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iphammer 10:53 Sat Jun 26
Clarksons Farm
Who’s been watching it?

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AKA ERNIE 5:40 Sun Jun 27
Re: Clarksons Farm
Great series and Clarkson o great form upsetting the woke

legrandefromage 10:46 Sun Jun 27
Re: Clarksons Farm
Would be better if he'd bought the farm

Far East Hammer 10:38 Sun Jun 27
Re: Clarksons Farm
Clarkson is a mixed bag to me. Have to be in the mood. And sometimes he's great, other times painful to watch.

The first episode of Clarkson's Farm was fairly good, although IMHO he was trying a bit too hard to be his Top Gear/ Grand Tour persona. And the choice of outsized Lamborghini tractor was classic contrived Top Gear/ Grand Tour.

But must confess I loved most of the series. The "Shopping" episode was relatively weak. But others generally good. And he also seemed to have rediscovered one aspect of his I'd largely forgotten about - a bit reminiscent of the series on large ships & other stuff he did in-between his stints on Top Gear.

jfk 12:23 Sun Jun 27
Re: Royals SPLATT!!!
Not a fan of Clarkson especially after seeing the arrogant pissed up wanker perform in a boozer,but have to admit two episodes in it’s a good watch.

Northern Sold 11:49 Sat Jun 26
Re: Royals SPLATT!!!
Got 2 to go... loving it... some real characters in it... Kaleb is the star.... cracks me up

North Bank 3:25 Sat Jun 26
Re: Royals SPLATT!!!
iphammer I started watching it this week, I'm not a fan of Clarkson but a friend of Mrs Bank recommended so watched this with mild interest and have watched the first two episodes

Once you get past Clarkson and the predictable grandstanding, it's quite an easy and enjoyable watch, that young lad will be a top farmer when he's older and the fence guy reminded me of the old boy from Hot Fuzz with his dialogue.

I'll stay with it as the new season of Gomorra isn't due out anytime soon

arsene york-hunt 12:50 Sat Jun 26
Re: Royals SPLATT!!!
Kelly Clarkeson?

joyo 12:35 Sat Jun 26
Re: Royals SPLATT!!!
No chance l hate the Chelscum cunt

Nurse Ratched 12:32 Sat Jun 26
Re: Royals SPLATT!!!

He's a terror, that joe royal.

joe royal 12:27 Sat Jun 26
Royals SPLATT!!!

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