

I didn’t know him so in many ways won’t shed a tear or be affected in anyway, nor by the way did I agree with much he wrote.

But he was a passionate West Ham fan, a father (perhaps?) a husband, brother, friend etc so not sure what’s hypocritical or soppy about saying condolences and RIP even though you may not have agreed with him, same would go for Gold!

Coming out with the stuff you posted just makes you look bitter, spare us the hard man stuff as well very schoolboy, LOL

Warchild 1:41 Mon Mar 25
Re: Hugh Southon

Considering I've got the guts to stick to my opinion just because someone has passed away rather than turn into a soppy melt shows I have more balls then most on here.

I've given you the chance to meet me before and say your keyboard warrior shit to my face and every time you wilt away like the pathetic little melt that you are. The offer is there any time you want it.

joyo 12:34 Mon Mar 25
Re: Hugh Southon
He was a hammer ..RIP Hugh

goose show some respect please

Vexed 12:30 Mon Mar 25
Re: Hugh Southon
I'm gonna guess that this Warchild pillock has a little tiny stump for a cock.

Meerkat 2:40 Sun Mar 24
Re: Hugh Southon
Fullclaret 11.20

goose 1:52 Sun Mar 24
Re: Hugh Southon
Don’t cry Will, there’s plenty of other YouTubers to be duped by.

easthammer 1:51 Sun Mar 24
Re: Hugh Southon
Sad news a Hammer that I didn't always agree with but he loved West Ham and will be missed, May he Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory

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